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You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.- Obi Wan

Luna Island is home to a small group of rogues that have made their home in a secret place near the pond to the north of the Island. Here clandestine dealings are common place and there is a strange comradeship among the shadow dwellers.


Tucked away where the stream that feeds the pristine pond, there is what appears to be an outpost surrounded by fences made to blend into the scenery. The area is mostly hidden from view as it rests near the base of hills and the edge of the forest. Its grass is green and the wind always seems to blow at a pleasant speed. How quaint it must be for three of Gaia's elements to meet her graciously. Earth, Water, and Air.

Unusual however that tucked here in the cove is something of a hill that has been eroded away into a large overhang. This is part of the structure for the hangout here. used to build a hillside Hideaway into. The small area has people moving through it from small dome huts where watch is kept to the Hideaway. There are corrals with Chocobo, and likely hidden throughout the hidden outpost there are small rooms and homes where the few brave and dark souls that live here live.

Inside the Hideaway is cozy and everything is made from the nature around or salvaged, the earthen wall smoothed some and braced by wooden rafters and columns. The rafters made with what looks like salvaged wood and metal from the crashed ship. There are tables to sit at. There is a bar with stoves behind it where food is cooked and a small fireplace to keep things warm. The view from the windows is out towards the pond. It’s quaint, it’s dark, there’s liquor and food and people here who probably shouldn’t be messed with or met in dark alleys.

Notible players:

  • Skyla Lupoceilo - Infamous Pirate of the Lupoceilo line and rumored Headmistress of the Lunatic Hideaway

Notible NPCs:

Luna Island

San FuSoYa

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