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Player use, no monsters here.

Descrption: Felines with extremely long whiskers that can reach back to their tails. The whiskers can be used as crude psuedopods if desired.


Whiskers: +10 in Extra-Appendages, can pay 25 JP to raise Extra-Appendages to 25 from chargen, opportunity is lost after that.

Blaster: A true combat ender. With a stare and a focus of will, the cuar may roll willpower+Arcana/Inner-Skills+Ranged/Blaster, which is the attack roll. Add a WP equal to the Cuar's Willpower/5, damage is as elemental Other. Also, for every four successes in the attack, one success in the [Break] Status is inflicted, resisted with a normal +resist. [Break] inflicted in this way last 1 minute per success. The target must be within Willpower feet. Each use of this power costs 2 MP.


Fatal Weakness: No soak against earth based attacks, even armor proves useless.

Inhuman structure: Any body armor worn must be made for a Cuar specifically, NPCs will charge five times as much.

Appandage Limitation: Whiskers cannot manipulate things with the fine dexterity of fingers.

Rarity: Rare Homeland: The Barbarian Lands(West)

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