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A Greater Spirit of Earth, Titan cares not for the acts of 'civilized' behavior. Rude, blunt, and quite to the point. Titan doesn't care for those that choose brain over brawn, or fear over courage. Good or evil, Titan doesn't care, but meek will not do. He will not pact with those that choose technology or city-life over the wild, and has quite a fondness for Espers, Monsters, and Druids. When Summoned, he is fiercely loyal to his pacters and offers no tarry to the enemy as he rips the land out from underneath them, and drops the bedrock squarely upon their head.

He should never be mistaken as stupid though, or slow witted, behind that bluff, no-nonsense exterior, behind those uncivilised eyes lies a quick mind, a sharp with and a keen intelligence. Master of earth, of all things Nature related and lord over the governance of the tectonic plates of Gaia, Earthquakes and Volcanos.

Until recently however, Lord Titan had been absent from his realm, bound by treachery and deceit by the Emperor Elliot Highwind, unable to respond to the call of his summoners and his absence was starting to be felt, as the carefully regulated stresses of Gaia's crust had begun to flex and move of their own accord, no longer watched by their master. In his return in the late half of the autumn month Chocobo, in 1032AH, however, things have settled back to normal again, his imprisonment as Thitanius ended.

It has been stated that as Leviathan did when he escaped from imprisonment in Wutai. Titan has severed all pacts with Mortals, citing that until a Mortal Summoner can come forth and show him honour, respect and due diligence he will pact with none and lend his strength to no one who calls upon him, only those who pay him mana will find strength from his power any deeper pacts for now it seems are barred though the summoner who can reach through his anger and meet his requirements would be reknowned indeed.

Archetype-Summon 15, Earth-Summon 15, Uncivilized flaw major advantage.

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