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Not sure why I feel inspired to post this, but it may be of some tiny vauge historic interest to someone in some small country.

SC 1: Released in 1998, without a name to call its own. Motivated entirely as a way to 'out do' another game, without any idea of how to run or build a game, it was a wild month of no theme and random rooms that made no sense at all. The game crashed. It wasn't saving. All was lost. Maybe I should have taken a hint? Ah well, we move on..

SC 2(BallyBraugh): Released immediately after, SC 2 was the first 'big' SC. It tried to encompass an entire world on its grid, and I learned that this is not a good idea. I also coded combat extremely heavily, allowing folks to duke it out without even knowing what dice were involved. Weather was also coded and you would be harmed hanging out in areas that are way too hot or cold. It was an exploded nightmare, but it was fun and we had good times. Then I got tired of it and shut it down with visions of a more focused story.

SC 3, the unborn: SC failed to restart in 1999, a stillbirth.

SC 4(Drominham): Started in 1999 and running for about a year, Drominham introduced the world theme and plot that would become standard for the Southern Cross Chronicle, making it, finally, a defined world. Coded combat was toned down, a lot, and most of it had to be manually rolled. There was not a lot in the way of support code, such as crafting, but one could do a little mini game for some cash, at least before I removed it for abuse, ah well. Drominham's biggest plus was its amazingly stable leadership. We had the same PC king for almost the entire run of it, and he was good at his job. It made the game great. It's a shame this is a trick we have a hard time repeating. Drominham went down in a flurry of scandal and the intervention of a server wiz who decided to take matters into his own hand. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, the game was simply shut down instead of wrenched from my control.

--- I visited a friend's game after this, a bit of a wreck over the violent loss of my game, and tried to help them formulate a RPSystem, since they had none. Several people were proposing a system and would have public time to do so at a specific date. I come in with a job system, like Final Fantasy Tactics or 5, with some code already done to show how it would work. Others present, who had no love of me, cried foul that I dared to have code with my proposal, as it was an unfair to other RPsystems whos designers did not know how to code. After much whining, my system is not selected. Amazingly, someone who is usually just a great pain in the ass, Alynna, approaches and says the system is brilliance, and I should make a SC that uses it. Despondently, I move to do so, and get swept up into the next great SC.

SC 5(Awakening): This SC, formed in 2000, broke the mold by being post apocalyptic instead of fantasy. Military survival in a monster infested wasteland was never so fun! Flagg was there, and was a great villain, constantly plaguing the playerbase with various misdeeds and stealing their shit. The game started to decline after I foolishly listened to Alynna a second time and allowed the game to move its IC location to a place where the post apoc feeling faded away, and with it, the novel flavor of the game. The code on the game was laregly uninspired, with no innovations to speak of outside of the faction code that let people join IC factions, chat, and such.

SC 6/3(Heart of the Empire): Just like the Final Fantasy of the same numbering, many claim this to be the best of all the SCs. Set in the capital city of the Holy Empire of Nations, HotE offered the most support code of any SC, with full on crafting, hunting, fishing, and other such things. Plots ranged from tiny to world threatening with ease, and much metaplot was progressed during its run. Heart of the Empire never truly 'closed' but did eventually Reset into Forbidden Lands, set in the frozen north, using the same RPsystem.

SC 7(Blood and Iron): A good idea, maybe, but mismanaged and neglected. Southern Cross, Cyberpunk flavor had a small cadre of loyal fans until it was closed in January 2007, ending its approximately 3-4 year run in obscurity. It supported the most lethal and brutal combat of any SC, in which dying to hit point loss was almost impossible, cause you'd die of something else long before.

SC 8(SCMUD): A tech demo more than anything else. I wanted to show that MUCK code was robust enough to imitate a fully functional MUD, and I did. The game was great gobs of fun, and even had an external side client you could run for sound effects and music. It did everything I expected from a MUD, and more. I am satisfied with the experiment.

SC 9(Forbidden Lands): The reset of Heart of the Empire(3/6), a setting change, but not so much a rule shift. We did return to the job system, which people like, and allows for a great deal of flexibility.

SC 10 (Honor de la Famiglia): A setting and economy shift, more than any major rule changes. Economy generally overhauled, and setting made more diverse and friendly to novices in a new setting, and certainly more colorful and vibrant. This SC is still open and in progress.

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