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File:Power Leech.jpg
A Power Leech

The Power Leech is an oddball fighter; a ninja, certainly, but one evolved to steal mana from their foes, and turn it back against them. Their methods are somewhat questionable, spiritually, requiring a monstrous touch to accomplish. Pioneered by Kharma in the month of Typhoon, 1031 AH.


Base Stats

Prerequisites MP Mod HP Mod Class Ability
Ninja at level 8
Monster at level 8
Martial-Artist at level 3
Red Mage at level 3
110% 110% On successful Melee or Brawl attack, drain 5% of the attack's listed damage, before soak, from the target's MP. This drained MP is added to the Power Leech's MP. If the Melee or Brawl attack, or any Special or Ability used in conjunction with it, consumes MP from the Power Leech, then the attack will not drain MP from the target.

L4 Limit

Choose a target within melee or brawl range(Depending on weapon used). Perform a basic attack. Deal no damage, but drain 20/30/40% of the listed damage as MP from them.

L8 Limit

Acting as a grounding rod, choose a target within long range. Target must +resist/will against 10/13/15. Failure causes them to lose 10 MP and resist again with the target number reduced by 2. Repeat until MP runs out or a resist roll succeeds. Gain 10% of MP lost in the attack.


Special Skills JP Cost Max Ranks
Ambush 4 25
Blind-Strike 4 15
Blur 100 1
Cloaking 4 25
Deflect-Spell 4 10
Draw-Element 4 5
Dual-Wield 4 25
Gaia's Hunger 12 15
Ghost's Touch 4 10
Kick-Art 4 25
Limit 40 4
Mana-Burst 4 25
Mana-Shock 100 1
Night-Slash 4 25
Rasp 4 10
Sunken-State 4 25

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