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This is a PC archetype. It's useful only for the bestial merit. It's not a guideline for making a moogle monster, mostly because there aren't any moogle monsters. What are you thinking?

Description: Moogles are short pudgy creatures with white fur, small red bat like wings, and a small ball that dangles from their head by an almost invisible thread.


Fae Nature: Moogles are innate geomancers and gain 10 points in Terrain's-Blessing and Counter-Flood automatically.

Geomancer: Begin with 1 JP in the Geomancer job.

Innate Rhythm: They begin with 15 performance

Flight: They begin with 10 fly.


Speech Impediment: All speech is littered with seemingly random 'kupo's. When conversing with a non-moogle, all social rolls are at +2 difficulty(vs 13)

Abbrasive: All moogles, for reasons unknown, have personality quirks. Be it a superiority complex, meglomania, or some other disfunction. These flaws tend to annoy the people around them greatly. They cannot overcome these things as they are a part of their nature and no more alterable than their little red wings.

Odd Form: Armor must be custom made for them. NPCs will charge double for such things.(If armor doesn't specifically say it was made for a moogle, you can't use it.)

Rarity: Rare

Known Homeland: Moogles are a nomadic people. It's a rare thing to see more than one in any one location.

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