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Knight-Lieutenant Skylia is one of the recent arrivals to Highwind Point. Known for her knack for archery and her talent in craftsmanship, she was sent to Highwind Point following her time with the Imperial Academy in training to become an officer of the Imperial Army.

She commands the 54th Kestrel Eyes, a small unit of archers, and can often be seen training alongside them - that is, when she's not out helping with the harvesting efforts, praying at the Chapel, or seeking the warmth of those around her, especially her mate Javris.

Immediately recognizable by her unique coloration - a beautiful array of blue and white feathers - she is young, but she still holds herself high, both in commanding the respect of those around her and in aspiring to one day be as great as one of her childhood heroes, Astera, who rescued her and Javris from certain death at the hands of an escaped criminal.

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