Requiem De La Lunas

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The Ruins of a Fallen Civilisation

Still and mysterious, the remnants of the old Lunarian civilization. The area is a mosaic of toppled pillars and occasional rubble interspersed with cleared out areas and restored art. Patrolling the area are two golems, Blue Rumbler and Yellow Roller, whom wander around in a meandering search pattern. Framed by two imposing statues of Lunarians are a wide set of stairs leading down into the depths of the island.


A spartan sleeping area with about 20 double bunks, able to fit 40 people comfortably therein. The area is kept brightly lit except during evening hours, when it dims sharply to facilitate rest and sleep. There are also basic showering facilities, quite advanced really, with the hot and cold water just pouring freely from a spigot with no identifiable source of the water or its heating. The walls and floors and ceiling seem to be made of some sort of hard metal.


This is a mysterious place, a small office tied to a large antechamber that has a crystal pedestal in front of it. When activates this pedestal does the most amazing thing. It places people into a 3-d interactive map of planets, of 'outer space' away from Gaia's protective atmosphere. It also apparently can replay the history of some of the planets.

Danger Room


Clean. The shelves are stocked with many books. They are not as 'wise' as one might expect of a Lunarian library, and range from cheap adventures to harlequin romances intermixed with theories on magics and physical sciences and philosophy. Truly an eclectic mix of literature to be had.

For seating, several low tables are surrounded by wide, egg shaped chairs for seating comfort. The lighting is bright and faintly orange hued.

Notable PCs:

Delphine De Ferrall - The founder and head of the Lunarian House De Ferrall. A patron of Cecile Harvey. She is somewhat reclusive, spending most of her time within the burried ruins of the Lunarian civilization: She affactionally calls the place Requiem De La Lunas.

Notable NPCs:

The Colored Golems

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