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Player to Player






+Room (name) creates a private room for places that may not actually exist on the grid.


+suggest (What you want to say), you can use Percent-r(% r, without the space) to insert a return as you wish. It will be posted by Timothy anywhere from 20 to a few minutes after you use the command, with no trail leading back to you!


You can have up to two alts normally. You can have an additional alt if that alt is on the Luna Island grid. You can have an additional alt of that alt is flagged Native, meaning they are a noble of a city noble house, or a commoner in direct service to one and is a native of Valente. You can have an additional alt if you are subscribed(+register).

Two alts should never be in the same room. More importantly, two alts shouldn't interact, help, or fight one another.



 +arms             -    Look at your ARM box.
 +arms/view #      -    Look at an ARM in your ARM box
 +arms/attack #    -    Attack with an ARM.
 +arms/prove #     -    Show an ARM you are carrying to the room.


Auction docs +auction/sell

Sells an item on the auction.   A list of questions will be asked.

+auction/bid <item or number>=<amount>

Bid gil on an item, You can specify either the auction number or the 
partial/full name of the item.


See what items are up for auction.

+auction/view <item/number>

See all the specific information on an item or auction, including its 

+auction/buy <item/number>

On items where you can quickbuy, this allows you to quickbuy the item 
on the auction block.  Assuming the reserve isnt met, or on auctions 
without a reserve, the first bid hasn't been made, you can buy the item
at the quickbuy price, ending the auction immediately.

+auctionarc/view <number>

Look at a finished auction by number, showing you what the item was at
at the end of the auction.  You cannot find it by itemname here.

Reserves: You can set a reserve on an item. If the auction ends, and the price does not meet or exceed the reserve, you do not have to sell the item. If you want, you may still sell the item. Quickbuy: This allows you to set a price on an item, which a person can buy the item for straight out, without waiting for the end of the auction. There are two conditions. In a non-reserve auction, after the first bid is made, you can no longer quickbuy. In a reserve auction, after the reserve is met, you cannot quickbuy.


                    Acceptable Use Policy(AUP)

Rule 1: The idea of this game is to enjoy yourself. If you're really not having fun with the game, there comes a time where you may want to consider other options. Let's be honest, there are hundreds of games out there. I can't guarantee that this one is the one for you. This in mind, it would be better for people to find the one that works for them instead of remaining on the first one that catches their eye and driving everyone else insane with insistences to alter things that have already been declared as not changing, or to gripe endlessly.

Rule 2: RP(Role-Play) will not come and find you as a rule. You must go find it. All pleas of 'I'm bored' will be completely ignored if you are located inside your home or other private location. Get out, go to where other people are, use the trace and fa command, there's no excuse most of the time for people to be alone.

Rule 3: Harassment isn't cool. However, it's not harassing until the harasee(the one being harassed) asks the harasser to stop, politely. A simple 'Please don't bother me' should suffice. If you have a beef with someone who has requested a cessation of contact, you may, if needed, ask staff to mediate between you two and hopefully resolve the argument.

Rule 4: There is no promise of any kind of any privacy on this electronic medium. In addition, this game does not offer security or other features, it is highly suggested you not swap sensitive information.

Rule 5: All things created on this game stay on this game as part of the game under the collective copyright, ownership, and benefit of the current players of the game. In this vein, code that is produced here is to remain on this game and only on this game, no permission to port, modify, back engineer, or otherwise gain access to the code on any other platform than this game is permitted.

Rule 6: If you have an idea or a complaint, post it to the suggestion board. Be polite, consise, and clear. As your staff, we want to provide a game you can enjoy, we can't do that if you don't express yourself. In addition, it is recommended that you join the mailing list at groups.yahoo.com/group/Southerncross

Rule 7: Playing here is a privilege, not a right. Membership in this game can be revoked at any time for any reason. These reasons include but are not limited to, harassment of other players, harassment of staff, attempting to hack the game and/or cheat.

Rule 8: No playing of copyrighted characters. This includes Final Fantasy and those from other games, series, books, novellas, movies, TV shows, radio shows, and other sources of characters.

Rule 9: If you are playing a feature character, that being, a character who began with over 50 XP over the usual(100 at the time of writing) XP or who is in a position of importance(leader of a faction, the regent, a judicator), you must log in at least an hour a day, preferably more, or the character is under risk of removal.

Rule 10: Did we mention the idea of this game is to have fun?


Badges are small tokens of esteem given for accomplishing various IC and OOC tasks. They, for the most part, have no system effect.

Commands: +badge: See your badges. +badge #: See details of badge. +badge (name): See someone else's badges. +badge (name)=(number): See someone else's badge's details. +badge/title #: Set a badge as your title.

beast edit

Beast Edit and Tweak Guide So you want to make your own custom beast eh? Well good on ya! But first, are you judge level 2 yet? No? Well come back when you are!

To gain a judge level, run scenes for people. When they +pjvote for you, you can gain judge levels. At level 2, you can edit +beasted critters.

Ok, got that level 2? Let's proceed.

Your main tools will be two commands: +rp +rps

Both work the same way: +rp beastie=strength=10 +rps beastie=job=Black Mage

As you can see, it's target=stat=value. +rp handles numbers, +rps handles not-numbers.

Most stats are obvious, but some are not: +rp beastie=Special/Firaga=10 All special skills are hidden in special/, if you forget the special/, then no real change is made to the sheet.

Let's add a spell to our critter: +rps beastie=Formulas/Awesome Spell/Formula=Firaga Now our beastie can +cast awesome spell=target and blast them with firaga, yay! How about some improvements: +rp beastie=Formulas/Awesome Spell/Damage=1 Now the spell will hit harder! Valid improvement props: Damage, Range, Area, Speed, Strain, Mana, Immunity, Mirv, Infectious, War, Prismatic, Penetrate For prismatic, don't forget to set an element: +rps beastie=Formulas/Awesome Spell/Element=Ice Aw yea, now our firaga spell does Ice damage!

Our beastie is still a bit chilly, why don't we give him something to wear: +rp beastie=equipment/torso/ac=25 -- Set the AC of the torso armor +rps beastie=equipment/torso/name=Chainmail -- Give it a name +rp beastie=equipment/torso/Strength=17 -- How heavy is it +rps beastie=equipment/torso/Element=Physical-- What element, should almost always be physical +rps beastie=equipment/torso/Material=Metal -- What material(Cloth, Leather, Metal, Moonsilk, Crystal) +rps beastie=equipment/torso/perks=Flush of Health -- Set the perks, seperated by commas.

Repeat this for Head and Arms and you got an armored beastie, how delightful. This armor is not 100% complete by PC standards, do not remove the armor from the beast or give it to a PC.

But what about a weapon?! +rp beastie=Equipment/Primary Hand/WP=8 -- Set the WP of the weapon +rps beastie=equipment/Primary Hand/name=Imp Dagger -- Set the name +rp beastie=equipment/Primary Hand/Strength=3 -- How heavy is it +rps beastie=equipment/Primary Hand/Type=Melee -- Set to Melee or Ranged +rps beastie=equipment/Primary Hand/Skill=Daggers -- Set the first subskill of melee used +rps beastie=equipment/Primary Hand/SubSkill=Knives -- Set the secondary subskill of melee used +rps beastie=equipment/Primary Hand/Element=Fire -- Daggers are more fun with they do fire damage, but most weapons are Physical.


How to write a book in just a few easy steps.

First, you must have a book object. The book object can be created via +synth. If you want your end result tome to be useful, be sure the starting book object has slots! It must have at least one slot to be of any use at all.

Now that you have a book, consider what you want to write into it. You can scribe knowledge of any basic or special skill, but the more you know about it, the better the book. For every 5 points you have in the subject, the better. You must ALSO have linguistics/writing at the same level.

Found the one you want to do? Good. Ok, now type +book, and tell it what you want to write about. It will prompt you for gil payment, and allow you to select a book object to use, and even let you set a custom description of the resulting tome.

WARNING: Writing books is tiring work! You can't write books more than about once a month, give or take. Some subjects are harder to write about than others and may make you wait even longer before writing the next book. Do not expect to mass produce tomes.

Ok, you have a tome. Feel free to look at it via +gear and admire its stats. But it doesn't DO anything yet. Hand it over to someone who has the synth skill of Writing of at least 5. They can imbue the tome with either Easy to Read or Thoroughly Written. This causes the book to have bonuses so long as someone is +reading it. Now that's what I'm talking about!

Now you can rent out, lend, sell, or whatever you'd like with your new book. Heck, use it yourself if you have need.


With the chocobo code, you can raise your own bird to the heights of racing excellence. You can also breed birds to aim for perfection, or just your favorite color and size.

+choco -- See what chocobo you have +choco # -- Take a closer look at a chocobo. +choco bob -- See what chocobo bob has. +choco bob=# -- Take a closer look at one of bob's chocobo. +choco/breed new -- Convert a +market unit of chocobo into an actual chocobo. +choco/breed # -- Set a chocobo as ready to mate. +choco/breed bob/# joe/# -- Make Bob's # chocobo and Joe's # chocobo breed, both must be set ready to mate.

  NOTE: Chocobo can only successfully breed 10 times.

+choco/train #=stat -- Train a chocobo's stat. A chocobo can be trained once per level. +choco/feed choco number=gear number -- Feed some greens or a nut to the chocobo to potentially raise stats.

  NOTE: Only one feed per level, working or not.

+choco/name #=name -- Give an unnamed chocobo a name. +choco/give #=bob -- Give bob your # chocobo. +choco/trash # -- Turn chocobo # back into a +market unit. +chocorace -- Handle all aspects of racing at a proper racing track.

Max Chocobos: +1 per 2 stables resources. +1 per 10 overall resources.

Each chocobo can run an official race once per 18 RL hours. Official races must have six or more birds. NPC birds will be supplied to ensure this minimum. When you win an official race, you are rewarded with Choco Bucks, which can be seen and spent with +choco/buck Winning official races also allows a chocobo to gain the right to advance levels. Use +choco/train #=level to advance a chocobo a level. Unused feedings or training are lost once a chocobo gains a level. You can ride a chocobo around the grid/in battle with +choco/ride #


Companions are helper NPCs that passively and actively help you out of tough spots. Their passive powers are always on, and you can use your turn to activate their active abilities.


  +equip -- See companion in companion slot if you have one
  +equip/prove companion -- Show it off!
  list companion -- See all companions listed in the game
  +rpinfo (companion) -- See stats of companion. Remember that you have to have at least 1 point of the required stat listing, and the companion will have a level of your rating in that stat(Max 25)

Have the right stat, want a companion? Send a request! If the companion is something that is created(undead or automaton), be sure to have one of them in your inventory before requesting the companion.

-- For Staff --

To set a companion, +rps (someone)=Equipment/Companion/Name=(companion type here!) Be sure to make sure they have the required stat.


You can now put things up for sale. By things I mean almost ANY thing. Gear, Weapons, Armor! Forget bazaar like the clumsy thing it is and welcome to:


Step 1: Find a shop. Step 2: Sell your stuff!(Sell gear/weapon/armor/chocobo=item number=amount of gil you want) Step 3: Wait for someone to buy your stuff Step 4: Profit!

The shop owners can set a markup amount, which is added on top of your list price. They keep the mark up, you keep the list price. Everyone wins!

For shoppers:

Step 1: Find a shop Step 2: Browse around(Type browse, try browse (name) to narrow the list and browse (number) to take a close look at a given item)

  You can also browse (type), such as weapon, armor, gear, or chocobo, to see just those items.

Step 3: Make the purchase!(buy number) Step 4: Enjoy!

Advanced commands: Price (cosignment item number)=(new price) -- Allows a seller to reprice their items. consign -- Get a list of consignment shops consign spam -- See the wares of ALL shops at once! consign spam (something) -- Filter the list of everything by name or type reclaim (number) -- Reclaim an item if you are the seller.


If you would normally lose money due to maximums, this money is put into a credit line. If you #sell an item that is too valuable to reasonably liquidate instantly, the excess amount is also put in a credit line.

Every refresh you can take out up to 20% of your maxgil from your credit. This is done automatically. what is not withdrawn will wait patiently until it has a turn to come out. You will never lose credit. Credit cannot be directly spent.

But I Want My Money Now: Type +credit (Amount of credit) to force it to turn into normal gil. This rapid calling of debt is very inefficient, and will result in long term loss of credit in return for short term flush of gil.(Only 20% of the credit chosen becomes gil, the rest is lost).


+defend is the primary defensive command of the game:

+defend (block/parry/dodge): Try to defend, focusing on one of the three primary defense types)

  * Parry requires a weapon in hand.
  * Block requires a shield on arms.

+defend Anything: Try to defend, without focusing. Requires no ATB but chances are low.

+defend (special): Some specials are also defensive modes, this is noted in their +rpinfo.

Related command: +csheet



Now that you have your character sheet all done, I'm sure you're wondering how to put it to use. Before we get into the nitty gritty of the system, let me remind of a few basic RP principles. A) If you don't need to roll something, don't. If you and someone else are willing to assume that something does or does not work, don't bother rolling for it. When everyone agrees and has decided, there's no need for such things to slow down the story. Especially minor magics fall into this category and are known as Cantrips. Cantrip - Cantrips can be cast without check or bother because they're extremely minor in impact. Using fire to light your pipe, for example, is a cantrip. B) If you don't see a rule or ability that you need for your character, come to me (Nuku) and we might be able to work something out. Reasonable requests are very rarely turned away. That aside, let's see how some things work. Your basic roll is Stat+Skill+Subskill. To do a roll like this, try typing +check Perception+Crafts+Crafts/Sewing. Your total in all these things is added up, then divided by 5, this is how many dice the program will roll with 20 sides. For every dice that comes up 11 or greater, you gain a success. If you roll a 20, 2 successes are gained instead. If you roll a 1, you lose a success. The total successes are shown. You can use the chart below to see how well you did.

1. Your shirt barely fits, it feels like it has a draft, and has offensive clashing colors! 2. Well, it fits, but it still feels bad, and your choice of colors leaves much to be desired. 3. Not quite so drafty, it's workable, a bit dull in the colors, and it won't last very long. 4. Workable, average. Nothing really special about it. 5. Hey, you put my initials on it, thanks! 6. It's made to last, and looks pretty good too 7. It feels nice to wear, durable too, good job 8. Wow, it looks great, feels great, how can I repay you? 9. Fantastic! I couldn't ask for much better than this, like a dream. 10. Are you sure you made this? It's perfect in every way.


NOTE: If you are a DM or otherwise want to do a +check for NPCs, add #pure to the roll to filter out luck modifiers and pain modifiers.

  ex: +check 45 #pure



Here are some things you can do that will get you in trouble. The simplemoral is, Don't do them! 1. See a very obvious monster and yawn cause you've 'been there and seen that' without a Willpower stat of at least 20 2. Do the above for the presence of the emperor or duke. 3. Assume that if one person can approach something, you can. A dragon is intimidating no matter if there happens to be another person around or not. 4. Put your stats as close to 25 as possible. For one you have no where to go, statwise, and for two, your growth rate will be so sluggish that in the end you will be much weaker than anyone else and they'll all laugh at you. 5. Assume that your character is the best or most special, they aren't, period. 6. Forget that this is a co-operative effort. We have to work together to make this story really flow, let's see some co-operation. 7. Say what you want, where you want. This is not America, what you say can get you hurt, jailed, or even killed, depending on who happens to hear it. 8. Focus solely on statistics. Your stats do not make you any more or less interesting or successful a character. It is your style of role-play, your maturity or lack there of, and the class you present that will make you liked by others, not the fact that you have 25 Melee. 9. Forget ICA=ICC, that is, In Character Actions lead to In Character Consequences. Everything you do can have some kind of effect. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, and you have to take both in stride, at least as a player. Feel free to have your character panic and whine if you want. 10. Play a character who's only point is to be aggressive, there are always people bigger than you are, expect a short life time. 11. Treat enforcers like cops, unlike cops they can beat the hell out of you, then drag you to jail, and tell them how you resisted arrest, and they won't even ask you about it. 12. Pet burning dogs. 13. Act like you've never read the culture section of the website.



Gallery code allows you to display objects, usually large immobile art pieces, for general enjoyment.

display (gear/weapon/armor)=(number of the item)=1 -- Display an item in a room you own. admire -- See what items are displayed. admire # -- Get a closer look at a specific item. recall # -- Take an item out of the gallery.


The gear commands deal with IC possesions of various kinds, but not ammunition.

+gear #help
    Shows help on all the gear commands.

global research

Global Research is a way to push the envelope of understanding. It covers a wide variety of topics, from art to industry, to magic and monsters. As implied by the name, global research is for everyone to assist and participate in.

Primary command: +gresearch

Primary Special Skill: Scientific Method -- You will need this to conduct any research, though even people without it can contribute in the form of gil, or material goods needed for a project.

If you use the command with the name of a topic(Ex. +gresearch school books), you will be shown more details about the project, including what goods it needs and what stats are required to begin researching, as well as options to contribute research time/goods to the project.

Project Leadership - If there are no workers on a research topic, the first one in has higher requirements than normal. This is the Leadership set of skills. As a wise man once said, the first step is the most difficult, and this remains true. Once there is at least -1- worker, the lower set of skills will be used, so long as there continues to be at least one worker, even if none of the workers present qualify as a leader. Snazzy.

Possible effects based on amount of Research Points spent:

50: Minor global buff, New item or template, Trivial->medium powered special, +1d4 resources. 150: Significant global buff, New series of items or group of templates, Low->major special, New job with a single new special, +2d4 resources. 300: As above, new job may have up to 3 new specials, new spell improvement, new mad science entry, +3d4 resources. 450: As above, Two jobs with up to two specials each, should be related(Like white mage->White wizard), or +3d4+2 resources.

When you spend your research points, you lose the listed amount, + 50 points. This can be done at any time, though the result should at least somewhat relate to one of the research topics you participated in, though not necessarily one you're working on currently.


Thanks to the hard work of our players we've a few guides to help answer questions for those new to the system:

New Player's Guide:


Crafting Guide:


Magic Guide:


Chocobo Help Guide:



+Harvest is a command to get things from the environment! Type +harvest (thing) Things: Leather, Water, Wood, Clay, Food, Livestock, gil or Metal

To harvest metal is a bit more complicated: +harvest Metal from (mine) Metal is also the only thing you need to be in a specific place for, as there must be a mine to mine metals from.

You can mine once per Refresh cycle(RL Day) barring Harvesting special skill.


Imbues, or enhancement, are a way of enhancing your gear. All gear, weapons, and armor that are made by PCs have 'Slots'. You can fill these slots with various enhancements, making the items more useful.

Commands: +imbue:

  Primary imbuing command.

+Wimbue (number):

  Specialized weapon imbuing program, also includes elemental enhancements.


+limit -- Shows limits you currently have access to. +limit (job) -- Shows the room your access to (job)'s limits. Have access to all L4 jobs if you are level 8 in the job or level 4 in your current job. Access to L8 in current job at level 8.

When you +limit (job) and you have enough TP(Need at least 100!), it will expend the TP and announce to the room how much TP was spent.


How to send in logs:

First of all, format your logs. Log readers do not have any desire to sift through mountains of OOC spam and code gibber. Keep it sweet, keep it to the RP. If we can't tell what's going on by the RP, something is wrong. The RP gets you rewarded. Simple, ne?

Now that it's formatted, put it in a .txt file. Type log, see those people? They want to read your log. If one is online, it's polite to page them and let the one who you send the log to know that you sent it. If you send it to a staffer who'e offline, leave a little p #mail so they know to have their eyes open for it.

Now, you wait, and the log reader will read the log and hopefully you will get your just rewards.

Valid log types: Role-play, PrP, Just about anything that looks amusing. No sex unless it's somehow very important to the development of your character.

For you log readers: When you get a log, read, consider all participants in the log and what they did. If they RPed well, you may suggest them for a small XP award. If they worked towards a specific goal, you can recommend them for a point or two of it or maybe a point of cap. Either way, submit -1- queue per log with what you think each person is entitled to, and we, the staff, will dole it out nice and proper. Also, be reminded that you cannot rate a log that contains any of your alts within, as this is a violation of alt interaction.

magic affinity

In each person lies a potential to align towards two warring energies.

Magic, the pursuit of the unknowable, the ephemeral, and flowing energy of change.

Science, the pursuit of logic, the solid and organized growth of information.

Alignment ranges from -100(Pure tech) to 100(Pure magic), while 0 is neutral.

The effects of alignment are as follows: Being aligned to one makes the other less stable in your presence. When within 10 ft of a manifestation of the opposing force, or when the force is brought to bear with you as a target/in the area of effect, it must make a fail chance, possibly not working, or even failing spectacularly. Use +prove magic affinity to see your odds of this happening.

When trying to employ the opposing force yourself, these chances double(The larger numbers provided in +prove.)

There are advantages!

Magic alignment makes spells less straining, allowing larger chains before the difficulty starts to rise, and combatting the strain from multiple damage components.

Tech alignment makes all +use items more effective, as if they were of higher quality, even above masterpiece.

When Synthing items of the same alignment, but lower affinity, the drain is lowered(The oppposite is true, of course)

To set your affinity: Type editplayer, then n, then 5


This game, playable only in special rooms, is a sport shared by many magic users in the city.

+pong/Init: Start a new game of pong. +pong/Challenge: join a newly started game +pong/status: check out the score for the currently playing match +pong/serve (amount of shock to risk): send the magic ball flying to start a round. +pong/repel (amount of shock to risk): keep the round going by trying to knock the magic orb back. @set me=_prefs/handicap:amount :sets an amount of 'holding' back on your moves, set from 1 to 100 to give your opponent a fighting chance.


See: mail #help

mass combat

  About a year before writing this file, I created mass combat rules for the game. Though they worked reasonably well, it was quite a chore to keep track of everything, and there was no way to reasonably show what was going on in the game. I have now created some code to help out.

  This code will keep track of what units are in the conflict, where they are on the grid, their health, morale, and other stats. It will acknowledge range/area for attacks, defense, morale modifiers, and such to allow basically automated attacks. It will not adjust morale for you, however. It's still up to you to determine the action of PC captains as well. This code is in no way a full-auto solution, but a nicely detailed companion and assistant.

Commands: +mass

  Look at the map.


  Clear the map and all units, use with caution

+mass/move (unit) (direction,direction,direction...)

  Take a unit and move then North/South/East/West by one square.

+mass/attack (unit) on (x,y coord)

  Make a unit launch an attack against the targetted square. It will consider morale, and understands range/area of effect. It will NOT adjust health automatically, that is done by the next command, but it will tell you how much damage should be done, barring outside modifiers.

+mass/terrain x,y=terrain=shape tool=radius/thickness=randomization

  Alter the terrain of the map.

+mass/damage (unit) (amount of damage)

  Inflicts damage on a unit. Will automatedly mark a unit as dead and remove it from the map for ease of tracking.

+mass/place (unit) on (x,y coord)

  Set a unit's location, usually done at the start of combat to define position.

+mass/morale (unit) (morale)

  Set a unit's morale.

+mass/create (Name)=(Health)=(Morale)=(attack power)=(Attack Range/area)=(Defense)=(Magic Defense)=(Speed)=(Abilities, seperated by commas)

  Create a unit. The unit will not have a location to start, you'll probably want to place it somewhere.


  Set up a chess board. Note, this removes previous mass combat info.

In all commands that target by unit name, a coordinate(x,y) can be used instead, but beware. If there are multiple units at the spot, it will simply grab the first one, alphabetically. It's wiser to go by name if multiple units are in one place.

War Devil and you!

Just to define this in one place for once and all, this is the effect of having war devil between 1 and 3 times. 3 is the maximum benefit level. 1: Full hitpoints instead of half in mass combat, any unit attacking that does not defeat you suffers a demoralizing event. 2: +50% hitpoints, full damage instead of half. 3: +100% hitpoints, +50% more damage, Any unit you attack suffers a demoralizing event.

monster control

So you made a monster for a plot with +beast. Now what? How do you make it move around, dance, and inflict hurting on the good guys?

Type @puppetify (full monster name)=(action to control it). Type @set (monster name)=x Now you may control the monster name with (action) (thingie), like mon +check 20.

When you finish with the monster, @puppet/kill (action) to make it go away. Please clean up after yourself.

monster manual

Player Judges may now create monsters ahead of time and summon them to fight with the +mm command!

Judges must be level 3 to add new monsters, but any level can summon existing monsters.

Player judges below level 3 are encouraged to show their stuff and make detailed critters too! Staff can help you add blue magic, spells, and equipment, then add it into the system.

If your critter is approved, you also get a +pjvote from the staffer, giving you mako and a step closer to higher judge levels.

new jobs

To make a job, you must have 350 SPENT JP, and 200 unspent JP in an exiting job. 100 JP will be marked as spent, and 100 JP will be transferred to your new job. To make the job, use the following system: You get 25 points of skills. Each point corresponds to 5 points in the skill. So you could have 5 skills at max, or say, 4 at max and one at 15 and one at 10, or whatever combination suits your fancy. You get 25 points of existing special skills, just as above. You get 2 custom specials, either of which can be sacrificed(or both) for 5 points of existing specials.

Jobs with high level job requirements(Based on high level jobs) can have a few more points at discretion of staff. Bonus and limits are also staff discretion, though your input is welcome. The description of the job is yours to make.


So, you're a new person to the game? Let's get down to explaining a few things first.

1.) As you're already aware, you'll have to request a character. This is done by typing: request <character name>=<password>=<email address>. Typically, the brackets are not included in the fields which require stuff.

2) To talk here, you'll want to use the command 'pub'. This allows you access to the channel and to ask for help from the Wiz Staff or any other helpful person who's currently online. You'll use the command like 'pub Hi'. It will show up at being '<Public: Bob says, "Hi">.

3.) After creating the character stats, you'll want to move along to the other steps, such as creating your background. Sometimes, people create the background, then start with chargen. If you have a character concept and you're not sure about how to go through chargen with it, just ask. Someone will help.

4.) To avoid having to learn a lot of commands we have two menu based commands. +craft for all crafting concerns, and +combat, for basic combat.

5.) Grab http://scross.homeip.net/scman.zip, useful!


+note List all the note's you carry. +note <item#> Look at a specific note. +note/view <item#> Same as above. +note <thing> Looks at all the note's. +note/peek <thing> Same as above. +note <thing>=<item#> Looks at something elses specific note. +note/peek <thing>=<item#> Same as above. +note/prove <item#> Show this item to the whole room. +note/trash <item#> Destroys a note(Staff only) +note/trash <thing>=<item#> Destroys something else's note(Staff only) +note/give <thing>=<item#> Gives someone a note(Staff only) +note/swap <item#>=<item#> Swap the order of two items. Use the following command to edit notes: +note/set <thing>=<item#>=<property>=<whatToSetItTo>

 Thing is the object that holds the gear item.
 Item# is the number of the gear item.
 Property is what to set (Such as 'name', or 'desc').
 WhatToSetItTo is what value you wish to set it too.

--- Notes are for your convenience. Take notes whenever and however you want, or don't use it at all.

perk flags

Perk Flag Master List: Accessory Armor Arms Torso Head Magic Weapon (Every weapon main skill(swords)) (Every weapon sub skill(long swords)) (Every material type(Cloth, Leather, Bone)) Melee Ranged Brawl Mechanical Automaton Book Drugs Elemental Expendable Explosive Food Long(Refers to long weapons) Monstrous Hide Structure Worn Jewelry Shield



Simply put, this program sets up an object that will follow you into
any room that will allow it.  This is useful for pets, bodyguards, 
robot butlers, slaves, little tykes, or those strange things that stalk
you at night. :>

Normally, the room you walk into must be JUMP_OK <and STICKY if the
room has a drop-to> for the object to follow you.  If the room doesn't
meet these conditions, and you do not own the room, then the object will 
be quietly placed into your inventory, you will be told why the check 
failed, and the pet object will go to sleep. <See Page 5.>
It will also ceck to make sure the room is not set _puppet_ok?:no.


Enter 'pmake <object>', object being the object you wish to have follow you. You must own the object, and it must be JUMP_OK. The PetDriver will set up all the necessary props on yourself as well as the object, if they aren't there already. <pmake will also re-activate an already existing pet object.> You may have as many pet objects as you want, but only one can be active at a time. <This may change in the future.

Dropping the object, or calling it from home will awaken the pet. Picking it up or sending it home will make it go to sleep. It will also sleep if it is sent to you by a room fail.

Commands: pmake <object> : Turns an object into a follower or re-activates one.

        pcall : Awakens and summons your pet to your location
                <or your inventory if the room-check fails.>
        phome : Sends your pet to it's home <pet/pet_home>
                and makes it go to sleep.
        pstat : Current pet name and it's status.
        pwake : Wake your pet up.
       psleep : Make yer pet goto sleep.  
    pet #help : This here help file!


On the player:

 pet/status : Set to "active" if player has a pet activated
               "inactive" otherwise.
 pet/petobj : dbref of the active pet.

On the pet object:

  pet/pet?  : Set to "yes" when first activated.
  pet/status: Status of pet "awake" or "asleep"
  pet/move  : What you see when the object follows you.
              <default : <objname> bounds in after you.>
  pet/omove : What everyone sees in the room the object enters.
              <default : <objname> bounds in after %m.>
  pet/amove : What everyone sees in the room the object leaves.
              This message is displayed regardless of success or failure
              <default : <objname> bounds out after %m.>
  pet/home  :Messages seen when pet is sent home.
  pet/ohome  <default for both: <objname> bounds off to home.>

Normal pronoun substitutions work in these messages; also, %p gives
the object's name, and %m gives your Username <as opposed to your %n>
alias. The object's name is always tacked onto the front of the message.

  pet/pet_home: This is the location the pet is sent to when you do a 
                 'phome'. It is originally set to your HOME location. This
                 location must be owned by you.

Room Properties:


  This is a property Room owners can set on a room if they want to 
  allow/disallow pet objects to follow their owners in, yet do not 
  wish to alter the JUMP_OK/drop-to/STICKY status of the room. 

  Setting this prop to 'yes' allows objects to follow their owners
  inside a room that would normally cause the program to fail.
  Setting this prop to 'no' causes the room to not accept pets
  PERIOD, even if the Room owner and pet owner are the same.

  This property is optional; it's absence will simply make the 
  program check the JUMP_OK/drop-to/STICKY status of the room.


Polling system v1 by Alynna

+poll       This help
 /list      List all polls
 /view      Read a poll
 /vote      Submit a vote/answer on a poll
 /add       Add a new poll
 /del       Remove a poll <WIZ>
 /sanfix    Sanity fix a poll <Remove alt votes>
 /closed    Show all closed polls
 /cview     View a closed poll


You can display your stats to others with the +prove command:

+prove (stat) -- Show the entire room your rating/value of (stat). +prove (stat)=(value) -- Show the entire room that you have at least(or don't) (value) in (stat) +prove (stat) to (someone) -- Show a specific stat to a specific person, rather than the entire room. +prove (stat)=(value) to (someone) -- Mix and match? Sure! +prove/silent (stat) -- View your own rating in a stat without spamming the room.


+quickbg (nation of origin)

Use this on an unapproved character to go through semi-automated chargen and receive instant approval.


+quote (quote) -- Enter a quote for your character. +quote/view (name) -- See a specific person's quote. +quote -- Get a random quote.

It's for fun! Enjoy it.


NPCs have rank that wildly change how they take damage. Type +rank for the help file.


If you make a mistake in developing your character, do not despair! You can +refund points automatically.

Syntax: +refund (something)=(amount)

Max refund: 50 JP You will regain 1 JP worth of refunding power per day.


Type +re for the full help file.


Researching is a way of learning about the world around you. It can also cover a variety of projects that a character may wish to undertake.


  Get a list of all topics that you have either finished researching or could possibly research.

+research (topic)

  The real workhorse. This command does everything. If you view a topic you are not researching twice, you will start to researching it, making a roll once every IC week(a little under 3 days, give or take).
  If you view a topic you are already researching, more options will be given. You can spend XP to hurry along the next research roll. Or, if the topic is published, you can outright spend XP to just learn the topic without all that messy research time.

+research #learn (topic)

  Instantly learn a published topic for an XP cost.

+research #publish (topic)

  Publish the information so others can learn it more easily. This requires XP.

+research #prove (topic)

  Prove that you know, or don't know, a particular research topic.

If you want to get a new topic added, you may queue for it. Please include the name of the topic, any prerequisites, what the person needs to roll to study it, and a brief description or suggested system bonus. The more information the better! Staff has the option of altering this for balancing, so be patient. Its also best to do one request at a time so that we can keep up as one request might spawn a whole group if it catches.


Tired of a character? Character dead? No problem! Use +retire to send the character away. Your account will be credited 'Retirement JP' that you can use on a new character, or use later to bring the retired character back from the grave.

Commands: +retire -- Take an approved character and put them away, gain retirement JP. +retirejp -- Use retirement JP on an unapproved character to give them Universal JP. +unretire -- Bring a retired character back to life, using retirement JP.


Southern Cross has a multimedia helper client that works with any other client on the market, so long as you run Windows.

Get it here: http://selenium.ginkosoft.com:8080/SC-Sound6.zip

You will get a small(25%) bonus to your activity JP while it's properly connected.

Commands: +sound (url) -- Play a sound or display a picture to the room. +music (url) -- Play an auto looping sound to the room.(Judges only)

Note: You can identify sound users by the [ยง] symbols by their name in a room. --- Ubunto HOTWO: Step 1: sudo apt-get install wine Step 2: wget http://www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks Step 3: sh winetricks corefonts vcrun6 Step 4: sh winetricks directx9

NOTE: Be sure the port is set to 5544 --- NOTE: For user name, use your account name.

tech spells

Those of low(below 0) magic affinity now use gadgets instead of magic when they +Cast. There are limitations and changes, outlined below. These gadgets should be steampunkish. Think wild wild west, or some sort of insane dream of an industrial age madman. Excess bulk, levers, parts that lead into other parts, lights with no apparent reason, gouts of steam, and lots of noise and sparks. Be creative!

System speaking, heretical 'spells' work the same as magical spells. Same rules for casting time, the damage dealt, and everything. There is one huge difference though, heresy has to aim. A to-hit is provided with the +cast, and it can be dodged/defended, if appropriate.

Counter-spelling does not work across affinities, at least not as it usually does. While one engineer can counter another engineer as normal, and mages counter each other as they always did. If an engineer counters a mage or the other way, they simply force a fail chance on the target spell, according to their own affinity. The counter could make the target spell/gadget fizzle entirely, or lash back at its original caster disastrously.


Gadgets use intelligence instead of magery.

Gadgets take half the XP to create a spell formula.

Gadgets can only be cast as a formula, and even then the formula must be approved. This is due to the fact that the average gadget must be much more defined than the average spell.

Gadgets have a to-hit value.

Gadgets cannot profit from x-magic


fa - Shows who's on and where they are, also shows if they are idle or not.

trace - type trace (a person's name), like trace bob, this will give you a step by step instruction on how to get to bob, so you can RP with them.

staff - shows half the staff members online hs - shows other half the staff members online

map - used on a road, shows all the rooms in all directions from you, north, east, south and west

+rtrace - Like trace, but for rooms, type +rtrace (the name of the room) and it will show you how to get to it. Using a part of the name is good enough, but you may end up with the wrong room.

+url - shows up to date location of web site.


This command allows you to see notes set on people, things, and locations.

  Checks the location for anything with a view on it.
+view (something)
  Checks to see what views are set on something.
+view (something)/(view name)
  Views a specific view on a specific object.

To set a view, @set (object)=view/(the view's name, which can't have a / in it):(the contents of the view) This is a good place to keep little OOC notes you want others to see.

== wrath ==-

    Gaia's Wrath is a very potent mechanic for any character to be inflicted with. It can as easily give great benefits as cause death, and always changes you in some way.

    Policies on Wraths

    1. You apply the effects of the wrath received, even when it seems to be redundant. Gain wings with wings? You have wings, x2. Gain a flaw you already have? It is that much harder to get rid of.
    2. You may reroll Wraths with certain mechanics, but any such ability rerolls the entire Wrath, not just the category of wrath. Rerolls may be used to alter the affect of Wraths that prompt the player to roll to determine results.
    3. Wraths may be rerolled with any effect that does not explicitly say it will not work, and is considered a matter of luck.

    +gw - Roll an unofficial Wrath to see what it is like.
    +gw/official - Rolls officially and notifies all staff. Use of this command is logged, do not abuse it.
    +gw/list - Shows you all the possible results for a Wrath. Very long list.

    Good Luck
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