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A little short for her apparently mid/late teens, this girl, while merely human, is still a little striking all the same. Bright, pale green eyes gaze from her otherwise discretely featured face, and her seemingly long, autumnal-red hair is usually tied up, high on her head in a pair of twin tails, themselves long enough to fall just below her cheeks. Her skin is a relatively pale tone, but still a healthy shade, with light flush to her cheeks more often than not, and while not really 'beautiful', the set of it all manages 'cute' with ease.

As for form, her body is quite slim and generally athletic, but still holds a significant degree of youthful softness, belying her age. That said, the brink of adulthood is equally apparent however, feminine curves having come into clarity in several places; her legs, and increasingly distinct chest, for instance. Her hands and feet still carry a certain delicacy also, albeit bearing upon her palms the faint calluses of one with some experience with weaponry.

Clothing her upper body is a light, but long-sleeved, dark blue jacket, its cuffs and seams lined with silver thread, and with a turn-down collar encircled by a low-positioned band of that same silver thread. Its cuffs are folded neatly back a couple of inches, behind her hands, also banded in silver, and the shoulders of the jacket are decorated with a complex, swirling, silver-threaded pattern. Between elbow and shoulder on the right arm, is embroidered the emblem of the Garden. Just below her neck and in front of the collar is large, white ribbon tied into a neat bow.

As for her lower body, she wears a relatively short skirt, dropping a little further than halfway down the thigh, pleated, and the same dark blue shade as the jacket. Indeed, as the skirt runs up into the jacket, a pair of silver lines running straight up the middle from the hem, it might be a safe assumption that the skirt is part of a light under-dress. Her lower legs bear a pair of dark blue, near black stockings that finishes a little shy of her knees, and on her feet are a pair of smart, but tough looking black shoes.

Finally, about her waist is a small belt, worn as smartly and discretely as possible, oftentimes holding a pair of simple, wooden tonfa ready at her lower back, hooked through of a pair of small, leather hoops.

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