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House Orlandeau's history dates back to long before the Empire's rule, and currently it is one of the oldest of the noble Houses in Valente. (In game terms, of the 6 you have to choose from they are the oldest, but not THE oldest over all.) Like most of the Nobility they have a strong influence on culture and social workings, and are sometimes considered the 'Heart and Soul' of Valente. Orlandeau is quick to speak up should they feel something is wrong and even quicker to call to arms should they feel Valente is threatened. In regards to the Valente Freedom Movement, it is known public knowledge that House Orlandaeu was the initial instigator. During the Valente Freedom Movement, House Orlandaeu was at the forefront of the action until the newly risen House DeCruex, and a seemingly moderate aged House DeMarco collaborated to have the Don of House Orlandaeu tried for crimes against the state. Due to these actions Orlandaeu was forced to withdraw many of it's soldiers and support during the apex of the VFM. To this day it is still rumored that should Orlandaeu not have withdrawn Valente might have won the war. House Orlandaeu is quite smug in this knowledge though. With it being on public record, many commoners find themselves drawn to Orlandeau in terms of work and service due to the amount of support shown during the war. This gives House Orlandaeu a strong weight with the commoners and thus keeps most of the other Houses at bay when it comes to action, for fear of rebellion. House Orlandaeu also holds a strong weight with the Valente Military due to the enormous amounts of money they have devoted to rebuilding, retraining, and re-structuring since the end of the war.

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