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Short Fuse

Attitudes and Politics

  • Royalty
  • Religion
  • Tradition
    • Masks: These denote rank and profession when outside of the City itself or in a formal event.
      • Obsidian masks for Male Royalty and jeweled veils for the Female Royals.
      • Silver Masks for Advisers or people of rank.
      • Gold masks are merchants.
      • Iron masks are warriors if they have tattoo's they are the Royal Guard
      • No or cloth masks for the Commoners.
      • Black Cloth Masks for the Undercommoners.



Outer City

Royal Chambers

NPCs of Note:

Shaman Aphancee: An old Goblin, stooped and dressed in shabby beaten up robes. His long yellow-white hair is knotted and beaded with bone and rocks. His skin is grey-green. He usually carries a staff: He is a summoner. He tends to the faith of the Goblins which is based on a combination Ancestoral Spirits, Nature, and Royal Hierarchy. He is calm, soft spoken, and seems even tempered. He is highly superstitious. He and the King share an old oath of brotherhood from their youth.

King Trombolous: Old King Cole was a merry old Soul and so is this King. Lecherous in nature he has taken several dozen wives over the course of his lifetime. He is blind in one eye making it milky and blue, the other is bright yellow. He has a long white beard, curled and groomed, wears a crown of beaten and burnished gold with tarnished Gems. He is portly and enjoys decadence ; wine, food and women. He is fiercely loyal to his people, and will sell out one or two for the common good. He is fiercely business minded and shrewd and no slouch in battle. His favored weapon is a HUGE stone axe that has earth magic on it. He is commonly genial and friendly until something comes up that makes him need to get down to business at which point he becomes ruthless. He is generally neutral to most parties unless they threaten his colony. He has an old oath to Aphancee the Goblin Shaman.

Head Royal Guard Smesmoesa: Mute, this beefy Goblin has dark hair and blue eyes. It is said he has Lunarian blood, but no one's sure. He is a well mannered Goblin, respectful, a faithful warrior at heart. He will defend his King to his dying breath. His favored weapon is a Spear. No hair, black eyes.

Prince Bartaphew: Ambitious and rugged, somewhat handsome. He prides himself on being deadly with his axe, and he is. Prideful, boastful, treacherous and intelligent, this son of the King continuously tries to usurp power so that he can rule the Island one day. His hair is Mottled Green and Black and his eyes are orange.

Amartha (Hot-Touchie): Prince Bartaphew's betrothed. She doesn't like her betrothed but the deal has been sealed with her fathers blood to keep her extensive family from starving in the Lower commoner area. She is good with animals, a bow, and is generally polite. She has a fiery temper, though it takes a lot for it to come out. She is dutiful and faithful and so accepts her place as a to-be princess. She has lovely golden blond hair and brown eyes.

Soubeens (Runt): He's the Shamans son, and not very well known. Scrawny, toothpick build with a HUGE HEAD and big pus green eyes and mussed brown hair; his skin is blue-green.

Queen Concubine Slazara: The Mother of Bartaphew, she is not ambitious, but has coddled her son and taught him he is to be king one day as the eldest. She is an older Goblin woman, somewhat dim witted and slow to grasp politics and her son's doings. However, she like the other queens is a dangerous trained Assassin and personal guard of the King. Her skin is gray and her hair is also gray, her eyes are black.

Queen Concubine Marsipan: The Middle Wife of the King, she's a buxom green eyed, light yellow skinned, black haired Goblin with a sweet motherly attitude. She tends to gossip a lot. She however, is a trained assassin and the Kings Body Guard.

  • Queen Concubines: Thirteen, not including the two above, goblin women ranging from almost scandelously young to older women. These are the Queen Concubines, assassins and bodyguards all. Oathed and Loyal to the King, if not for their love of the gregarious king then for the fact their sons may one day become kin in this bloodthirsty political battlefield if they prove themselves worthy, as the sons deeds are carried by the mother. They range in all sorts of personalities but not a one is bitter at the honor of being chosen, since it means their families doweries have kept them from starving and it's considered a great position.

Head Goblin General Flaggarat: An old fat goblin with waxy yellow skin, bald, and black eyes. He's decorated with trinkets, drinks a little too much, but is a monster in tactics and leadership. He favors swords. He is the third in the tribonding oath between the Kin, the Shaman, and himself. He is not nice at all, and is paranoid and distrusts outsiders. His daughter is the Kings Youngest Wife.

Head Goblin Trader Rufflemeau: A lovely female trader, pear shaped, with her hair pulled up in the latest fashions with absurd decorations sticking out of it - from flowers to birds - and red eyes. Her skin is evergreen. She's shrewd, and gossipy, and razor tongued. She is known for refusing the Kings betrothal to seek out a better position, the King was so impressed he put her in charge of Goblin trade.

  • Goblin Royal Guard: These beefy young goblins range in description, however, all are oathed tattooed, and dutiful. Goblin society may be treacherously political, but once you become a guard you are loyal to whomever becomes King.
  • Goblin Commoners: Generally these are paranoid folk, distrustful of outsides, but they will welcome chances to better their society. Some are friendly. But for the most part they go about their goblin lives as mushroom, moss, grub and naked rabbitmole farmers, Miners, Stone workers, Chemists, tinkerers, ect. They tend to be hard working people but if they can find a route to make their duties easier, they'll take it. Deals can be made from trade, to marriages for family alliances and dowries, to plain old cash.
  • Goblin Undercommoners: Bitter by nature, lowly scum of the Goblin ranks. Servants, slaves, bums, and occasionally hired thieves and cutthroats. They tend to not be seen often and when they are, they will pander or rob. They seem well organized however, and even these do not go hungry, as they too are all afforded food under the current king. They are simply too low born to have the same rights as other goblins. They sell themselves in many ways, including as hired cutthroats, or whatever they can scrounge to garner coin. As these Goblins tend to be greedy by nature.

Foot Notes

  • Patriarchal Society.
  • Highly Spiritual.
  • Not hostile on sight.
  • Heavy industrial and entrenched.
  • In trade.
  • Speak Dwarven, some speak Valentian!

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