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This page details the path which the vast majority of the members of the Church follow, that of the common clergyman. These people do not follow the specific teachings of any one order, instead relying on mainstream church doctrine and picking and choosing only the most mainstream views from each of the smaller sects.

In many ways, it is these people who are the public face of the Church. When the average citizen goes to a weekly sermon, it is likely one of these people who will be addressing him. Likewise, when religious materials are distributed to the public, it is the views of these people, rather than the often more extreme views of the sects, that they will find themselves reading.


Other Names

The Priests, The Clergy


The All-Father


Faith, Justice, Healing, Protection, Luck

Favored Weapon


Areas of Influence

Greater: Valente, the Empire
Lesser: The Western Continent


Common clergy typically wear the symbol most closely associated with the Church and the All-Father, the. During sermons or official Church functions, they often wear elaborate priestly robes which prominently display this symbol. In their private lives or in the field, they may choose not to display it at all.

Dogma and Strictures

The common clergy typically believe in all or almost all of the mainstream doctrine of the Church.


While many, perhaps most, churches actively recruit followers, most do not seek out priests from the general population, instead preferring that those with true dedication pursue the path themselves. For these few, many paths are available. Some are trained from a young age in the holy arts, joining the clergy merely as a natural extension of their training and upbringing. Others experience the calling of the All-Father at a later age, joining a seminary or other form of religious school as a young adult and undertaking years of training before becoming a proper member of the clergy. Others yet pick up a weapon and swear themselves to the armed wing of their church. The only common factor required is dedication and belief, and almost all churches are welcome of people who bear these things and a clean record.

Religious Relations

Common clergymen, as the moderate majority of the Church, are generally accepting of all of the other orders. However, individual clergymen may view a small number of the other orders with mild distrust due to their history, upbringing, and other personal factors. Likewise, members of the other orders within the Church of the All-Father, even the more extreme ones, are generally accepting of the common clergymen, even if they disagree with some of his mainstream views.

Stat Requirements

As generalists, no specific skills or specials are required for common clergy.


Initiation rituals for members of the common clergy vary widely, differing from region to region and Church to Church. However, a few common elements are seen in most, though not all, such ceremonies. Many Churches often require oaths of piety which reaffirm the initiate's devotion to the All-Father. Additionally, when such ceremonies end, there is typically a ceremonial "frocking" during which the local Church leaders will drape the robes of priesthood upon the initiate, marking his new beginning as a "man of the cloth". Beyond these things, there are often varying degrees of chanting and/or prayer, as well as the potential lighting of incense, candles, or other symbolic physical gestures common to that area's religious culture.


Just as they do not have any specific requirements, neither are common clergy granted any special abilities above and beyond what they pursue themselves.

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