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Theme Questions - Questions by Players about Theme and answered by our Staff.

Daily Life

Daily life for the average citizen of Highwind depends largely on the season. The temperature encourages different pursuits and acitivities, though some things remain a constant.

The day begins in the tent, or if fortunate enough to belong to a wealthy mercantile or noble grouping, a house. Dressing up for the arctic environment is a daily chore that often brings together families. It is considered polite to assist one another in prepareing for the day ahead, and communal clothing is not unusual.

Once dressed for the season, the workers of the family will head out. Employment opportunities in Highwind point are limited, but the chance to be self supporting is high. Many families have at least one fisherman or hunter to call their own. Hunters will usually band together in protective groupings that usually have little to do with their family, and set out at dawn, usually to return some time in the afternoon.

Fisherman tend to start their day a little later, heading down to the river or the ocean to ply their trade. Fisherman are very social sorts in Highwind point, and rapidly become the gossip nexus of the town, having much time to chat with anyone who happens by, and each other all day long without interrupting their work. The colder it gets, the closer fisherman tend to get. During the dead of winter, fires will be lit to fish beside. Some day the festivity like air the hangs around during the winter helps to combat the depression that would otherwise accompany the cold.

For those staying home, the day is filled with cleaning clothes, preparing evening foods, repairing the house or tent, and possibly some shopping. For such a remote town, Highwind Point does have a, relatively speaking, active commerce. Coin is traded for needed supplies down at the docks, sometimes quite hurriedly, before the homekeepers return to their warmth.

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Nobility Suggestions


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Music and Song

Folk songs commonly sung throughout Gaia.

Church Theme

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