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Mopigo the moogle is an interesting sight in these parts. He
is almost never walks anywere always flitting about with his
small wings a couple of feet off the ground when he wants to
get anywhere. His off-white fur is ruffled and stained with 
the grease and dirt he picked up while working on his varied
engineering projects that he has put himself up to. His ears
stick out seveal inches above his head. The're the same off 
white color as the rest of him scept for the backs near the 
base have a distinctive black stains on them where one might
scratch themselves behind the ear while they were thinking. 
While they don't add a lot of height, with his ears included
he stands just over three and a half feet tall. On his back 
are two small, leathery, maroon colored wings that reach out
only a few feet to either side at most. They always seem to 
be flapping quickly to keep him in the air while he's moving
around. Hanging at the top of his head from what looks like 
a thin little wire is his big, red pom-pom. It seems always 
to be bouncing around while he works, talks, flies, or does 
just about anything at all. Even in his sleep it bobs slowly
up and down as he breaths. His little paws seem to have the 
most grime stained onto them, making them an almost black by
comparison to the rest of his fur, were it clean.     
Mopigo wears almost nothing most of the time. His fur keeps 
him covered from indecency, as well as the elements. He does
not seem to be completely nekkid though. Around his waist is
a small tool belt where he keeps small versions of a hammer,
pliers, and other such things. Resting on his head Is a pair
of gogles that keep dust and shavings out of his eyes while 
he works. As a side effect, there is an clear outline of the
goggles that he wears on his head around his eyes.
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