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Meredith Lucetas, born on 26th day of the winter month Leviathan, 991, is an Empire reknown alchemist and creator of the mythic Elixir. The youngest of two children, Meredith has always been on the short side in comparison with the statuesque heights normally found in the populace. Beginning at the age of twelve, Meredith's parents, James and Juliana, had sent the young girl to the Holy Priests of the Church. During this time, the young woman had learned the ancient art of alchemy and began to produce potions, ethers, and other curative items during the days when Gaia's Wrath haunted healing with magic.
During her late teenage years, Meredith began to become plagued with terrible dreams that made no sense to her--a faraway village during a plague, images of Mtzeko and barbarians, and a man congratulating her. After many talks with other priests in the Church, it had been determined that these were past lives. A reading of past lives had been called for, and it was determined that Meredith had no fewer than eight past lives. The Order of the Phoenix had found one of its lost members in such a tiny alchemist.
Medicinal Package

With the new knowledge found from such a reading and unlocking the barriers between lifetimes, Meredith had been able to discern the true nature of potion-making. Using this, she had gained the recipes of the Quicksilver (the ability to go invisible with a simple potion, but it causes great migraines), Water of Life (a potion that inflicts the Regen status), Hi-Ether (a more distilled, highly potent ether), Lunar Curtain (a potion, when poured on the body, hardens the skin and helps to reduce the damage taken over time), and finally as the penultimate creation, the Elixir (a creation which restores a vast amount of health and spiritual energy). Using this knowledge, Meredith has become somewhat obsessive with the health and sanitation of the people around her and throughout the Empire. She has taken on the rather large project of informing the masses of the Empire the benefits of sanitation on their health--after all, one must keep a sterile environment when creating potions for their maximum potency.

Currently, the young alchemist is married to Sir Anakharis, and lives with her sons Han and Stuart. She can be found at the Lucetas Apothecary where she sells many curative items as well as magical accessories. On occasion, she will make other items besides potions and trinket, sometimes concentrating on her herbal medicine techniques and conducting research into brewing techniques.

It is difficult to talk about Meredith without mentioning the Lucetas Apothecary in which she produces her work. Her usual sale of items falls toward healing items:

Name Price
Potions (Avg) 11 gil
Potions (Mst) 15 gil
Hi-Potions 30 gil
Healing Potion (Mst) 11 gil
Healing Potion (Avg) 7 gil
Antidote (Avg) 18 gil
Antidote (Mst) 25 gil
Ether (Avg) 15 gil
Ether (Mst) 20 gil
Hi-Ether 30 gil
Maiden's Kiss 25 gil
Soft 25 gil
Echo Screen 25 gil
Hyper 25 gil
Water of Life 100 gil
Holy Water 11 gil
Cure All (Avg) 20 gil
Cure All (Mst) 30 gil
Lunar Curtain 40 gil
Quicksilver 50 gil
Medicinal Package 40 gil
Phoenix Down (Avg) 20 gil
Phoenix Down (Mst) 30 gil
Soothing Gel 25 gil
Elixir 300 gil


There comes a time in everyone’s existence when they are truly at peace with themselves and with those around them. Meredith Lucetas, alchemist and apotheker, had learned that peace at the age of twenty-six.

Several projects which had been started by the humble Order of the Phoenix member had been complete but one: the Imperial Health Improvement project. It was a project meant to improve the health of citizens throughout the Empire through sanitation. Her project of improving housing in the suburbs of Capital City had been finished almost a year after it began, leaving the citizens happier and more willing to cooperate with the inner city.

The Holy Church of the All-Father had only briefly recognized the alchemist’s achievements with a simple nod and her continued allowance as one of the clergy within the Church. Meredith’s humbleness slowly began to spread to others in the Church, choosing piety over fame and fortune. More individuals took it upon themselves to follow the domain of the community, a sign of recognition to the little woman.

In 1019 AH, during the festival of Spring, the happiness and humbleness came to an end. Violence had struck out, the footpads stealing into the alleyway with a basket filled with potions, leaving the young mother of two in the street for dead.

Her spirit had been at peace as it always was, no calls for vengeance as it had ascended upwards instead of into the ground to go with Gaia. The rumors sped through the city days later that Sister Meredith Lucetas had been brutally murdered; three days later the bodies of two footpads had been found in their homes. Suicide, the local authorities of the suburbs had ruled. Her husband, Anakharis, and her sons, Han and Stuart, had closed the little apothecary to live with Meredith’s parents. The little alchemist’s body had lay in state for a week as the members of the suburbs came to pay their respects. As a sign of great faith from the Church of the All-Father, Meredith Lucetas had been beatified quickly, named ‘Saint Lucetas’.

The arrival upwards into the heavens and Celestial court left the Phoenix Member’s soul quailing in fear, not bursting with bravado. Eight times before she had gone back to the lifestream for quiet contemplation before being reborn, but this time she had been summoned.

"You have been diligent and faithful to your community, Theresa Meredith. From this point forward, you will serve as a Spirit of Community Well-Being, in the domain of Alexander." It had been pronounced. Phoenix had been sad to see a member of the religious order that held her in high regard leave, but now another would help Alexander maintain the peace of the community within the Holy City.

Meredith Lucetas, originally born Theresa Meredith Farstein in 57 BH in Kalm in her first life, had felt a sense of peace as she would continue to serve the community--the spirit Lucetas would serve both the Spirit World and the Mortal World’s communities as a minor, peaceful entity, summoning her power of ‘All Saints Day’ to soothe the fury in the hearts of all.

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