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Name:Mauja of the Tglinkit
Species:Nu Mou
Age:Adult (30)
School of Magic:Geomancy
Job:Tribal Gaimen


Hunched slightly and making his true height, the deceptively cloaked form of Mauja is visible to your eyes. Standing roughly at the unimposing height of 4 foot 5 inches, it's relatively easy to determine just what kind of blood he descends from. Long, drooping, frayed ears with a natural slit down the middle, the hunched posture and thick tail with a trail of fur running down his spine... Nu Mou is the only thing that comes to mind. More common around the mild climates of the western continent, this one appears a little more hearty and used to the weather in this frigged region. His faintly furred skin is an earthy grey in color, mostly visible from his face and what other open skin that is exposed to the air.

Keeping this Nu Mou warm and clothed is a patchwork of leather robes. Made up of a few different hides and sewn together. The garment comes down past his feet, looking a touch dirty around the lower hem and a little ragged due to the extra ware and tear it must endure. Around his shoulders is draped a cloak made of a single continuous piece of hide, fastened in front of his shoulders by a small, roughly worked, piece of metal. Beyond this, it's hard to tell if he's wearing much else under the robes and mantle, though one can likely assume that in this climate Mauja would have to wear a bit more than just that.

His face is fairly unfettered by clothing for the most part. Deeper wastes wandering will usually see him with a thick scarf wrapped around his snout, leaving only his expressive blue eyes, spiky crop of white head fur and frayed ears exposed. The fur trails down the slump of his back and under his clothing while the pair of large ears tend to dangle down upon either side of his face. These hanging ears are weighted down by a pair of bangles wrapped around the back half of his frayed ears, spanning three fourths of the hole and resting upon the bottom of the split where the flesh re converges. These sit just above his hips due to his slumped posture but are still rather long when compared to other creature's.

Aside from a typical walking stick or stave, this Nu Mou's tail trails a good body length behind him. His curious violet fur along the spine resting slightly over each side of the tough, earthy, flesh. Helping to hide the tail's muscled nature.

Background Story

From the Journal of Mauja of the Tglinkit

The Northern Continent. Known during the times of my youth as the forbidden continent by the clumsy Imperials who dared to traverse the dangerous plains of her expanse. Born to a healthy family of 13, all Nu Mou by the grace of Gaia, only my father had been touched by Gaia and twisted into something different. My mind is foggy to the exact details into my father's change, but a child's parents are but Gods to them. Without them, I would be lost. This is the fate that befell many of my older siblings, many succumbed when the Caribou herds were diverted from our lands due to heavy lava flows, dwindling the typical numbers that our hunters returned with. Others were lost on their right of passage rituals, failing to take that last step into adulthood and claimed by Gaia herself. Fate at least spared me the pain of losing a younger sibling, but only by making me the last of my family's brood. I had heard our Shaman's whispering that it was Gaia who decreed such, that my parents were to bare no more children past me... Though at the time, I did not understand what they meant.

This was, however, advantageous to me. As the last of my kin, my father took a special interest in me. And as my remaining brothers and sister passed on into adulthood, I was left receiving the full attention from both my caring mother and my strong willed father. Many nights, I remember hearing tails of my father's hunts and encounters with vicious monsters upon the wastes of Gaia's surface. His scaled hand running over my short flock of snow white hair as he related his encounters with a tribe of foreigners building a settlement near to our Tribe's lands that they called 'Tifa's Crossing'. I was always fascinated by his stories of their building structures upon the land that would resist Gaia's shifting by using pieces of her own land. As well as the inevitable follies that they stumble into, garnering Gaia's wrath upon them. Life at home with my mother built a strong foundation for our culture, as did our ceremonies during the various phases of the moon and the strong interactions I had with my peers. Though, many a times I would shy away from more of the boisterous activities and physical games that my fellows played. I was less interested in that and more interested in the ways our adults interacted with the world around us. This left me with a little bit of scorn from the other children while I was young. But, as all things do, it was something that was grown out of when they too reached maturity. When I became of age, I left our tents and the other children in order to learn the ways of the hunt. I quickly discovered that, while it is a learned skill and a vital role for any male to play for our tribe, I was not as physically equipped for the job as some of my brethren. These expeditions out into the wild, however, gave great insight to our Tribe's Gaimen. The leader of which approached me after a particularly dangerous hunt where it was by my assistance that we were able to escape with our lives from Gaia's touch, though not our prey. It was here I was told of my rather potent magical abilities. Compared to only one other, the two of us were to be trained in the ways of our Tribe's support structures. For me, my affinity with Gaia was quickly observed and I began training as a Gaimen.

During this time, I did not see as much of my father and Mother aside from Tribal meetings and at night. My father was proud of me for certain, he would tell me as often as he could, but I could tell... A proud Feralis as he was disappointed that his last son would not be following in his footsteps. Rather than mull this over and sink down into the depression that letting one's family down can bring, I endeavored forward and put my whole into my training.

I was taken out into the plains many times by my teachers, purposefully brought close to the various dangers and pitfalls that we face daily in order to learn how to subvert and avoid them as well as instruct others to do so. It was during one such outings that I did something that many young Gaimen did. In my case, I was rather fortunate that I was left living afterwards. I had made a mistake. A mistake that not only cost me the terrible wrath of Gaia, but also my instructor. It was a strong and harsh lesson to be had. And such, my teacher sent me to the edge of our encampment for the next few days in order to reflect upon what had happen and meditate upon it's meaning. Here... Here is where my life began to change directions.

During this period of quiet meditation, the winds themselves began to whisper to me. It was a curious thing to be certain. At first I was unsure of what was happening, concentration breaking and the sensation disappearing. But, once I resumed my meditative state, so too would the feeling return. For two days I tried to focus upon and work it into something more tangible... And it wasn't until the third day that I was successful. The whispers dipped in pitch and became words. Strange and foreign at first, but they soon took form and I found myself in the presence of the Lesser Spirit Dox. In awe and certainly not as prepare for this as I could have been, all I could do is observe as I was told of the grievous threat encroaching upon our Tribal lands. The Shade. Not something we had never encounter before. But, they had never become a serious threat upon our people. Now, through the words of Dox, I was told of their heavy march upon the lands. As Dox's image faded from my mind's eye, I was blessed by the Spirit's own touch. My soul itself felt lighter, actions and magic coming to me easier, exotic magics found themselves within my repository of spells and a new confidence surged through my veins. Nature itself had taken hold of my vision, restricting it to the blacks and whites that Gaia herself sees things in.

Imagine, though, a single apprentice Gaimen coming to town after causing the injury of his trainer, telling the elders that we must flee our ancestral lands in favor of the southern lands... At first, I was not believed dispite what I did. It wasn't until one of the eldest of our Shaman, at 55 years of age, looked upon me and recognized the Touch of the Spirit of Nature upon me.

And thus our Tribe left the lands of our ancestors in order to secure the fate of our progeny. True, we were unable to escape from the Shade entirely, many of our Feralis feel to their twisted ways and more of our hunters ambushed. Thus made our existence even more perilous than before, forcing us more and more south towards the shores... During this trek I was separated from my parents and siblings, a rift in Gaia's surface forcing our small caravan away from each other... The few of us who had survived upon our side of the rift struggled onward and eventually came upon the Tglinkgit people. I myself was fascinated by their way of life and, pending their acceptance of us into their society we stayed among their numbers for many years.

They passed as many before them, I was able to find another teacher among the Tglinkgit and continued the studies of Mother Gaia that I had started among my own. It wasn't long before we were absorbed as part of their Tribe and soon enough... The threat of the Shades were defeated and a touch of normalcy was returned to our lands. Also during this time, I met another refuge of my kind. And, as luck would have it, from the same Tribe as my own! Nukka was her name. It seemed so familiar... At the ripe age of 16, she and I were joined as a family and vowed to continue the bloodline of those we assumed lost to the wilds. As it turns out, Nukka's parents too were separated from her group and presumed lost or otherwise... Additionally, as I would learn later in our relationship, Nukka was the other of my peers who sported a talent for forming magics. Surprised to say the least, we both shared stories of each other's training and childhood experiences with each other. Growing in knowledge in our respective counterpart's field. I was blessed with her fondness and understanding of spirits, learning of the roles they play in the world and within our Village. She was imparted my teachings of Gaia herself, the various forms she takes in order to harm or divert us as well as the ways she shows her mercy and love.

Together we grew to love and appreciate our new home and made attempts to further our goal of procreation. Unfortunately, each time we attempted, Gaia showed her hand and took the child from our arms. As painful as it was, we were blessed with the kindness of our new kin who continue to help keep our spirits in high hopes that our next attempt will bare fruit as well as a future for our family. Otherwise, each of us continues our training in our respective fields to this day, I accompany Gaimen and hunting groups in order to learn the ways of our people. And Nukka continues her work as a Shaman within the Tglinkgit.

During these quieter years that saw only the strife of Gaia forced upon us, we saw the establishment of the Lingit-Aani village as well as the return of Foreigners into our lives. Highwind Point. Their strange magics and crafting techniques, as well as the disregard in which they held the land they live upon, both intrigued and concerned me when I was able to encounter them both first hand. Though limited those encounters have been. Thus far, I have not been interested in learning their language to bridge the gap, as that seems more the role of the Elders or Shaman of our people, but I do hold out a mild interest in their activities here. It was interesting as well, that shortly after their appearance, the one known in their tongue as Glacious came to our shores and begin working its tendrils of cold and darkness upon our lands. There was little I myself could do, given my level of experience, short of keep a watchful eye upon the village and Imperials, but when others who had returned to the northern lands we once left started drifting in... A chance encounter occurred.

During the last days of Glacious' reign, a group of nomads with Nu Mou passed through the village. Among then were, strangely enough, both my and Nukka's families. At least what remained of them. Our fathers, having been returned to Gaia, were replaced with other men of our former tribe and new half siblings were introduced to us after we were told what had befallen them after the split. We too had our share of stories to tell our blood family, our travels south into Tglinkgit land and our assimilation into the tribe. Once Glacious had been vanquished and his veil of darkness lifted, our former tribemates began to depart these lands... And we were faced with a difficult decision. Do we return with them? Or... Stay here with those we had grown close to.

In the end, our concerns about the Imperials to the south and their curious Religion focusing on a single spirit, an Esper enclave and more wartorn tribes to the east as well as the lifestyle of our new tribe won over and we made the choice to stay and propagate the Nu Mou within the relative safety of the Lingit-Aani.

Nearing the completion of my Gaimen and Geomantic training, my path will lead me in the defense of the village's people and hunting parties as well as the defense of our lands from the encroachment of the Imperial's negligence on the land. As well as assisting my partner, Nukka, in her pursuits of a spiritual nature and our mutual goal of raising a successful family. Doing so will likely bring me closer than I have ever been to these Southerns and their strange ways, perhaps learning more about their impractical ways and helping them from meeting a tragic fate upon these shores. As well as deepening my connection with Gaia as a whole.

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