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'Garden': Valente's Elite Mercenary Academy

Like Ironhall and the Magic Academy before that, tradition and history show that Elite Men and Women have always been crafted to such greatness by an elite academy. Valente has now become home to such a place. The Garden Academy, or Garden as it is known, is an elite mercenary training academy. Through the SeeD Program, students who have only been through primary education are given the chance to continue their education besides University. The SeeD Program believes that everyone has the potential for greatness. All class and manner of persons are considered for enrolment. All Jobs are encouraged and for that matter nurtured so that one day, they may bloom into the best possible operatives.

While at the academy students are given courses to continue their principle education (Mathematics, Science, History) while also being given time and training in extreme focus in the profession they wish to follow. Not all students, however, enter training at the academy with the intention of becoming a SeeD Operative. All students who enter the academy, both scholarship students and fee-paying students, enter the academy to train under the multitude of teachers and classes available.

Some students live and learn within the confines of the Garden castle from the tender age of 6. Others join the academy as an additional learning environment after their primary education. Under the guiding force of the Donna Trisana D'Marco, and SeeD Executive Officer Tobias Orlandeau, the academy has in recent years flourished from a start up organisation to a recognized centre of learning for noble and common alike.

((OOC - It should be noted. Whilst a member of the Garden Students, SeeD Candidates and SeeD Operatives can belong to another faction or Group. There are some execptions - You cannot be a student or an Operative and belong to the Church or the Policia. You can't after all be a full time student AND a full time Church Knight/Police Officer.

You can belong to the Mage's guild or be a noble family member those are not a problem. In some special cases people who are coming in from another faction just to study some courses can belong to different factions as well. Such as a Police officer could just be taking classes as a Student on the side, not full time but part time student. ))


Becoming a Student

Any person may apply to the Headmistress of the academy, Donna Trisana D'Marco. All persons are considered regardless of race, species, economic status and history. Students may be of any age when they apply to the academy. Courses are open to all whether a student stays on campus or travels in from the city each day.

Scholarships and Assistantships are available for those who need such. Educational focus is also available for those who are behind or lacking a primary education. Other forms of payment for courses can be arranged with the Headmistress but the primary form of payment is Gil. A Semester's course can range from 500 to 1000 Gil per person depending on subject, room and board allowances.


Students are kept rather busy on weekdays. Those who have requested it or are accepting a Scholarship from the academy are given room and board within the castle grounds. Academy rules state that any student between the age of 6 and 21 must take up room and board within the grounds to facilitate discipline and to allow students to mingle with people of their own age groups.

A student's morning revolves around mundane lessons, that is to say, Linguistics, History, Mathematics, and other, similar subjects. These classes are advanced, and kept that way to push the student's mind. In the afternoon, students are split up depending on their focus and what might need to be taught. Sometimes a group will learn together, other times specialized tutors are brought in to teach a student specific things.

Classes are arranged in groups of twenty, based in one of the academy's spacious teaching rooms, or in the open air training grounds for more martial skills. There are skilled mages, warriors and learned scholars all ready to offer their skills in group classes, and private tutorials for those in need of extra help. A student, upon graduating from a course, is awarded a certified Diploma and no-one is too old to take a course at the academy.

All students are arranged into Educational Teams based on their primary skill focus and area of interest. Normally under the guidance of a member of the faculty or a SeeD Operative. Their advancement is governed by their team leader and the faculty assessment board, a team must advance together so learning to work as a team is one of the most important parts of teaching.

To graduate from the academy, a student must have the skills below and pass several examinations. They must complete the famed "Assault Course" and pass muster at a Garden Ball, as well as passing a variety of smaller exams.

  • Athletics - 10
    • Athletics/Jumping - 6
    • Athletics/Climbing - 6
    • Athletics/Balancing - 6
    • Athletics/Running - 6
    • Athletics/Swimming - 6
  • Etiquette - 10
    • Etiquette/Common - 10
    • Etiquette/Court - 5
  • Performing - 5
    • Performing/Dancing - 5

Seed Candidacy

Some students between 18 and 28 may be considered for entry to the Seed Candidacy programme. This elite cadre of students is made up of those who are invited to join the SeeD Candidacy programme. If they graduate, will be invited to join the SeeD, the elite group of soldiers working under the command of the Headmistress Trisana.

The rules become much more strict where candidates are concerned. Their behaviour in and out of class and around town is paid much closer attention to. They are given possibilities to attend smaller missions with Seed Operatives. They will also be asked to take part in quests and missions of smaller calibre when there is a Teacher, Faculty or Seed Op present to act as a watcher or chaperone. Any candidate who does not pass the final examination to become a SeeD operative can still graduate with an Advanced Diploma and references from one of the finest academies in Valente.

OOC - To become a Candidate a student has to first be invited to join by Trisana or Eclipse. They also need the recommendation of their Student Team leader. Not all students can make it as a SeeD, so please bear this in mind before pursuing the skill list below. Also, SeeD Candidates may not take their final exam until they are 21.

Make sure you have been accepted first. We don't want people to waste JP only to be told they are not going to be accepted at a later date. There are several IC "Exams" involving these skills that one has to pass to enter SeeD Candidacy.

They are also required to have the following skills at a certain level before they can face the final SeeD Exam:

  • Athletics - 20
    • Athletics/Jumping - 16
    • Athletics/Climbing - 16
    • Athletics/Balancing - 16
    • Athletics/Running - 16
    • Athletics/Swimming - 16
  • Etiquette - 20
    • Etiquette/Common - 20
    • Etiquette/Court - 15
  • Tactician - 10
  • Lore - 20
  • Folk-Lore - 10
  • Performing - 10
    • Performing/Dancing - 10

To graduate to SeeD, Candidates need to take part in at least 3 SeeD missions as well as take several final examinations. The details of these exams are, however, a closely guarded Secret. Only the headmistress and SeeD operatives are aware of what they are.

Seed Operatives

After graduation, Candidates become Seed Operatives; that is to say, free agents working for the school as mercenary soldiers. The Garden will act as a contact for potential clients, gathering jobs and dispersing Seed Operatives to cover the jobs that are requested.

Operatives are extremely well trained mercenaries. They work for the academy as the school's chief resource. Clients contact the school with possible missions and needs. The school decides which requests they are able to assist with depending on finances, manpower and legality. Then Seed Operatives are assigned to a job as appropriate.

SeeD operate under the command of SeeD Executive Officer Tobias Orlandeau, who heads the SeeD, but all SeeD answer ultimately to the Headmistress Trisana D'Marco, the commander of the Garden as a whole.

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