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ARRR! Here there be FAQS!

Proper Format for Q'n'A is as follows:

  • Question? How do I stop this crazy thing?
    • Answer! You don't. HAHA!



Basic Combat

Attacks: What specials and abilities add damage to a melee/brawl attack?


For Brawl:

Crushing Blow: Adds level adjustment.

Martial-Artist: Adds to the WP of the attack

Rage-Minor: Adds a bonus to hit

Grand-Rage: Adds to damage

Quills: Adds to damage

Mutant mutation of Tauric: Adds to damage

Weapon tier: adds to damage

Brawler tiers: Adds to hit chance

For Melee:

Two-Hands: Adds damage

Crushing Blow: adds level adjustment to damage

Enhanced-Senses: Adds to-hit for ranged weapons

Duelist tiers: Adds to-hit for melee weapons

Equipped Knight Gauntlet: Adds to-hit for two handed weapons

Samurai Tier: Adds damage to melee weapons

Use-Item: Increases chance of statuses firing off of weapons

Brawling: Can brawlers get critical hits?

Answer: At this time, no, brawling attacks do not score critical hits.

Death: How is death handled?

Answer: If you die you DIE. There is nothing that will really help you aside from reincarnation. That being said when you hit 0 HP on your last health level (Dying). You are in critical condition and will die in 3 rounds assuming noone helps you. If someone decides to 'finish you off' by hitting you before the three rounds are up then you are dead instantly and no amount of Raise will help you barring some extremely rare specials.

Gauntlets: They add +15 to your two-hands score, is it auto calculated or is there a formula to use?

Answer: Most items that offer such benefits are automatically calculated, so long as you +equip them. However how the Gauntlets, and similar items(such as Genji Gloves) work, is a bit different and I don't think he explained it clearly.

Once the item is equipped, the system will take the bonus granted by the accessory into account. For instance, with Knight Gauntlets it will increase your Two-Hands rating by the value granted by the quality of the Gauntlets bringing your rating up to, but not over, 25. Any left over bonus grants extra To-Hit successes at a ratio of 1 success to 5 excess bonus. I don't remember if the To-Hit portion is coded in or not, been a while since I looked at the combat stuff. However, keep in mind that these bonus successes are -always- granted. The attacker does not need to spend the 2 MP associated with Two-Hands normal To-Hit buff in order to receive the extra To-Hit buff from the Gauntlets. So a person with 25 Two-Hands and Masterpiece Knight Gauntlets will always have +3 To-Hit successes, and can spend 2 MP to get an additional +5 To-Hit successes.

Regen: Is the hp caused by regen able to heal to the next health-level?

Answer: No, unless the regen spell was hit up with enough damage components to have extra health level piercing ability. Unlike other healing powers, it can be enhanced in this way, and will restore, slowly, the amount of health levels it is able to, assuming it lasts that long.

Samurai: Is the WP bonus from the Samurai Tier auto-coded?

Answer: It is auto-coded. Enjoy!

Stats: What happens to you when various stats fall to 0?


Appearance 0 - Hideously ugly, least worrisome of the 0 stats. A person may not be recognized as their non-0 self, however, unless by a party who witnessed the drop to 0, even if seen at 1.

Intelligence 0 - Ability to process reality comes to a grinding halt. You default to basic living, which is to say, you breath, you will eat or drink if something is put in your mouth, and you don't do too much else. You cannot feel pain, or emotions, or much of anything. The lights are on, no one is home.

Willpower 0 - Catatonic/comatose

Dexterity 0 - Paralyzed

Magery 0 - Unable to cast magic or use special abilities or spend MP in any way or form. A permanent reduction of magery to 0 causes death over several hours of cancerous like deterioration that consumes the body.

Stamina 0- Dies in a minute or two as heart stops, breathing slows and then also stops, and body simply shuts down.

Perception 0 - Loses touch with reality, trapped in a small subset of the mind, a nightmarish realms. Likely to flail around wildly, or curl up into a ball and cry.

Strength 0 - Too weak to pick yourself up, you fall to the ground and cannot get up. Slow talking is possible, but not much else. Most magic is impossible, due to lack of ability to gesture.

Weapons: How do weapon statues work?

Answer: For weapons with statuses, a +resist/general is called for, vs the amount that +weapon/attack will report.

Weapons: What statuses can be put on a weapon?

Answer: Stop, Slow, Haste, Quick, Break, Poison, Sleep, Mini, Mute, Confuse, Reflect, Fester, Regen, Dark, Death-Sentence, Protect, Shell and Wall... I'm pretty sure Hyper, Sad, Immolate, Shift/Toad, Invisible, Frozen, Charm or Berserk. These are of course guesses for the most part since the ose last components are statuses inflicted from non-spell components or may not have been coded in.

Do note that supposedly positive statuses on armor give you that status at the start of the fight. Positive status on a weapon (say regen) tends to give that status to your enemy. You could make a small weapon and slap a positive enchantment to stabbify your friends though. Note that you can't pull the punch when doing this.

Magic and Spell Components

Aero: It specificaly states that it affects the user as well. Is that negatable by the Imunity spell improvement?

Answer: Yes, the caster of Aero can safeguard himself from the spell's effects via the Immunity spell improvement.

Banish: Its +rpinfo says that it can be cast either alone, to ward a single undead in the area, or as a target component to cause the rest of the chain to hit every present undead, without the warding effect. How do both instances work with the study and spell improvements systems?

Answer: By itself, it's not +cast, so that part of the question is irrelevant. In a chain, it becomes a multi-target spell, with a target of every undead in visual range. There is a drawback, the spell can only affect undead now. You can add a splash to the spell, making it splash insanely from EVERY undead in visual range, but, again, it will only hit the undead. Still, can be handy for hitting undead around corners, or other such area trickery.

Casting Time: There are two casting times that are confusing. Defensive and Instant. Which is faster?

Answer : Instant means that the spell goes off in the same round it was cast, but no fast enough to act in response to any attack. Defensive goes off in the same round too but fast enough to lets say deflect an incoming sword with telekinesis if the spell is strong enough.

Casting Time: When a spell says '1 round' for casting time, what exactly does it mean? What time does it go off?

Answer: A spell with a casting time of 1 round requires the caster sacrifice their current round, chanting and undergoing the usual casting procedures until their next action. Just before the next action, tick off a round. If 0, the spell goes off then, and the caster is free to take their actual action. Otherwise, they must either continue the casting action, or abandon the effort entirely, wasting the MP.

Countering: How does countering spells work?

Answer: Good question! In the old days, spells only had a strength for the entire spell, these days each segment has its own strength. This means that the counterspeller has more options! When you cast a counter-spell, select what specific component you are diminishing. If you're stacking counter-spell (Counter-spell/2, for instance), then you can pick as many components as appropriate. These components are shrunk as normal, losing power by the amount of power in your counter-spell casting. For damage, reduce proportionately, down to nothing if the component is completely nulled.

But what if they don't aim for the effect component? What happens when your fireball has its target component ripped out? Well, you get a fireball at your feet. This is a bad thing for the caster. Unless the spell has immunity enhancement, the unexpected internalization of the spell (Even if it's not an area of effect) deals damage to the caster as if he were the target, at half normal damage. People around the caster who get caught in the splash/AoE range of such a spell take normal full damage, as the spell does go off.

All countering specials work in this fashion.

Haste/Quick: How do these effect things like casting spells and x-magic?

Answer: Spells are just like any other action really. If you have an action, you could spend it casting a spell. Nothing unusual here. X-Magic, however, is specifically restricted to ONLY your main turn, not a quick or haste action. You can't x-magic at any other time. The +cast program itself will tell you if the spell can be used with x-magic.

An important and unknown fact! If you have a multi-round spell, every action you have counts as a round. IF you're hasted and quicked and cast a 3 round spell, your main action will be round 1, your quick would be round 2, and it would go off just after your haste action (round 3). Being fast is good for mages too.

Mage Clothes and Arcanists: What effect do Mage Clothes have on Arcanists?

Answer: The bonus from the Mage Clothes acts on the following:

Damage caused by a monster card

Damage caused by a direct damage card

Healing caused by a monster card

Healing caused by a direct healing card

MIRV: When a studied spell contains a MIRV-component, does it heal/damage the shown amount of health-level for each MIRV or do the health-levels count for the spell as whole?

Answer: A MIRVed spell is like casting multiple spells at once (each one is defended or soaked against seperately). Therefore yes it is possible for a MIRVed spell to do more than 1 health level because each individual MIRV can infact do a full health level of damage but this does not cause rollover damage like the Damage component does (IE. if you are at 1 HP and your MIRV does 50 damage, you still only drop them the health condition that 1 HP belonged to)

Range: Why does the range use both feet and yards? Why not just one or the other?

Answer: The code already does the conversion for you and gives a total range for the spell. No fuss or muss!

Range and Duration: When a spell is cast (or for that matter any effect applied) which has both a duration and a maximum range, such as a Target-Short+Duration-Rounds+Mind-Link, does the range need to be maintained throughout?

Answer: Good question! Range is persistant. If you establish a short range effect, it's always short range, and will fail if the target leaves the range.. The spell's duration will continue to tick down. If the target re-enters the spell's are of effect, they may be re-affected. If they already resisted the spell, it remains resisted, but if they did not, they get a new chance to resist it.

Target-self: If a spell with no target is automatically target-self, why use the actual target-self component?

While most target components are normally put at the end of a spell to make the first components stronger, target-self should always be put at the beginning. This is because using target-self centers the spell even more and makes any component you put after target-self much easier to cast. You can test this by casting something like cure+cure2 and then trying target-self+cure+cure2. You will see the vs number go down.

Since target-self is so good, why wouldn't I use it all the time and just add another target in later to give it some range? Target-Self entirely internalizes the spell. The spell cannot become ranged after target-self gets to it. This is the price to be paid for making the spell stronger.

With-Weapon and X-Magic: Could X-Magic be used to cast two with-weapon spell chains, assuming the caster had levels in Dual-Wield?

Answer: If the chains containing With-Weapon state that they can be cast with X-Magic, and have the multiple Melee attacks available to you, then yes, you can X-Magic two With-Weapon spell chains.

X-Magic: If it says you can use it with x-magic but the casting time says 1 round, can you still use it with x-magic?

Yes, if the code says you can do so, you can always use x-magic to cast two spells at once.

Mass Combat

Units: How many military units can I have?

You can have 'mercenary' units of any amount that you can afford, through mako, perks, or just shelling out cash before a battle. But! You can only have one personal unit. This unit can be purchased by merit, perk, or mako. This unit is assumed to be loyal to you beyond the weight of their next pay period. They can be improved with better equipment, and are the least likely to be lost in any given situation.

Personal Unit: If I take a specialized unit as my personal unit, can I upgrade it as normal?

Answer: Yes, you could upgrade your spy if that is your personal unit, but I would personally suggest against taking something like a spy, with its 1 health, as your personal unit, still, nothing against it. A spy with a tricked out chocobo may be quite a fearsome presence in battle.

Ranged PCs: Do PCs not take damage from supporting their ranged unit's attacks as they would with a melee unit?

Answer: As long as you are out of range they cannot attack you and cause damage to you. However, when assisting in combat IF any unit attacks you that round you take damage so its advisable not to do it if there is a hostile unit next to you unless you are able to take/soak the possible damage.


Back-stab: Is it possible to Back-Stab with a ranged weapon? Like say a Dart?

Answer: Sadly, no. Back-Stab only works with dagger-sized melee weapons used in Melee range.

Body-snatcher: How does it work with your specials and if you use it multiple times in a row?

Yes one can snatch person 1. Then snatch person 2, leaving them person 1's appearance and stats, and so on. When the snatcher dies, all "souls" flee back to their original hosts. If one of the other bodies died during the time the snatcher lived, if the snatcher subsequently died, all the souls return to their original host bodies. Difficult if the "dead" host has been buried, but that's life. Stats and appearance migrate from one body to another, not specials, abilities and skills. Those stay. Therefore the snatcher keeps all of his/her skills and specials, as does the target, even after the shift.

Blur and Defensive actions: If you have no defenses left in a round, can you still make any use of it?

Answer: If the attack could at all be feasibly dodged, then, yes. It'll cost a lot of MP to get enough succs to actually dodge, with no natural dodge to rely on, but it's still quite usable.

Blur and Critical Strike: Is it effective against a critical strike?

Answer: Blur states that you can use it, by blowing MP, to gain defensive Successes even if you have no Defensive Actions left to you in the round. A Critical Attack, however, surpasses and negates -all- defensive measures, including Blur. In other words: You get hit, and there is -nothing- you can do about it. A Critical Strike is completely unavoidable. It caught you off-guard, or was delivered with uncanny speed and accuracy, or you lost your footing, or the attacker got lucky, or whatever. All you can do is soak the damage, nothing more.

Conjure-Self: Exactly HOW much control do you have over your created clones?

Answer: Wow, good question. Being living beings (Unless you're a golem swarm, fear..), your clones do have some sense of will to live. They do know, however, that your death is their death, and will usually act with unflinching bravery to protect their host creator. Beyond this, they should be considered to act much like the original conjurer. Unless the creator is a suicidal maniac, the clones won't hop off cliffs for no reason when ordered.

Cover: How does cover work with magic?

Very easily! Unless the spell is given the ability to target with a roll, which most spells out there don't do, being auto-aimers, you only need 1 succ to become the target of the spell. Note that cover still can't do area of effects. An incoming fireball cannot be covered since it covers an area, but a fire dart (Or other 1-target fire spell) is no problem!

Cursed Transformation: Can it be fixed by an additional application?

Answer: Yes, just like in the game, if you cast pig again, they're a person again, and the penalty is gone! Which is to say, if you want to turn someone back to normal with the power, you can, but your rating has to be equal or greater than the person who put them in their current cursed state or you cannot change them.

====Defensive Master: Defensive Master factors into most things. What about Reaction specials? Does it factor into those? Ie: Hamedo, Counter-Tackle, Meatbone-Slash.====

Answer: For future reference: No, Defensive Master does not currently apply to the use of specials such as Hamedo, Counter-Tackle, Meatbone-Slash, Blade-Grasp, Blur, ect. It's current application is to Defense rolls (melee/brawl/ranged/dodge) only, through the use of +armor/defend. In fact, if you have this perk, it is automaticly applied to +armor/defend rolls.

Elusive Target: If someone using the elusive target special is attacked by someone and there's no one else around, does the attacker end up attacking himself?

Answer: Yep. Being the master of trickery that they are, the elusive target draws the agressor into self injury.

Elusive Target+Cover: Can a character use Elusive Target and Cover together?

Answer: From Cover's rpinfo: "If the Cover roll scores more successes than the attack, then the user may attempt to parry or block, but -not- dodge, the incomming assault, if applicable." I would presume that a special which automatically evades attack counts as 'dodging', in which case these two specials would not be usable together.

Enhanced-Senses: Can it be used when discerning lies?

Answer: Allow me to quote the +rpinfo on Enhanced-Senses:

Enhanced-Senses does Exactly as it is named to do. Add Enhanced-Senses to any roll involving Perception.

-Perception- If your using a roll to determine lies, and the roll is Perception+Empathy+Empathy/Lies, your still using Perception in the roll, so to answer, yes, you infact -do- add Enhanced-Senses to rolling for detecting lies.

Great Beast: Requires a full minute to activate. During that time, what can and can't you do (i.e. can you move, defend, etc.), and what could interrupt it?

Answer: You could move at walking rate. You could get out a sentence or two a round(10 rounds to a minute). The process could be interrupted by lapsing consciousness via the sleep or break status. Stop pauses the process and slow makes each round only count for half the credit. Being killed, of course, aborts the process.

Nega-Magic: It can only be bought as long as the users magery is 5 or below, and its always active. But does it still work if someone with nega-magic uses Focus to raise their magery?

Answer: Nega-Magic means you are "disconnected from the magic of the world around you". Once disconnected, it's not at all easy to re-connect; in fact, it's generally considered impossible. As such, if you have Nega-Magic, you can not pump your Magery at all.

If some external force pushes your magery over 5, and it has to do it in at least an increment of 11(take 10 off the power of it), then your nega-magic is forced off until you can get back to your natural magery levels, or at least 5 or under.

If some external force pushes your magery under 5, you do not die as you normally would; your body is already used to living without magic. (This response requires wizard approval.)

Psychometry: What exactly are the limits of psychometry?


1) Any object that is can be considered one whole object can be used. If it could not be lifted by a very strong man, it's probably too large or heavy though. The entire city walls is a bit too much information to sift through.

2) Most objects ignore casual brushes or bumps, unless it results in damage. A drinking glass definately remembers the guy who knocked it to the ground and shattering it, but not someone who made it wobble a little but didn't drink from it. The cleaning or fixing of the object will usually only register if they were the last person to touch the object, unless the object is of large significance. Artifacts have long deep memories and keep track of each person that repaired them over the ages.

3) Objects are very handy! But they aren't that perceptive. If their owner grabs it up while in the shape of a cat, it will be duped, unless their name is mentioned at some point, or if the owner is the only one who COULD use it. Artifact items are most often the sort so attuned to their owners to know that anyone grabbing it successfully must be the owner. More mundane objects are easily fooled.

Slime Consistency: Weapons dont do any damage at all to the user of that special?

Answer: The +rpinfo of slime-consitency says that you can resist sharp weapons with a wp smaller or equal Slime-Consistency/3. Such a weapon will always deal 0 damage on impact. Status effects could still be inflicted, however, except for bleeding status.

Throw-Item:: What's the point? It doesn't even do damage!

Answer: It was made by chemists. It's not good for dagger delivery.. unless you actually want to deliver the dagger safely to the target. Potions, grenades, and other items would work much better, ensuring that they reach and affect the target.

Wutai Native: Do they get my bonus on using technological weapons?

Answer: No. Employing the weapon is a matter of aim, not technological affinity. Repairing, calibrating, creating, and otherwise -fiddling- with the technology is what you get the bonus on.


Fine-Tune: Is it possible to use Fine-Tune to make a lasting improvement to one particular item (not the base design)?

Answer: Nope, fine-tune is for temporary enhancements to technology.

Golems: How do mages make golems? The theme says they can, but only heretic rules are given.

Answer: Wow, good question! The heretic chart is a great place to start, and I do think you should read up on it. For a mage, there's a lot less rolling. You can progress as often as a heretic, and get as many succs as double your mage level to work with. Spend cash as normal, and you're set to go!

Golems: So how do tarutaru golems work? How much do they cost?

Answer: Glad you asked! As you may or may not know, the +beast program creates creatures with modifiers, and a rating. For instance, +beast Fire Soldier=10 creates a creature of the soldier type, who is rating 10, and has the fire modifier. +beast does not care how many or little modifiers you have.

With that known, you can decide how much cash you want to outlay for the project. Decide on the rating(No more than your level!), then double the cost for every modifier you want to give it. If you assign the 'average' modifier, it doesn't count, so you can make an 'Average Lobo' at base price(10 per rating), if you so desire, or be exotic and make a 'Fire Ice lobo' instead, but it'll cost 40 gil per rating.

Lifepaths: Why do I have hundreds of XP in my lifepath but nothing is happening?

Answer: Well here's how a lifepath decides what to buy and when. Below is an example of a lifepath:

Melee 10

Melee/Swords 10

Special/Swordtech 10

Special/Fire 2

Melee 15

Now let's pretend you already have melee 5, Melee/Swords 10, Fire 3, swordtech of 8. Here's a repeat of the chart, with the chance of each item being where the program will stop and make a purchase. Mind, it always starts from the top.

Melee 10(50%, 5 out of 10)

Melee/Swords 10(0%, 0 out of 10)

Special/Swordtech 10(20%, 2(What's left to buy) out of 10(The max rating of this line)

Special/Fire 2(0%, already at target)

Melee 15(66%, 10 out of 15)

If the lifepath program goes through each line and manages to fail to stop at any of them, it will hit the bottom, and stop trying for now. This usually happens most when you've almost mastered a lifepath, and is rare/almost impossible to happen at any other time.

Projects: How do synth item qualities affect projects?

Answer: Every 2 poor items, 1 average, or 1/2 masterpiece item counts as 1 towards the project. Now, since there's no such thing as 1/2 of an object, you're safe to say 2 points per masterpiece. And there's no point in donating just 1 poor item.

Smarket bounties: Is there a way to know when a smarket bounty comes up without constantly checking?

Answer: Yes, type bounty on

Smarket: Ok, so we now have Synth Perks, how do we specify in +Smarket we want a certain Synth Perk added to an item?

Answer: You don't! Smarket is for generic goods by and large. It's a wide public forum where goods swap hands without even a chance to inspect the goods before they're in your hands and payment has been made. To spot the fine details that a perk suggests requires time and effort. To this end, I would suggest other forms of commerce, like the IC wanted board, or just visiting your local crafters. They want RP too, and I'm sure they wouldn't mind hearing from you IC.

Synth: How many points a day do I get for synth usage?

Answer: Take the points from yesterday, if over 12, cut it down to 12, put them aside. Average Willpower and Synthesization scores and add 1/5th of Mix. If that is over 25, cut to 25. If you have fast recovery merit, increase by 50%. Cut in half. Add 1 point for every 2 mundane levels. Add those points from yesterday.

Synth: Do day/night affinity affect +synth?

Answer: Since +synth performs no actual +checks? No.

Synth: How can I increase my synth skills faster?

Answer: Well, the first thing to do is to get the synthesization special skill. This all purpose special skill is essential to any real crafter. It lets you make more a day, which is more chances for raises! It also increases the chance of a raise each time, and the amount of raise each time you do raise a skill. You'll want to increase this special skill ASAP!

But there's more. Particular skills have particular skills/merits and even tiers that help them raise. Here's a list:

Tiers affect:

Mage - Necromancy, Magic, Geomancy

Rogue - Traps, Drugs, Explosives, Locks

Acolyte - Gardening, Fletching, Medicinal, Herbalism

Fighter - Blades, Blunts, Brawl, to a lesser degree: Grenades, Assembly

Monster - Wood, Straw, Magic, Necromancy

Necromancy tier - Necromancy(Whoda thought!!!)



Having a subskill of the same name helps, but only the highest counts, so if you have crafts/Jewelry of 25, that's what will count, and your Lore/Jewelry won't help.

Many skills are spread out, since no one has crafts/blades, the code is smart enough to look for crafts/swords, crafts/daggers and such like that. Gear is helped by /geartech

Special Skills:

Necromancy is helped by the animate-dead special skill

Mechanics is helped by repair and make-plan special skills


Jewelry and Intricate is helped by Agile Finger

Synth Skill Raises: Just how long does it take for a synth % in +synth #list to go from red ( unraisable ) back to white?

Answers: The base time for synth skill ups seems to be about 1-2 weeks it might depend on your willpower and/or intelligence. Synthesization skill helps with the raising of skills as well providing a bonus of 1% per point to the chance you will get a skill up, 1% per point to how much goes up and decreases the time the skill remains 'locked' by 1% per point. Also another way to raise your chances is to make more. If you make hundreds of something then eventually it goes up as practice points (those things you get for making things) also increases chances.

XP #grow: How does it work? What's the rate of raising?

Answer: Well here's the code snippet: user @ "growstart" getstatint systime swap - 3600 24.0 * / 10 /

Now for English, Every 10 days is worth 1 full cap point, but, as you may or may not see, it is not set to any rate, and will ramp up smoothly over those 10 days.


Age: What's the youngest a PC is allowed to be?

Answer: No character shall be of PC status if they are less of 16 years of age.

Alts: How many alts can I have at once?

Answer: Excellent question! The answer is thus:

You may have one special character per major city. As of writing, this is Capital city and Drominam, so two special characters. You can have one mundane character in addition to this.

What makes a special character?

A special character is a character who takes any non-mundane tier(besides the possible freebie monster tier), or Who learns ANY magic that isn't offered to mundanes.

A character that doesn't qualify for this is a mundane character.

So, to summarize, 3 alts, one must be in drominham, one must be in capital city, and one can be in either place, but has to be mundane. If you only have one alt(rather, one special char), he or she can migrate between the cities freely.

Economy: Pirates hurt the amount of goods on the market, can I do anything about this? Isn't the list of pirate supports on the monthly economy report OOC?

Answer: The list is mostly OOC, BUT, anyone on that list is free to be ICly investigated for their ties to their parrot loving cousins. Anyone on the list is a suspect already, IC.

Flaws: Is it possible to get rid of flaws?

Answer: Yes, by paying 10 times in xp the cost of the flaw; the merits/flaws staffer (Taross) must approve this as well, so it would need to have a good reason behind it.

Golems: What about those created by mages (or by TaruTaru as per racial benefits)? Are they tech, magic, or something in between?

Answer: Golems are tainted by their creation process. In the scale of -100 for pure tech and 100 for pure magic. Mage golems are 100, taru golems are 50, and most heretical golems are -100, with some, magitech variety, are -50.

===Logs: Wasn't there some way to submit logs for things, for enjoyment reading and posterity or something? And if so, how/where do we send them?

Answer: Type log! That is a list of folks waiting to read what you have to offer. They can reward RP, suggest it for the web page, or whatever else have you.

Magitech: Is magitech dead?

Answer: It's feeling better, in fact, I think it's going for a walk!

The long answer, magitech will need to start using internal, filtered, and cleaned out magic to function. All magitech will have to be battery powered rather than soaking up ambient energy to power itself. Once magitech is built with its own purified supply of magic, strained clean of the desire to destroy technology, it will function normally.

Of course, someone has to make a magic purifier first...

Monsters: Are monsters still killed on sight in the wild?

Answers: Sure are! Monsters are still the plauge of any man foolish enough to meander through the wilderness, and badger and harass outlying areas, like suburbs and farms.

Retroactive Limits: What's up with that new rule that says we can't get more than X of Y? I already have more!

Answer: Most of the time, unless it's really throwing off the balance of things terribly, those who already there are allowed to keep whatever it is that is now restricted, and only future cases are worried about.

Roleplaying: What's IOC, and can I use it?

Answer: IOC, In-Out of Character. It's what happens when you run a scene with your IC characters, but the scene itself is OOC. It's make-beleive. It's also not supporter in SC. It's far too easy to claim IOC at a later date to avoid IC consequences. It also runs against our general nature of keeping IC to IC and OOC to OOC. The only IOC play allowed is the general ramblings on pub that occasionally involve IOC in extremely mild doses. And everyone knows it's OOC, since it's pub.

In the end, if you are IC, you should keep your play IC. Don't do OOC scenes while IC, it's a bad idea, and is not supported in any way. You can't retcon a scene away in this fashion.

Roleplaying: Someone isn't roleplaying their willpower correctly, or their strength. Hey, their desc looks like appearance 25 and they only have 10! Why do you let them get away with it?

Answer: Despite rumors to the contrary, we don't spy on people, so we really don't know. If you run into someone who is playing a stat different from what they have, let us in on it. Usually, we'll just adjust the stat to the level they're RPng at and they can deal with the lowered growth, assuming the player isn't willing to just change the RP to match the stat, of course.

Technology: What counts as 'technology'?

Answer: For purposes of defining what is technology or not, anything that requires indirect fire, more than two basic gear shafts, or is chemically powered is technology. If it has a battery of any kind, it is technology. If it relies on clockwork of any nature, you guessed it, technology.

Hand powered, non geared, non clockworked devices can slip under the tech radar, and are unaffected by the presence of magic or magic users.

Teleporter: I was just wondering whats up with the guild-teleporter; is it afected by the techno-mage-conflict too?

Answer: The Merchant Guild Teleporter is indeed immune to that whole Technology-Magic thing.

Time Scale: What scale do things like +time and +timer use?

Answer: IC time is 2.5 to 1 compared to RL time.

Traps: Are explosive and dagger traps illegal?

Answer: Depends. Like many things back then, it depends on how used and who used on. If a noble hurts himself on your explosive trap and calls you for it, you're in trouble. On the other hand, if it's some slum-dwelling rogue, he will have very little sympathy for his injuries. In -either- event, placing them in high traffic areas will get you in trouble.

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