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This is a list of Wizzen! :) Hopefully, here you'll find helpful contact information, online times, or any other pertinate information.

((Abuse of this page will be monitored heavily..))


Current Active Wizzen

  • Ivory HeadWiz | Jobs & Specials | Church | Gear Asst.
  • Nuku Bug Last! Specials Helper
  • Hinoserm Being Mean / Server Management (No RP Stuff)
  • Cyrus General Consultant
  • Rush Head Gear Wiz! Fear.
  • Cole Radio DJ, Coder, Internal QA
  • Bahumat General Queue Staff, Floggings
  • Anonymous Theme, Faction, PR Wiz
  • Tundra Synth, General, Chargen
  • Silvante Build Wiz, General, Chargen,

Former Staff Still active as consultant

And with thanks, Past staff

Staff who are no longer or not currently serving.



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