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Here are some things you can do that will get you in trouble.

The simple moral is, Don't do them!

1. Act like you've never read the culture section of this website.

Read the various culture and theme sections. Read the Northerner stories to understand the world you're stepping into. If you're going to play as a member of a vibrant, active society, you need to know what that character would know about the world and how it works.

2. See a very obvious monster and yawn cause you've 'been there and seen that'.

Without a Willpower stat of at least 20, nobody really has any excuse for treating obvious monsters as anything less than to be feared and panicky over. Even the brave fighters of monsters who might see them on a daily basis won't be undisturbed; their adrenaline will kick in, their heart will pound, and they'll be clutching for a sword and shield.

3. Do the above for the presence of the emperor or duke.

Royalty are a Big Deal. A really big deal. They're the people that hold the power of life or death (yours) in their very whim. Even if you're personal best buddies with them; they could have your life in an instant, and that of your entire family. Their power is nearly beyond compare, and they wield influence that could destroy your existence in a breath. Even if you're not part of the empire, the richness, the pompness of the moment, the sight of men in such finery and surrounded by such obvious trappings of power tend to be very impressive. Even the barest northern native, unable to understand the concepts of royalty, will still understand the concept of "a chief of chiefs".

4. Assume that if one person can approach something, you can. A dragon is intimidating no matter if there happens to be another person around or not.

And, in fact, you'd be very likely to consider the other person insane or a monster-lover for approaching them in the first place. Does standing next to an alligator wrestler make you feel all that more comfortable about approaching the alligator yourself? Didn't think so. Apply that train of thought to your IC reactions. Monsters, since the beginning of time, have always killed humans, and those rare few that didn't were still distrusted by many.

5. Assume that your character is the best or most special, they aren't, period.

The world is wide, it is vast, it is mean, and there are more things under the heavens and Gaia than you can imagine. Eventually, you too, will have your ass kicked. Eventually, you too, will die. You are not the All Father's magical perfect unique snowflake.

6. Forget that this is a co-operative effort.

We have to work together to make this story really flow, let's see some co-operation. Staff here are volunteers. Hell, players here are volunteers. Real Life happens. People have to coordinate times, they have to deal with real life emergencies and priorities, and most of us here can't afford to prioritize an online game over those needs. Work with people, cooperate, be flexible in scheduling and events. Don't turn uncontrollable OOC circumstances to your advantage unfairly.

7. Say what you want, where you want.

This is not America, what you say can get you hurt, jailed, or even killed, depending on who happens to hear it. You have no freedom of speech. There are such things as thought crimes. Calling a nobleman a douchebag as a commoner isn't just stupid, it's a good way to get publically beaten by his guardsmen while other commoners laugh and call you an idiot. And while the north is more free with it's tongue than most Empire lands, insulting or disparaging the Emperor or Royalty is a good way of ending up jailed, at least. Likewise, don't call the church Inquisition down on your head by speaking out loudly against the church or the All Father. Don't forget that even many northern natives are devout worshippers of the All Father, though in somewhat schismatic ways compared to the 'orthodox' church.

8. Focus solely on statistics.

Your stats do not make you any more or less interesting or successful a character. It is your style of role-play, your maturity or lack there of, and the class you present that will make you liked by others, not the fact that you have 25 Melee. Remember that the biggest source of your stats is going to be Job Points. And the primary source of Job Points is going to be other people +vote-ing for you for good role play.

9. Forget ICA=ICC, that is, In Character Actions lead to In Character Consequences.

Everything you do can have some kind of effect. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, and you have to take both in stride, at least as a player. Feel free to have your character panic and whine if you want.

10. Play a character who's only point is to be aggressive.

There are always people bigger than you are, expect a short lifespan. Even aggressive villains need a reason as to why they're being aggressive, and hopefully have the good judgement to choose when and who to use that agreession upon.

12. Treat enforcers like cops.

Unlike cops they can beat the hell out of you, then drag you to jail, and tell the judge how you resisted arrest, and they won't even ask you about it. You have no civil rights. You can and will be tortured if need be. You can and will be publically beaten if the enforcers decide it's warranted.

13. Take OOC IC, or IC OOC.

You can't afford to forget that this is a game. You're an adult, act like one. Players are not their characters, and characters are not their players. Perfectly nice and normal people can and do play perfectly vicious and nasty people. Some of them play characters that will take one look at your cute, eye-lash batting nurse and decide they want to wear that smiling face as a hat. Too bad. That's in character play. Don't stand there and accuse the person of being a hater, or of having a personal vendetta.

On the flipside of that, don't use OOC information ICly. Don't pursue personal vendetta against a player via in character actions, because if you do, we'll ban you, and you can go take your douchebaggery elsewhere.

We'll repeat it again: YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO FORGET THAT THIS IS JUST A GAME. If you can't make that distinction, do yourself a favor and leave, because it's a stupid thing to get wound up and stressed out about.

14. Abuse people without expecting to be abused.

We have a Bile channel on the game. Don't even step into it unless you have a thick skin. The people there are pros, and if you're unprepared, they'll make you cry like a little bitch and laugh at you for your tears. Which isn't to say that they aren't nice people otherwise; but the Bile channel's purpose is to be that place of verbal diahhrea.

Don't pick fights, and if you do, don't be surprised if someone pops you one, verbally or otherwise.

15. Forget you are an adult!

This is an 18+ game. Don't join unless you're an adult. And for crissakes, ACT LIKE AN ADULT. Show maturity, show grace, show a sense of humour.

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