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Description: They look like normal people. The only time an unsent can be discerned is through spirit detection abilities or when they are too close to a holy/white ritual.


Base Species: Gain all advantages/disadvantages of a single base Racial Archetype. Base Racial Archetype cannot be Rare, Very Rare, Nigh Unique, or Unique in rarity. Staff reserves the right to deny the use of any selected base Racial Archetype, should such be deemed necessary for any reason.

Dead: You are dead, but you have business to attend to. Unlike a ghost, you retain a semblance of your dead self and you are physical to the touch. You are, however, resistant to death magics, which fail to work on you for good or ill. You also cannot be poisoned or diseased. You do not require food or water, and can exist underwater or in a vacuum.

Purpose: If left critically wounded, you will eventually get back up on your own(1d24 hours), but you can still be finished off like anyone else.


Spirit: You are a spirit so far as any magic that affects spirits are concerned.

Unsent: Your soul knows it's time to go, even if your mind rebels. When near a holy or white aligned ritual, especially strong ones, you will begin to fade and faintly sparkling motes of light will be seen around you. If successfully excorcized or given final rites by a priest with the healing, rebirth, or death domains, you will be sent off to reincarnate instantly.

Rarity: Rare

 ***Taking this Archetype requires the purchase of the 'Pure Blood, Special' merit.***

Homeland: Any

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