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The Dark Clown, the Mad Jester, greater spirit of chaos and destruction, he is a force to be watched carefully, his goals are his own and those he presents to the world may well be nothing but smoke-screen.

He is as strong as the greater spirits Ifrit and Shiva at least, his domain gives him vast powers of destruction and when he walks upon Gaia chaos and destruction follow in his wake. His followers tend to be insane, the act of entering worship and service of the jester will drive even the hardiest of souls to insanity. His army is vast, dressing as clowns, harlequins, jesters and mimes.

They form a truly horrifying vision, lost souls who through greed, avarice or pure blind chance, mad warriors, mages and commoners, bound in madness to the voice and dance of their cruel, wicked and insane leader.

In ages past things may have been different, but as they stand now Kefka is bound by the wills of the great spirits. The borders of his realm, the Land of Ruin stand as a testament of their power, a border that Kefka cannot easily cross. Thus it is that all his followers, legions and spirits are thrown into a pitched battle against the combined forces of Odin, Gilgamesh and Alexander, with the ever watchful eye of Sister Ray looming over head. Kefka strives to once more walk upon Gaia, sowing the seeds of chaos and destruction and living up to the right of his domain.

When ever he breaks free it tends to cause strife, destruction and worry for those whose lives he enters, requiring usually the might of the greatest spirits to banish him back to his prison realm.

Cult of Man: On the cult of man variety of the game, Kefka was accidentally liberated from his realm in 1033 AH.

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