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History at the Cult of Man

The Imperial Guild of Magi (formerly known as the Holy Guild of Magi) is an institution in which mages are allowed to go and study within its walls. For the most part, the Guild acts as an arcane university, where prospective mages can learn the deeper intricacies of magic, as well as receive instruction that makes the practice of their art that much easier.

Likewise, as the Guild is now directly under the aegis of Emperor Highwind, a good portion of its resources is bent towards arcane research of many stripes, toward the betterment of both Highwind Point and the Empire as a whole. Certainly, at any given moment there is a great deal going on at the Guild. Enterprising young mages creating spells of dizzying power and versatility, magic-fueled research projects springing up seeming overnight, and even the odd close-quarters fighting classes, to provide a bit of self-deprecating humor.

Members at the Cult of Man

  • Black Mages

Head: Opilano Rodriguez Brilliant, insightful and quite dangerous, Opilano serves as the head of the Black Mages. Sort of a mad scientist in his own way, he enjoys 'teaching' students the fundamentals of magic, particularly basking in its destructive nature. He takes an unusual approach, often firing off a weak version of a spell that a student wishes to learn and then having them puzzle out how to perform it. He will offer to repeat himself over and over again, much to the students' chagrin, but it usually means the student learns how to properly perform the spell at a much quicker pace. He's in his late 40s and was considered a genius of his prime. Now he's just..scary.

PCs: Black_Mage, Novice, Muerta, Novice

  • White Mages

Head: Arbeiza Francia A former aural physician turned white sorceress, Arbeiza is an advocate for community participation amongst the magi of the guild. She spearheads projects into helping the poor, often trying to garner the support of the church on matters of social justice as well. She's a pragmatic woman and tends to take on apprentices quite often. She's has that grandmotherly demeanor and still likes to administer tests herself, often asking that a white mage who wishes to increase rank somehow serve the community in a way. She's in her early 60s and still quite active.

PCs: None

  • Summoners

Head: Gudestro Estrada Trying to get a hold of this man is incredibly difficult. Always on the go, Gudestro is a man who seems to prefer the spirit realms to the real world, citing the real world as..lacking somehow. One of the few and rare avatar fixated summoners of the guild, he is loathe to call on any of his many pacts due to what happened before with various great spirits being summoned and kept prisoner by the Emperor of Wutai. In his 50s, he is an empathic man, a grandfather figure to many of his apprentices and is a stern taskmaster. What he says..goes, at least when it comes to the summoners. However, he hates to micromanage and usually encourages young callers to find new spirits to pact with to increase the lore in the library. With the recent release of Kefka due to the machinations of some more 'ambitious' master summoners, he has disappeared from the guild. No one knows where to find him at this point...

PCs: Eloine (the one who accidentally released Kefka: knowledge in the guild only), Intermediate

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