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Once upon a time, some years ago, I was the original Theme Nazi; I wrote the story that would Years later become the seed of the Northern iteration of the southern cross theme (see Northerner for said story). While it has been years since I last held a staff position on the game, I still consult with (and jab at) Nuku on matters of theme when I can.

I'm available for scene judging on SC:Forbidden Lands, and if you're itching for a random encounter, I'm just the guy to provide it.

I like Wikis, especially for this game; you'll probably see a lot of my name on the 'Recent Changes' tab. It lets me make hypothetical changes and additions to theme while letting other people fight over them. :D And generally be useful without having to get into conflicts with others.

Depending on the muck, you may know me as Bahumat, Blusa, Balus, Faruza, Kagane, Ramdas, Sticks, or whatever I'm playing at the time.

My very frequently NSFW blog is here:[1], and I can very easily be contacted via email at bahumat(at)gmail(dot)com

Nuku: Big thanks on the updates and things. Blusa: Aw, yer welcome!

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