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Whiskey: Why not have the links to telnet into SC posted on the front page? Right now as I read it, there isn't a whole lot up front that says how to connect.

Chelsie - Web Spider: *points you to the Connect Info*

Needs "What is SC" info

I landed on this wiki page by clicking on an ad banner (from Candi comics), and this page gives me no info on what SC is, much less a MUCK.

I strongly recommend, now that you are apparently advertising this to a comic-friendly crowd, defining what Southern Cross is, what kind of interactive game it is (telnet apparently), etc...

Even if you just provide a link to a place for newbies (like, it would greatly help!

It's your money your spending on ads though, so it's up to you of course ;-)

SkyeNiTessine 13:41, 17 May 2008 (PDT)

Response by staffer Bahumat: Thanks for the input, Skye. :) In fact, I'm working on that write up this week, hopefully to have it posted and make it clear to first-time readers what our game is and what it's about. (And, in fact, helping them understand what a MUCK is and why it is awesome.)

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