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Council Protocol

The purpose of this council is not to argue whether our guards would look best in green or blue, but to decide what is best for the colony and those with in it as pertains to /their section/ and work with others if something extends into another Ministry's area, such as Trade and Defense, or Culture and Faith crossings.

Please keep this in mind. This isn't like an Empire council, such would not work here.
If you joined this council this is the council you agreed to join. Understanding how it works is paramount.

Also, Guild masters have a duty to their own guilds; their duty is to those guilds they run and would be particularly biased towards their Guild rather than the community as a whole. For this reason it is thought best, at least for now, that Guild masters do not attempt to become Ministers or Viziers.

There is however, no reason that the heads of the guilds should not support and advocate the candidate they think best.

How the Council Works

The council is actually very very simple. It's not official, they don't hold courtly meetings. In fact there probably will only be a meeting every time a minister steps down and another steps up and only for orientation.

The Council works thus. problems, ideas, ect concerning a certain aspect can be brought to a Minster of that aspect. For instance if you think that we were going to be attacked then you tell the Minster of law and defense, and if you think we need something imported in from the natives and not the merchants guild you talk to the Minster of trade. They talk with any other ministers that might be involved and a consensus is come to and put before the city and acted upon.

The council is simply in effect to see all aspects of the settlers life can be accounted for and everyone can ensure they are on the same page and working together. This also free's up time for settlers to prepare themselves and their family for living in the north.

If at any time a Minister claims a position and there is a dispute it is THAT MINSTERS JOB to deal with and sort out who is the Minster. If nothing can be decided a vote can be put forward to other council members who settlers and others can tell their opinions too.

This council is not here to rule. It is here to make things efficient.

Viziers do not get votes, but they are advisors and they have the same positives and drawbacks as /any/ advisor does. Use them wisely.

*** Council Issues ***

Council of Highwind Point

  • Magic - All things Magic and the use of magics, complaints, idea's queries go to this Minister. This head usually works in tandem with the Mage's guild and is expected to make him or herself available for the discussion of magical issues from all ministers and the public.

  • Culture - The Cultures, Imperial, Native, otherwise. All ideas, complaints, and questions go to this person if they involve culture of any sort. It is this person's job to work closely in tandem with other Minster and locals to educate.

  • Faith - This Minster obviously is the representative of Faith for the Holy church of the All Father. The only Imperial recognized religion, they must be at least willing to understand other faiths even if they do not agree and must be willing to work with other Ministers and Viziers when consulted about things of faith. they must also be available for ideas, questions, and complaints.

  • Trade/Economy - This Minister is the head of economy and their job is to work closely with the Merchants guild, traders, commoners, and be open to discussing with anyone the options, complaints, questions, and ideas for trade of all sorts and should be aware of all established trade routes from all corners of the world into the colony. This includes natives and possible 'Monsters'.

  • Craft - This Minister is the head of crafts. It's their job to do their best to ensure that helpful crafts are available to the city and that if something needs to be found out to better the colony's standing that it is discovered and distributed. This Minster must also make themselves available to all questions, complaints, ideas and other things pertaining to crafts.

  • Head of Enforcers This Minister holds two jobs, both important for the ongoing growth of our council. Offense - This Minister must /also/ work closely with law enforcement and military and be understanding of the cultures within the area so that they do not cause offense. This job is not actively encouraging attacking but the encouraging of smart combat and the training of young men and women to fend of monsters which might attack them or the city. They must also be available to the settlement and the people within it for questions, answers, ideas, and complaints. Defense - This Minister is in charge of answering and accepting questions, ideas and complaints about defense and law. They must be available to the public and to other Ministers who may have to work with them. this position is expected to work with law Enforcement and military closely so they can ensure expedient and non-confusing information.

Attending Advisors

  • Spirit - This Vizier must be available to the Ministers and commoners who may have questions about this specific subculture/race.

  • Technology - This Vizier must be available to the Ministers and commoners who may have questions about this specific crafting and innovative skill.

  • Building - Someone who can be gone to by any of those within the council to consult and how and where best to build projets. Not ask eprmission mind you, but converse and discuss. They will need to make themselves aware of /all/ the viewpoints of the settlers and the natives and the lay of the land.

****There are no more positions being opened at this time. we've got quite enough to handle the situations as they will arise ****

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