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Desc: Tiny winged creatures that spend more time in the spiritual world than one. Still, once in a while, a represenative sets up shop in the mortal world. They are bound to the elements and tend to express one in their appearance and actions.


Elemental: Considered an elemental entity of their chosen element, gaining 100% soak against it and -100% soak against its opposite. May not take an element without an opposite.

Winged: Begin play with 10 points of fly

Elemental Affinity: Start play with 10 points of affinity in chosen element and 10 points in its most basic spell.

Magic Nature: Begin play with 5 points of raise-mp and arcana


Spirit: Spirit magic functions against pixies

Frail: As per flaw.

Inhuman Structure: All armor and equipment must be made for pixies to work for them.

Sterile: Pixies are spawned by the elements themselves, and do not breed or have need or desire to.

Homeland: The spirit world Rarity: Rare

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