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All players are encouraged to upload interesting RP scenes for others to browse and enjoy. Do bear in mind that you should have permission from everyone in the log. Also, don't post things that you mind others knowing, at least on an Out Of Character level.

Heart of the Empire Logs:

Highwind Point Logs:

Highwind Point - Magic Lesson Logs:

  • We've Only Just Begun - An introduction to the concept of magic, the nature of sound, and a warning.
  • Dejected Spirits - A simple lesson on the nature of the spirit world, the greater spirits, espers, minor spirits, and the trust that should be afforded to each.
  • Something's Broken - A lecture on the branches of imperal magic and why each is fundamentally flawed.
  • Harvester of Sorrow - A treatise on the magic of Necromancy, the defense against such, and the nature of a man.

Valente Logs - Entering a new Society:

Luna Island Logs

  • Goblin Politics - The only thing better than a room full of concubines...is a room full of assassin concubines.

OOC Roleplay and Theme Seminars:

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