Trouble in the North

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(Ipon, Ritz, Cecilia, Sidney, Sunochi, Romero)

You are instructed to arrive at the basement of a local eatery. Upon arrival, a waitress directs you to the stairs wordlessly before wandering back to the other clientelle without pause, as if trying to forget you had even come at all.

Romero is walking slowly, he's not sure exactly what might be going on, shaking his head the huge mass of curls atop the satyr's head bounce and he'll simply follow along with the rest of the group. Glancing back over he smiles. "Well a little bit interesting"

Sunochi follows along behind the Bison, taking note of the letter curiously as she shakes her head. "Grruth ',, ehy hiaty ke krrtrr bloth A'rra...[Lingo]" she mutters to herself, taking stock of whom all is here. The armored dragoness is without her helm on, the crystal peice under her left arm as all three eyes look about curiously, heading down the stairs slowly.

Cecilia is walking, her hair back to blonde, her weight going down the stairs without even the least bit of hesitation, hands getting shoved into the pockets beside her gun holsters. The green eyed woman seems at the very least to be quick footed. Her jacket is unzipped, sleeves rolled up. Quite the notorious figure.

Sidney has... special skills. Even working on Luna Island, he is known around Valente. Mostly for his flagrant use of Automatons. The goggled man wanders into the basement of the local eatery, large wrench strapped across his back. Through the door, shortly after him, followed a brass cube on tank treads. It is rather large, but fits.

Ritz honestly had no idea what was going on, but perhaps at least one person still thought she was a hero. Or they simply knew she was strong. Regardless, the woman wandered along towards the place given and entered without much to say. Her current attire was rather foreign to what most people in Valente would consider appropriate, dressed in winter wear and actually not having any hair dye in. Thank Phoenix for calling her a dumbass. "So..." Being pointed to the Basement, though, Ritz just kind of begins to follow it down, only to shiver heavily as she realizes how similar it is to the previous time she had been down a flight of stairs. "I... wonder if there is a table down at the bottom... a table and a door." she mostly talks to herself, though.

Ipon hmms as he crouches into the building and looks around before heading into the basement swiftly, how does someone so big move so quietly anyways?

Romero hmms, "Well we are supposed to keep quiet, does nayone have any preferance as to the order we go? I wold not mind going first" the large satyr says, "But I am very easy. Who wishes to investigate first?"

The stairs are narrow but widen comfortably to a large basement area. A few tables are present, but hard to see in the gloom, with the exception of one that has a lone candle lit on it. A man sits at this table, facing the stairs and watching those who heed the call. He is dressed in clothes typical of a geomancer and has the look of a foreigner about him, perhaps Imperial? Hard to place, a little off, and it is quite dark.

Attention not that focused, Ritz just kind of stares off into the distance It's only when she almost bumps into Cecilia that she catches herself. "Ah... sorry." Ritz mumbles rather softly, not recognizing her at first. Then again, Cec might not recognize her either, outside of Pink mode. Arriving at the bottom, Ritz looked about, noticing more than one table. She doesn't move to speak, or sit, or do anything save move to the side and out of the way, waiting to find out what was going on. It was obvious she was studying the man, however, rather intently.

Sunochi perks her earfins up a bit, all three eyes staring at the man. "You've summoned for us, sir?[Imperial]" she questions, waiting to move up in front as her eyes look to the side, glancing at Romero. "Order? I'm sure we'll find that out eventually...[Valente]" she frowns slightly before turning back at the man. She holds up the letter and gives it a slight poke. "I do assume, and correct me if I'm wrong, that you're the one who sent out these letters?[Imperial]"

Cecilia's eyes follow the stairs, moving to stand near the man. She smoothes a few strands back, taking a piece of cloth to tie up and get her hair off her forehead "Whatever, don't step on me, let your eyes adjust if you're having a hard time." she offered, her brow raises. "Imperial?" she shrugs. She's an albhed that doesn't speak it.

Imperial. Perhaps. Great. And an earth lover. They always hate his machines. A small projection slides out of the brass cube and Sidney sits onto it. He eyes the assorted who have fallen in, settling on Cecilia with a nod. He turns back to the man.

Sidney runs his hand over his beard for a brief moment. "Or he is simply a man who likes to hang out in basements."

Ipon stoops to the side a bit and like Ritz he stays silent and doesn't sit, not like a chair would seat him comfortably most likely.

The man gestures vaugely, "Sit, or not, it matters little. Thank you for returning the call," he says in slow valente, perhaps not a native tongue, "Tell me, have any of you heard of the Night of Tears? Do you know how they were banished?"

Romero furrows his brow, the older gentleman was alive at that point, and he recalls, shaking his head, "The song...yes I was so long ago, but I do remember..." he stands there and looks over at the other younger people here.

Sunochi hmms a bit, "Slavaith mrowal juika...?[Lingo]" she shakes her head. "I cannot say that I do, many apologies.[Valente]" as she turns to Romero.. "A bit of filling in would probably be best at this time...[valente]" she turns to the man again. "I assume you'll fill us in on the ones who aren't aware?[Valente]"

"No." Ritz responds rather simply. She -had- studied up on history, but she hadn't learned of such events. It was... before her time.

Sidney leans back, folding his arms over. It was long ago. Sidney had more important things to worry about during his childhood. But he waves his arm casually. "Something... something about the Shades?" He then shrugs.

Ipon blinks at that and stares hard at the man saying "I've heard some things..."

Cecilia's weight flops down, improperly on the chair, her arms folding over the back, chin on her forearms, attentively listening for now. She gives a glance to SUnochi and Romero, giving a faint shush sound in their direction, her own hand popping up a cigarette which is lit easily placedin her mouth. She keeps an eye on those around, likely making a note as to who she knows and doesn't.

"Very well. It is important you understand the significance of your mission. There was a time, about twenty years ago, when the world was plunged into irregular darkness. Only the heavens knew when it would occur, and they did not whisper warning until the sun was hidden from us. It was a time of horror, when we were beset by creatures as black as the darkness that sorrounded us. It was only through gaia's true might, focused through a song of her pleading children, that they were banished from her face." He leans forward, face becoming more visible, left eye glimmering a pale green hue, right rather normal as they go. "A great many died on that final day, the push into the Forbidden Lands, to the throne of Gaia."

Romero tilts his head as he's shushed, and he glances at Sun, but he'll be quiet, and he let's the man speak, remembering.

Sunochi glances back at Romero and shakes her head, giving a light shrug, following the same. She focuses back on the man, listening to the story curiously, none of this familiar to her.

The pink-haired legend simply faded from sight, habitually falling into a concealed state when not doing anything and not in a place of comfort. Thus, for now, she's effectively out of sight, even though she hasn't moved. She was listening, halfway.

Sidney slowly brings his hand over his beard, smoothing through it. The eye glimmer isn't quite so odd. There are many odd things in this world. "That day... yes. I remember even the machines singing that day." He slowly lifts his shoulders up, sitting up straight. His goggles suddenly shift, lenses rolling making him focus on the man. "You... you aren't going to say that there's some sort of darkness?"

Ipon hmms and tilts his head before looking to Sidney with a nod

Cecilia is still attentive, her weight settled as she curls her legs back under the chair, back stretched as she seems to be committing the information to memory.

The man raps on the table once, "Perhaps. I don't think it is the Shade, but it is a personal matter. Do you know of Master Hagele? He was considered the finest Geomancer of his time, still is, I dare say. He sacrificed himself on the final day. When the furor had calmed, others of my calling gathered to find his body and arrange a proper welcoming to Gaia's Bosom. It became a place of pilgrimage for our elder members, the few who knew of it." he explains, glancing northwards briefly.

Geomancers. But slowly, Sidney nods. He understands fervor and has to respect it. The lenses roll back, pulling away from the goggles and unfocusing. He turns around to the area, then back in at the Geomancer. "I have heard. But... I would think you wouldn't want to call the likes of us to help. It seems like something too important to trust to someone besides your order."

Romero nods his head as he has heard of the famous man, "This is all true, I recall the day, and the stories told, many stories of that of ourse..." he thinks again, "So what does that mean for our task now?"

Cecilia's quiet, listening her chin getting rubbed "Please do not think me rude, but are you looking for well trained guardians so you may pilgrimage safely?" she asked owards the geomancer, voice calm and low. She doesn't seem to mind the implication at all.

"I cannot say for certain." Ritz mumbles, "But I am likely the only one in this room who is practiced in the manner of Geomancy, for what concern it is." Ritz thus appears from her spot of 'hiding', looking towards the older geomancer. "Why tell us, however. This was supposed to be kept a secret, supposedly, to your types, and few even then."

The man at the table shakes a hand, "Impossible. And no. I can travel there just fine, in fact I plan to escort you there if you agree to the ask, but what we may find could only bring uncertainty and panic to my peers, and I have no wish to upset them if my fears are unfounded. You are all considered well trained in your varied areas, and I hope to trust you to be discrete." he pushes free of his chair, "We are visiting the tomb. I was visited by a vision. Hagele called to me and pleaded to me to throw open the earthen gate to the inner tomb where he rests. It is taboo to open the resting place of any, to do so to Master Hagele's own grave would..." he pauses, looking down, pinching the bridge of his nose, "To even suggest the idea, it's unthinkable."

Ipon blinks at the man and tilts his head saying "I see... And what are your fears, exactly?"

Sidney's goggles seem to just wheel for a moment, cycling around before he simply nods. "I was hoping you weren't another set of nobles looking for some trade route protection." A grin slides over his bearded face. "Sounds perfect."

Romero shakes his head, "So a trip to the frozen north, deep...into" he ahs to consider this request and he furrows his brows again. Quite the task indeed.

Cecilia mms a bit "I don't have a problem with the mission." she shrugs "Privacy garunteed. Will cold weather equipment be provided?" she asked, calmly. Her thin frame more attentive now.

Sunochi frowns a bit, biting her lip some as all three eyes close. Still listening to all the requests, as she shakes her head.. "A vision of Hagele called to you? Wanting you to do something so taboo, so wrong." she lets out another sigh, her past creeping up ito her mind, her theiving ways as a Viera would jump at the chance... though the scaled one now... her face looks a bit torn between right and wrong here. "I was taught to respect the dead, to not defile their grounds by opening their tombs or digging up their graves..." she taps her foot, sighing some... " krrtrr A'rrarruddla, hana ke ... hirowla't Tometo ' ...[Lingo]" a soft little growl to herself as she scratches her head, seriously thinking on this matter...

"My fear is that something is wrong with Master Hagele, that he has not found peace in his passing, and that he needs outside help," explains the geomancer, "I pray that I am entirely wrong, that I will open the door and find nothing but a corpse, and I will live quietly with the shame for having disturbed it," he points to the stairs out, "Shielding from the elements is one of my specialties, one of the oldest geomantic callings, after all..." He glances to Sunochi, then points to the stairs, "I am leaving. If you are coming, follow, one at a time, a minute apart. If not, you may leave and I will not think less of you for leaving me to my fool's errand." And he moves to depart.

Ipon hmms and grins saying "Dadioag dioag dioag... Tigonzo badioag otelabadioag wakadioagda... Kanata tiotela to me.[Lingo]" he follows after the man after a minute has passed

Sidney pulls out a clock. It appears to be some sort of bird. He adjusts one of its wings and a dial on the front starts to tick off a minute. He sets it down on the table. "I think God can forgive us if we bother a corpse. After all, his soul is already off somewhere else, isn't it?" The engineer taps the side of the cube with the heel of his palm and it slowly turns around. "Sides. Always wanted to test out the ARM in snow conditions."

Romero takes a deep breath, "I shall bring a kit of holy items, I hope we can bless and preserve the site after we leave. I would not want such a thing to have to be done to such a fine hero. But to commit a sin is better then let a sacrilage go. I shall help you sir"

"I will do this for you, then, if only because I, too, am dead as he is. It would only be right for me to help another soul who has perished find peace." Ritz waits her turn or what not, going along whenever her spot in line comes.

Sunochi shakes her head. "Otela kanata whurg any otelatiwaka whurg whurgkawistate waka whurf maskwa whurf...[Lingo]" she responds in kind to Ipon... She turns to Romero, giving a nod. "That sets my heart at ease that I'm not the only one who wishes to keep the respects of the dead.[Valente]" waiting for her minute to follow along.

Rendevousing a short distance away, the geomancer draws a wide circle on the ground, around the entire group. He claps his hands twice, slaps the ground, and the circle lifts entirely free before zipping at alarming speed northward, occcasionally skimming the water as it goes, as if God were skipping a stone across the oceans of Gaia, sea spray flying wildly across the edges, though the ground remains firm and footing steady despite it.

Ipon looks to Sunochi after getting over the shock of transportation and grins saying "Bluag wakawhurf, bana kawistate kanatawhurg bana otela. Kawistate is bawakagonzo daotelaotela dioag waka whurg tiwhurf dioag kanatakawistate.[Lingo]"

"Are we going to take the lightning rail, I've always loved to see the inner workings on-" Sidney is interrupted by him and his machine, along with the rest of the group, careening through the air. His eyes are well protected from the blazing speed, but he isn't exactly wearing a seatbelt.

. o O ( Note to self. Invent safety belt. )

Cecilia is quiet, standing near Sidney, The movement doesn't seem to shock her, but it does cause her hair to whip and stand strangely. Her jacket gets zipped up over her chest, sleeves unfurled down over her gloves.

Sunochi turns to Ipon, putting her helm back on as she shakes her head. "Ojibway ojibway bagonzo to tikanata otela fuatlfuatl whurg bana kanata is fuatl wakawhurfwaka.[Lingo]" she mutters, flipping the visor down to protect her head.

Ritz mostly keeps to herself, allowing the Geomancer his room to transport them. She could assist him, but she was unsure what adding her two bits to the fray would do. "Relax. You shall be fine."

The geomancer is silent, guiding the rock along, scooting past the eastern coast of the imperial continent, out into the blue depths between lands, shooting like a bullet towards the northern lands.

Romero tries to hold on, and simply try not to get too freaked out. Deep breaths taken.

Cecilia's rather glad she put out her cigarette before they started. She seems a lot calmer than she ought to be. Given that the geomancer seems to know what he's doing.

Ipon chuckles at Sunochi and shakes his head saying "Bluag dabluag whurfojibway otela.[Lingo]" he hmms as he peers at the edge of the circle, idly wondering what would happen if someone stepped off

Sure, it's really fast. But it's the fact that there's only a rock underneath them. Instead of cold hard steel and wood. And steam power, yes. Sidney twitches behind the goggles. He must learn how to replace this method of travel with technology.

Sunochi just shakes her head, facing the direction the rock is going. ",juika is no aneblauragh ` ehy hiaty, mrowal meto...[Lingo]" she muttered to herself, her helmed head looking at Ritz curiously, she did say that she was dead... "Ke rruddla `A'rra blothhit aoa, rwewal To,hit aoa, screech Rameto ke'.ana, ari meto krrtrr hrrf krrtrr... hit aoa .meto,wrrrer , To Rahrrf Feh, Ti'fe le'a,ana ana Feh, Ti'fe cha'a.[Lingo]"

Ritz is doing the same thing she has been doing... standing there with her eyes closed and letting the world fly past

The frozen continent comes up in a rush. Rather than lifting to glide over it, the disc goes straight at it, suddenly burrowing through it with the same ferocity that it cut through the air. The tunnel it makes seems to collapse behind it, leaving no hint of its passage. The buffering earth does seem to keep the worst of the cold away, or perhaps the geomancer is using his magic, hard to tell, but it's quite berable, "Almost there," states the man, "I neglected to mention. I was once His pupil, one of three."

Romero grits his teeth at all of this and he regain his calm, "Ah I see good sir, well it's nice to know that you are still in practice then, quite impressive"

Ipon whistles as he watches the earth blow by and smiles saying "Kupopokup .[Lingo]"

Ritz claims, "Yes, it is rather impressive, the practical purposes of Geomancy. Some things that I was trained in cannot be done in these lands... and some things can be done that I was -not- trained in. It leaves me to wonder just how much Gaia has changed in the time I have been about in other lands... other things done."

Sunochi braces herself as the rock tunnels into the land and collapsing. "one of three? Who, if I can ask, are the other two?"

He lifts his shoulders, "That has no bearing on this. He had a school, but most of his students were taught in groups, and usually by one of us three." The disc seems to slow as it passes into a large cavern, walls covered in glittering crystals of all wondrous hues, "There was some dispute over who would inherit that school, I'm sure you heard something of it. But let us focus on the task at hand." The disc seems to be sinking through the air quickly, as one might expect a rock might, though not as quickly as it could, lowering towards a platform below, sorrounded further down with a moat of glowing green fluid.

Sidney slowly leans forward, breathing as they move through the earth. "That would make plenty of sense. I can't imagine they would send some sort of adept to do this sort of thing." He considers. He /hopes/ this isn't some sort of political scheme. He hates getting into those sort of things.

"I must admit that you have an uncanny ability to manipulate the earth about you. I would speak with you after this ordeal, for there is something in Drominham, a task set to me by Gaia, of which you could greatly help." Ritz seems quite interested in the old Geomancer at this point, walking closer and offering a hand towards him, "If this drains you, I can offer you a bit of aid, old timer."

Romero will sit and wait, knowing that the tomb must be deep in the earth, watching the disk move some more and he keeps looking down at the moat of greeen fluid, "Is that...what I belive it to be" he points.

Ipon blinks at the crystal cavern and tilts his head saying "Good... Gaia..." before Romero points out the moat, he winces and shakes his head saying "Lifestream..."

"If I can't manage this, then it's for the best that I wasn't chosen as heir." he says as the disc slows to a halt a few inches above the platform, then gently settles to it, the earth melding together and dispersing, leaving the ground standing on the firm rock as if the floating platform were never there to start. There are runes laid all about. For those conversant in the ways of geomancers, they are tales of Hagele, his school, and his triumphant, if doomed, work to end the Shade, as well as making it clear that this is his resting place. Amidst the runes is what is clearly a stone door, if someone knocked over the door onto its side and embedded it in the ground. "It is, I don't suggest falling." he says with a bit of a humerous note.

Romero nods, "I will take that as good advice good sir, I belive you would metlt from the fmes before you even touched the cursed liqid..." he idly makes sure his shield is upon his back.

"Cursed Liquid?" Ritz seems amused, "Are you silly enough to think the refined blood of the planet is cursed?" Ritz reaches into her jacket and pulls out a vial of lime green mako, brighter perhaps than the moat of the stuff flowing around the area, "It is no more cursed than you or I."

Sunochi nods a bit, just following next to the geomancer, not saying anything. She's had her experience with lifestream, evident by her third eye.

Romero grunts "Yes though if you touch it you'll be cursed quite harshly, which was my meanining"

A few times, Sidney's goggles roll in and out as he tries to inspect the runes and decipher them. Finally, he shrug. The cube behind him continues to roll. It will be trouble using it in this small area. But he will figure something else. Really, why do this things always happen in caves. It's like the world is biased against his robot!

"Should that door be open?"

Cecilia chuckles a bit "I've heard tales of people surviving." she offered, chuckling to Romero "Fascinating tales the gamblers tell in their Rogue et noir table stupors." she offered to Romero, a look of recognition crosses her face "Now I know you. ech." she murmured, her eyes go to the door "Well I'll be damned, thats not ominous or anything." She opens her jacket a bit, moving her gloves to get them good and tight as she watches around.

Romero glances over at Cecilia, "Now you know me?" he asks... "What do you mean by...that." at the mention that the door is wide open, well, that's not good, "No I do not think it should be..." sliding his shield off of his back...and pulling his mace from his belt, "I would suggest we prepare..."

The man steps over to the door and shakes his head, "No, it should not open, but open it I shall regardless." He bows his head and says a soft prayer to God before marching up and jabbing at the door twice in a rapid motion before stomping his foot down. The door groans, grinding stone against stone as it begins to fold upwards against gravity, slowly opening.

Sunochi watches the feat of elemental mastery, her no-dachi appears in one hand, ready in case of assault. "Dioag whurg gonzo whurf wakawakakawistate. Timaskwa bana fuatl bana kanata dioag maskwa kanata fuatl gonzo ba maskwa kanata otela gonzo ti tigonzo maskwawaka bana bakawistate wakadakawistate.[Lingo]" as she continues forward, waiting for the door to fully open.

"Valente or Imperial, speak something others can understand if you plan to talk to them." Ritz responds simply, palming her vial of mako back into her outfit and turning to look towards the door. She steps off the platform and wanders at her own pace towards the door, looking about and considering something. "Old man, do you mind if I take a sample of the Mako flowing here? I need to learn more about the task set before me by Gaia. I do not plan on using it for more than comparison to my own through a Gaimen I know."

Cecilia mms a bit and takes out a dart to put behind her ear, likely just incase for now.

Romero steps up towards the door, "Right then, silly question, but, does anyone have any illumination?"

Sidney opens one side of the cube. He pulls out a small glass sphere on a stout torch handle. A few twists and turns of the handle, then a few slams of the handle against the wall, and it lights up. "Science prevails!" He marches forward, cube rolling on its treads behind.

Ipon looks at Sunochi and sneers saying "Fuatl otela to whurf gonzo waka.[Lingo]" he glares at Ritz but says nothing as he follows the others

The man glances towards Ritz, then points over the edge, "If you plan to leap down to fetch it, I can't stop you, though I would ask you wait until after we've made our inspection. You'll be of far less use after such a stunt I wager," he says a bit more harshly than intended, looking clearly a bit upset as the door opens. He marches up, then pauses, "This is why I brought you, enter and ensure that all is well. Do not disturb anything please. If all is well, you will be paid regardless."

Sunochi shakes her head. "Test kawistate gonzowhurf kawistate ka kanata.[Lingo]" she scowls under her helm, looking at the man. "I believe we're all ready for the investigation and defense in case something goes wrong.[Valente]" as she turns to look at everyone, nodding some before turning back to the man.

"I did say I am a Geomancer. The earth would guide me down if I needed to reach it. I appreciate the concern, though." she chuckles softly, "Pay me, then, after, with knowledge and certainty." With that, Ritz simply walks towards the door the tomb, unarmed like the rest, perhaps uncaring, or simply sure of herself. Who knows.

Sidney holds the metal handle forward, the light illuminating the way. "No. No. This is a holy place to you, wouldn't think of it." Unless they happen to have something like a timemachine or a rocket airship. Then, you know, Sidney will have to unravel its secrets. For the good of all mankind, of course.

Cecilia's feet follow near the geomancer "You are a foolish person." she mumbled towards Ritz, her hands on her holsters, likely for mental support. She isn't fussing but she is just relaxed and calm as she walks.

Romero nods as suddenly there is light, "Right then, here we are..." he takes a deep breath, "If everyone is ready then, I think we should continue forward..." he nods as he shall step up next to Sun, and looking to her, and then motioning...ready to go in.

Peering down into the hole, one sees that it is only a short drop no more than four feet or so to the floor, to some stairs leading down into a small room. A casket lays there, seemingly undisturbed. Over it, standing watch, is a statue wraught of rock and soil, staring towards the group as it enters.

Ipon nods to the old man and steps into the tomb, foolish? Maybe, hasty? Yes

Sidney grunts. Too small to bring the A.R.M. down. He taps the side of it. "Stay here. Be prepared." It stops, lines all over the box at sharp angles starting to come into view. He holds the light out into the hole. "Well." He looks over the others, eyebrows lifted, goggling whirring. "Shall we?"

Ritz simply follows along with everyone rather quietly, not expecting nor looking to find anything. That is until she sees the statue. Reaching into the air, she pulls a dagger out of the air and holds it loosely in her left hand, letting the enchantment wash over her so she can see with an all-seeing sight.

Sunochi nods a bit.. "We shall." as she gives a look to Romero, smirking. She has a feeling about him but isn't sure as she moves to head in with everyone. It's not long before she stares at the tomb and statue, her wings flicking just a bit. "I.. have an odd feeling about this entire thing..."

Romero looks in and he sees the statue, of rock and soil...staring at them. He takes another breath, "This is interesting..." he looks at the wals, up and down, and then back donw at the statue again. He'll take just one step down. Watching the statue...

Timid Steps produce little but echo. The geomancer calls out, "How does it look? Make sure it has not been disturbed."

Cecilia gestures to Sidney in a quick engineer's sign that its good to go now. Her hands adjust her shorts as she stares ahead quietly, moving foreward in a quiet motion, her high heels not making much sounds.

Ipon looks around the tomb for any signs of disturbance...

Sidney sighs. It appears the geomancer will not lead. He follows with Cecilia, holding the tech-light forward. He pulls the wrench from his back with the other hand. Goggles start rolling in to focus on the statue. He considers for a moment before calling back. "Is there supposed to be a statue here?"

"Ah, yes, the statue. Do be mindful of it. It's made to repel intruders." Good to know.

Romero ahs a tiny bit, "It's made to repel itnruders, would you have any suggestions to disarming it then sir?" he asks, looking around agian, since it's just the statue and the far.

Sunochi shakes her head. "I wouldn't disarm something made to protect this room. As long as we don't do anything to trip it, we should be good."

Ritz just kind of stands there, scanning around. She didn't -seem- to notice anything out of the ordinary.

Oh look, the original creator completely forgot to dot the i in that rune over there! Oh wait, that's not what we're looking for. The crypt is, overall, peaceful and untouched, though as one gets closer to the actual stone casket, a sense of casual discord is felt, a crawling beneath the flesh.

Cecilia's eyes go around, searching for small details, her mind searching around calmly as she investigates. Her eyes going over the tomb itself, her body moving closer, to kneel down and gesture. "Hey Sidney, can I see that light for a minute?"

Ipon hmms at the sense he gets from the casket and tilts his head saying "Anyone else feel that?"

"Knowing how not to trip it would also be good." Sidney shifts uncomfortably. He turns over at Cecilia, nodding his head. He hands over the metal torch. "Here. What do you see?"

Cecilia nods a bit "Definantly would be nice, lets see.." She takes the light, examining the casket in an attempt to see if something visible is causing the disturbance. Her green eyes spiralling slowly as she investigates the casket for a trap.

Ritz mostly just watches from where she is, letting the others do the footwork.

Sunochi hmms a bit, looking at Cecilia curiously, "Spot something, ma'am?" she questions, taking a couple steps forward to Cecilia, giving a curious look from her helm.

The casket seems difficult to light very well, at least in its entirety, details skipping into shadow as the light is moved here and there, but it looks intact and well.

Sidney moves up to the door way to call up to the Geomancer. "Everything seems fine. It's just... I don't know. Creepy in here." In any other world, this would just be the creeps... "Something's off. I imagine opening the casket would be a bad idea."

Cecilia mms a bit " Its creeping me out, and its like a blanket is over it, it feels off. Its likely beyond me to see whats going on." she admits. "I have no skill in arcane things."

Romero looks around again, "It feels as if somthing is off, but everything just appears intact. It looks undistrubed..." he's curious, he looks at the floor, after a few decades seeing if there is any dust distrubed, or sign of someone being here.

The floor is only marred with the steps of the group investigating the area. The geomancer lifts his shoulders, "If all is well, that is for the better. I would much rather be wrong." he admits, then sighs, "But I can't get off easily. Are you absolutely certain he is resting peacefully?"

Ipon steps towards the coffin before looking back at the geomancer saying "We could open the casket... Can tell you any more without doing that..."

The currently white-haired legend watches the scene for a moment before closing her eyes, almost as if concentrating on something. Nothing immediately happens, though, so who knows what she is up to.

Sunochi kneels down in front of the coffin, wings flicking out just a bit as she starts trying to focus her arcane talents to figure out what's with the 'shroud' over it. A small ripple of arcane energy coming over her.

Sidney sighs, rolling his hand to his face. "The best way would be to simply open the casket." He grunts, stepping a few paces back. He slides the wrench into the back of his holster, whistling for the cube. It starts to loom over the hole, cube shifting.

"I think opening it would be best way. Unless someone else can figure something out without use getting belted in the face with angry magical rock."

Goggle Readout: Composition: 80% Granite, 10% Silica, 5% Misc. Soils, 4% Unknown Energy Signature, on the casket. Total may not add up to 100% due to rounding and margin of error.

Cecilia's eyes are sharpening, the torch getting moved away to see if she can see through the weird darkness over the tomb. She's trying to be more helful. She's trying to spot anything of any value on the casket.

"Hold on, hold on." Sidney leans over the edge of the hallway slightly. He wants to be closer to his robot rather than the statue. His goggles roll more lenses in and flash green. "His spirit should have left. There IS something wrong here. Some energy." The goggles roll back into a normal state of being. "We are going to need to open this up. Even if it means punching a golem in the face. Something happened here."

As the decision is made, the statue rises from its kneeling position. Wordlessly it assumes a fighting position, prepared to dissuade the visitors from such an action. Its mineral body glimmers as some magic courses through it.

When the statue begins to move, Ritz reaches out with her weapon and concentrates on it before an aura begins to form around the dagger. Pulsating and beginning to grow, it suddenly launches at the stone guardian and a large clock forms around it, stopping and shattering. "Hurry and smash it while you have the chance." she says rather simply.

Romero lifts his shield up, and he stands ready, moving a step forward but trying to make sure he could guard against the attacks of the statue, " any idea on how to shut it off without destroying it?" he calls out to the geomancer up top as he remains wary...

Sunochi sighs a bit at this, "Damnit..." as she one hands her no-dachi, shield hefted. "Behind me, as long as I stand, this will not come past. My shield will protect all, I promise on my life." she states, a steeling gaze at the statue. "Light of my soul come forth and bring about the protection of the dragon's scales. Darkness of my past come forth and bring about the renewing energies of change." a she starts to chant her protective spell.

Cecilia's eyes resharpen after her being startled, her thin frame stretched out as she stares at the group, her hands moving down for her guns when the statue starts to move. Her heels click a bit on the stone, no care given to being silent footed now.

Romero continues with hi shield up, his fingers flexing, and then he clenchs the shield, "Anything at all to turn it off? Anything?" he calls out to the magic users, wanting to not destroy the protector if it can be avoided.

Ipon grunts as he pumps himself up before rushing the statue

"Look, I'm all for peace and mercy, but I know how guardians work. Talk is cheap." Sidney puts both fingers into his lips and lets out a piercing whistle. "A.R.M.! ASSAULT MODE!"

The Geomancer is given a view of the robot rolling out, sharp corners twisting and forming around, building itself into a massive humanoid. Brass separates, smoke stacks burst free. Its eyes flash and the brass settles back down into an armor plating over the twenty foot mass.

Sidney puts his hands over his mouth. "INCOMING!" He shouts to the others as he slams himself up against a wall. "COIL!" The robot's three fingered arm bursts down into the hallway, the blue fire of electricity crackling between fingers. "DRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!" On command, the arc of electricity rips forward towards the statue.

The golem explodes in dust and debris as the lightning runs across its rigid form, knocking free what took it 25 years, give or take, to accumulate. If it were capable of emotion, it would surely lament the loss of its life's work.

Ritz simply pulls out her Rapier, waiting to see what is necessary for her to do. Such a strange 'fight' anyways.

The statue directs a stone cold finger towards Sunochi, its motions heavy but silent, sharing the silence across to the one spellcasting, strangling the spell mid formation.

Ritz pulls out her Adamant rapier, then takes a few quick steps at the Guardian Statue before launching herself from the ground with a hard kick. Giving a twirl mid-air and coming down with a charged rapier, Ritz smashes the ultima-charged blade straight into the forehead of the statue.

Sidney runs back up along the top of the arm. "Hold on. I have something to take care of this thing. It will be simply enough." He runs away from the statue. Yet, the big arm of the robot continues to encroach on the room. Sidney leaps across the upper arm of the large robot, sliding into the awkwardly placed cockpit. He wiggles slightly into the seat, grasping the controls at the odd angle. Electricity flickers from his goggles to the sides of the cockpit, making gauges inside his goggles start to roll.

"Alright, stone, time to meet steel." The goggles flash as he grins, perhaps a little /too/ satisfied with the prospect of getting rid of the statue.

Ipon grunts as he brings his other fist to bear but the swing goes a little wide as he turns his body to throw his weight into the punch

Romero sees the fighting, the fellow adventurers beating up upon the statue, but really the goal here is to actually see if the body of the famed man is undistrubed. He takes a deep breath and loads his shield upon his back, flexing his fingers and he takes the lid of the heavy stone sarcophagus and he just lfits it. It creaks, and cracks and the large satyr will seem to easily lift the stone lead. Sweating and with a groan he pulls it open, and tries to set the lid down to reveal the body laying at rest....

With a mighty wrench, the top of the casket is pulled free as if it were a twig, and all is lost. Darkness consumes the entire room instantly, muffling sight and smothering sound like a blanket. "I return, though I wish it were not so," speaks a tired voice amidst the ghastly ebon. A bright but muffled spark is seen, like lightning in the darkest cloud, and stones are heard to hit the floor.

Cecilia's still startled for whatever reason. She watches the darkness seep upwards. She tries to identify the figure, her brows raised as she observes whats going on just slightly.

Sidney is about to shove a drill where the SUN DON'T SHINE, when everything stops. ...Well. Sidney lifts two levers, freeing the robot arm away from the hallway, giving the geomancer room to run in. And people to run screaming out. He doesn't, however, order his robot back into cube form.

Sidney jumps back down out of the robot. "Well, he hasn't proclaimed that we should all burn in Gaia's fire, that's a good sign."

Ritz is left to turn and look towards the spreading darkness. "Let me guess. Haegle or whatever your name is?"

Sunochi frowns a bit, shaking her head. She goes to speak but finds herself unable as she stares at the Satyr... She mutters something in her head as she readies her shield once more...

Romero feels in his pocket for his holy symbol, taking a deep breath, "I hope you would find belong at peace sir..."

Ipon blinks as the light is swallowed up and grunts saying "Oh, not good..." as he tries to retrace his step out of the tomb at the sound of falling rocks

The darkness withdraws, hesitant like an untamed beast, reigned only bits and pieces at a time as the outtermost parts of the room are cleared, jagged billowing lines that recede slowly to reveal the shape of what was once a man, flesh long ago dead, but more insidiously overgrown in shadow and darkness, leaking and oozing like festering wounds across his form, "Ed, young Edward, you heard my call, but it is late, so very late." speaks the figure, standing in the coffin, "You have no idea how cold they are, I am. I would sleep, but that option is denied me. My heart fled so many years ago." He only seems to then notice that others are present and looks at each in turn, sockets empty, dripping black tar in tear like streaks across leathery drawn cheeks.

Cecilia isn't running out, infact she stays nearby, her hands resting on her holsters, How she didn't get punched in the face is a mystery but its fabulous. She listens to the strange man, her eyes attentively focused as she listens. Her hands staying on her holsters.

For those who manage to look away from the center ring, the rubble of the guardian statue is casually strewn about behind the shadowed figure, inert and scattered.

Romero pulls his shield back, and he takes a deep breath his mace clenchs, "Then I would ask rest. We shall send you back to slumber. You are no longer a man, and we shall make sure your memory is put to rest. not resist. We shall take care of this." he steps forward, the priest ready to cleanse.

Ipon stops fleeing as the darkness receds and stares at the... Thing... That was/is Haegle saying "Babana kawistate...[Lingo]" he makes a western sign against evil

"Auto shot. Prepare." The robot follows Sidney's commands, reconfiguring its hands. Bolts slide up around the robot's arm. Black things like this have a tendency to devour your soul, right? Sidney waves his hand. "Woah, woah, woah. Hey. He called us all the way out here. You should probably see if he has a message for us first before you turn him into grave dust."

The white-haired legend looks towards the shade with a bit of sadness in her eyes, listening to Romero most among the others. "So you would... simply end him. This is not something I an deal with. It would be as if killing myself." and with that, Ritz turns with the intent of leaving, if that is possible anymore.

"Could you? That would be... divine..." speaks the former man before his features twist into a frown, "The barrier that keeps Gaia safe draws thin. Cracks allow alien things to enter. I am proof of it. The Shadow is but..." he grunts, staggering, a hand gripping the edge of the casket tightly, knuckles white. As the stone splinters under the grip, Edward finally drops down, descending the stairs at the words of his deceased master.

Cecilia's eyes go to Romero "Perhaps we should see what he has say before threatening him." she commented to Romero "No need to be hasty, it might also be beyond you." she warns, very calmly. Afterall, she never moved away, she's probably the first thing the ichor dripping thing could hit, if he went that way. Ritz is paid no mind. "So you called us to warn us?" she asked, voice soft, and sympathetic.

Romero rolls his mace in his hands and he is absolutely sure, he's a calm man, but the old retired knight is absolutely sure of this, "The dead should not walk amoung the living, their time is past and their rest should not be distubed. He shall sleep before the day is done, and it will be right."

Ipon blinks at the thing and says "Barrier...? Wait... Are the Shades coming back?" he looks around as if one might pop out somewhere

"The dead come back in another body, who cares what form they take, but really, this is not time for a theological debate. I'm more interested in finding out whether or not this world is going to be overrun with shadows." Sidney waggles his finger towards Romero. "Then we can give him freedom."

Sunochi frowns at this, shaking her head as shef eels the magical silence lifting. "I'm with the mechanically adept guy. If so, then we need to take proper precautions and learn what we can to defend against, if the story is true, another onslaught of those 'shades'."

Ritz stays silent as she began to walk away, but as the conversation turns, and the shade says himself he wouldn't mind passing on, Ritz, too, stays still. It was several thoughts that graced her mind as she looked down at her hands. "The barrier that keeps Gaia safe... it is thin, cracking. What... could that be." Ritz, here, turns and walks back towards the dead and shaded Geomancer to ask softly, "Tell me, what maintains this barrier?"

Edward hurries up to the casket, looking to the once man, "Father, what happened to you? You were not at all like this when we put you to rest, this is awful!" Hagele raises his hands to wipe away the tarry tears, but only smears it across his face grotesquely in the process, "The veil of gaia has been lifted, though the hands that parted it drew away in fear, it will not settle where it began. Beware the people of the stars. Beware the people of darkness. Beware the people of the metal. Where once we lived in peaceful isolation, now we stand exposed, G.." he hunches over himself, giving a wheezing, grinding, dry choking fit of a cough, spattering out dark tarry drops across the coffin and ground.

Father and Son. Sidney grimaces, feeling rather... sad for his pre-judgment of the once-man's intent. But still. Better safe and sorry. Slowly, he rolls his shoulders back. "People... people of the metal?" He furrows his brow. Interesting... but at the same time, troubling.

Sunochi hmms, people of metal? She glances at Sidney... people of the stars? She blinks a bit, shaking her head. "Confusing..."

Sidney interjects quickly. "I'm not an alien."

"He's ill, we shouldn't be interrogating him," complains Edward, moving as if to guard the not dead one, but he is brushed aside easily, sent sprawling with what looks like a light push, "The stars have already started speaking. You have seen the night of tears!" he says excitedly, "Look to the stars and listen and you will knoNnnng!" he grits his teeth, shadow seeming to explode between his emaciated ribs, "Oh.. I'm... so sorry.." he grunts out as he seems to swell and deform, flesh melting and flowing, features becoming bent and crooked while mass gains, "You should... leave..."

Sidney considers. "The stars... Hm... Perhaps so." Then, he sees the shifts starting to form. "He's becoming something else. I have a feeling you don't want to be here when that happens." He shouts at Romero, who is assumed to attempt SOME kind of Banishing. "Now would be a great time to do whatever you planned on!"

He wiggles through the group, grabbing at Edward's arm. "Come on, I doubt your father would want you to stay around and get eaten by darkness or lost in a cave-in." He pauses for a moment, then looks at Edward. "Say goodbye."

Sunochi frowns slightly, thinking... "Let's go and you, saytr, do you r thing...." she mutters. "Come, let's go!"

Cecilia's weight backs up, headed for the passive way, her hands ruffling into her hair, "Do it, if you're going to do it!" she yelled at Romero, helping Sidney if he needs help urging Edward to leave.

Sunochi makes a grab for Ritz, during the fall, wings spread out as she tries to capture her within her grasp, her weapon dissapearing back into it's hold back at her room in the Garden. "come on wings, don't fail me..." as she makes her attempt, wings beating to try to keep her from splashing into the lifestream.

Luckily, the robot has the sense of mind to transform back, rolling forward into place as Sidney grabs Edward along. "Fine. Then we'll come back, but at this moment, we have to /run/." Sidney ushers him along urgently, waving for the others towards the area. He can do little without his robot, but there isn't time for that. He pumps his arms, dashing down the line towards the plateau.

As it comes crashing down, Sidney jerks his head up. The sensation of falling. And the knowledge of what is below. Life Stream. And what is behind. A monster.

God. He hates waiting on magic.

Ipon acks and grunts as he beats his own wings, he attempts to grab Cecila if she isn't attanded to even as he heads for the circle

Cecilia's eyes widen at the senssastion of falling, her grunt is audible when Ipon grabs her. She isn't fat but she's pretty muscular. "Fff If you can't carry me, let me go, ain' no body gonna miss me." she called out. She seems angry at the situation, her eyes sharpened as she looks for anything she can use to keep from sucking Ipon down with her. Afterall, she's a relatively normal human ; she can't fly, she can't conjure magic in a blink, and she certainly can't keep from getting raped by life stream.

Flying is still very much an option, nothing really preventing it, but for those unable to do such trickery, the uneven rock lurches, then dives forward, burrowing rapidly into the side of the cavern, away from the malignant beast behind. Edward's eyes are forward, on the rock being dug into, tears running quietly down his determined face as he guides the craft away from the monstrosity, living proof that the Shadow's influence is not entirely removed from Gaia's face.

Ipon smirks as he drops Cecila onto the platform before landing himself saying "Well, don't say I never did anything for you." as he looks back at the shadows...

Sidney leans forward, bracing himself as the rock begins to travel. "We'll find something." He offers with a final grunt. "There has to be something to cleanse this. Someone did it before, it can be done again." He looks behind him at the tunnel they are escaping from. "Hopefully more permanently."

Sunochi throws Ritz onto the rock before trying to catch up to it, landing at the edge.. "Agreed." she muttered, "Let's get out of here and forumlate something.. amongst ourselves, we have a promise to uphold."

Cecilia mms a bit "I've already promised to fight for myself. It seems shit is about to go down." she rubs her chin "If you can get us to Luna, you can use my Casino's control room for forumlating." she commented, calmly, taking out a cigar, likely eager for a smoke.

Edwards looks over his shoulders, "Thank you. You all acted bravely for a foolish man, but you're right. There has to be a way, there must. We can't just... surrender." He balls a hand into a fist in impotent rage as the chunk of rock breaks free of the ground, skidding lightly across snow before the water is reached, skimming towards home and warmth. "The North has just become more dangerous. We should warn the people who live there. Luna?" he frowns lightly, then ahs, "I have wanted to visit that land. The geomantic energy that keeps such a great thing aloft must be incredible." he says as if forgetting his sorrow for a moment.

Cecilia mms a bit "I'm just Lady Luck's favorite floozy for the moment. Eventually She'll lose interest and I'll fall." she grins a bit "Luna Island, I run Lady Luck's temple ; Rota Fortunae. A man just couldn't do what I do." she joked with a wink "But besides that, I think the people from the stars refers to people like the gunslinger Cy, with his softly glowing skin and strange looks. I think Don Blood is similar." she murmured, very calmly for now, her eyes reflecting the need for a coctail and smoke.

Sidney lowers himself. "I have heard of something in the bunkers there. Something that has records. I dunno, only a few people go into it. There might be something there." He leans against the rock and finally back against the cube. The cube has completely sealed again from its humanoid shape. He looks up across the ocean passing. "A people of metal..."

Sunochi perks.. "Don Blood of the Adventuer's Guild? That multi-tailed fox?" she questions. "FIgured that he was just somehow blessed by gaia." she nodded, "I guess I'm wrong." she thought, "You learn new things.."

Edward lifts shoulders in a shrug, "I know nothing of people of stars or metal, or the stars speaking. I'm not an astronomer or astrologist." He sighs slowly, "It is not fath.. Master Hagele's fault. He is in incredible pain. It was only his iron will that let him tell us as much as he did."

Cecilia's expression is calm. "People of metal might have to do with the imperials technological advances in armor. Wasn't there something about their elite divisions of somesort was recruiting anyone who'd apply." she murmured, calmly. "Senor Edward, feel free to visit me anytime, If you want I can snoop into things for you if it'd ease your mind."

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