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Welcome to the Southern Cross WIKI!

Although it's a little simple to start, we hope to slowly expand with a myriad of useful information. Players of the game are more than encouraged to add to the wiki, and will even be rewarded for it.

    • Remember! If you have a character page, and your Character is linked to more than one thing. Example: King Edmond of Alair needs to link himself to ythe following: Drominham Characters, Noble Houses. You can easily Link your character by using a (*) for a Bullet and then adding a link by simply typing your character picture page such as 'King Edmond Alair' in ]['s. Thank you! It will help me alot.
    • REMEMBER ALSO! To please, please, PLEASE link your page back to the previous page! This is done by typing the corresponding page like 'Drominham Characters' 'Factions' or 'Main Page' in the ]['s.
    • Please do not change the names of Links that are already up. As this will disrupt the flow of those things already posted. Thank you!

Southern Cross is an 18+ Game




  • Players - Pictures, chats, rants, you know that whole shebang.

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A handy toolbar for firefox users. Makes editing and such far easier on the user: Wiki Tool


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