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So you've just connected to at port 1234 and anxious to get yourself out on the grid and role play to your hearts content on this Final Fantasy based muck. Well, I've got news for you, we can't do that just yet. First, who are you?

If you've connected as a guest, you're probably named G.Thief or something similar, but have no fear, if you're set on a name, +sheet name to see if it's available. If you get the stats of another player, the name you want is taken by someone else (+sheet Sunochi would show my Viera's sheet) but if you get a “Couldn't match :*Name*” you're good to go with it!

Now, to get your name we have a fun little tool called 'request' and it follows the simple rule of request name=password=email. So, if you wanted a character named Bob (assuming it's not taken) with the password ninetynineredballoons and the email of you'd type request and you'll have Bob!

Now here comes the fun part, deciding what you want to be. On board 10, accessible by typing +bbread 10 will show you all the races we have available at our disposal, quite a lot, eh? If you want more information on the race, such as its advantages, disadvantages and, most importantly, its rarity (Covered later in the Meris/Flaws section) you'd look at the second number in the first column. Example, Bob wants to be a Galka but doesn't know exactly what they are. Bob would type +bbread 10/34 and viola, all the information you want to know about Galka. A brief back history, all its advantages and disadvantages and its rarity.

So, currently Bob's looking at being a Galka and he thinks he's got something in his mind as to what he wants to do here on Southern Cross, well, he can't do anything without having a legitimate sheet, now can he? Here's where we get into the nitty-gritty part of Southern Cross' character generation. We'll start by doing +chargen and we'll get a lot of pretty text. Welcome to your bare bones sheet! Should look something like this below. Let's take it one line at a time.

The first box shows your name, gender and what you are (Which will be edited in editplayer when we get to that point) along if you're approved (Can go on the grid and Role play), Oathed (Outdated, so don't worry about it), Non-Monster (A racial archetype for characters who've already been here), or you're an NPC (Ignore this, as you're a player.)

The second box is split in half, let's think of it as a hamburger. You have the bun which holds your HP (hit points), your Free JP and Total JP (Job points, more covered about this later), your current Level (100 JP = 1 level), your Caste (Place in society), Condition (Your health levels, there's six in the game before you're dead). We get to the lettuce part which holds your Crafting Specialty and your Secondary Crafting Specialty (More on that in a later chapter) and your current Humanity Path (Normally Man, but depends on your race and future RP) and your Magic/Technology Affinity (Affinity covered later). And now the first slice of meat to the sheet, your Stats..

.__[Sheet V1.1.3]________________________________________________________.
|                      Bob, the genderless undefined                     |
|                                                                        |
|      Approved? [X]     Oathed? [X]    Non-Monster? [X]     NPC? [X]    |
| HP[   0/ 102                    0%] Free JP[   0.00] Total JP[    0.00]|
| Level[        0       ] Caste[     Commoner     ] Condition[  Healthy ]|
|      Crafting Specialty [None]          Secondary Specialty [None]     |
|                   Humanity Path[         Man        ]                  |
|                              Magic Affinity                            |
|      [0%                                                          ]    |
| Charisma           [ 8] Dexterity          [ 8] Gaia               [ 1]|
| Intelligence       [ 8] Magery             [ 8] Perception         [ 8]|
| Stamina            [ 8] Strength           [ 8] Willpower          [ 8]|
|______________________[           Jobs           ]______________________|
|                              -- Nothing! --                            |
|______________________[      Special Skills      ]______________________|
|                              -- Nothing! --                            |
|______________________[    Magical Components    ]______________________|
|                              -- Nothing! --                            |
|______________________[       Basic Skills       ]______________________|
|                                                                        |
|*Linguistics        [ 5] \Writing           [ 5]                        |
|___________________________________________________[Try 'sheet #help']__|

Ah, yes, the stats. Charisma, Dexterity, Intelligence, Magery, Perception, Stamina, Strength, and Willpower. I'll explain what each stat does below.

  1. Charisma: A lot of your social skills rely on this attribute. The more you have in here, the more dice you get for your rolls. #Primary stat for charismatic people and quite a few skills and specials (IE Leadership and Charm)
  2. Dexterity: Agility and hand-eye coordination. A hit stat for all weapons and Defense stat, also used for various Athletics checks. Really important for the fighting types.
  3. Intelligence: Mental Strength, a good stat for those who are knowledgeable. Offers no combat advantages but helps boost how much gil you have and all intellect rolls
  4. Magery: Magical Strength. Primary stat for mages of all sorts, also used primarily for Arcana checks. Important stat for casters of all sorts. This and Willpower affect your MP pool)
  5. Perception: Your ability to notice things, a good stat for those who wish to be investigative, or don't want to get ambushed. A good perception stat will help you with Alertness rolls and various other perception based checks.
  6. Stamina: Your general well being. Affects your health in a major way and is a resistance stat for quite a number of resists. Raises your HP some.
  7. Strength: Physical strength and prowess. How hard can you swing that sword, can you lift it with one hand or do you need two? Also affects damage and various checks like Brawl.
  8. Willpower: Like Stamina, only for your mind. This and Magery affect your MP pool, along with affecting your ability to resist mental magics (Charm and the like)

The second slice of meat, the Jobs section, lists all the jobs you have at least ONE Job Point in using the format of “Job [Lv]“ (EX: Rogue [3]). There's nothing special about this section except to keep track of your jobs, while the Third slice of meat is your special skills and magical components section. This is were all your specials are put for quick reference to see what you have. It's in the same format as the jobs list 'Special [Ranks]' (Ex: Steal-Gil [5]) and proves the same purpose that the jobs section doe, as a track of what you know.

Finally, we get to the bottom bun of this hamburger of a sheet, your Basic Skills, skills that don't do terribly much on their own but are used for your skill checks (Athletics) or assisting with combat (Defense, Brawl, Melee, Ranged), or crafting (Crafts). These round out your character a bit more than the specials, but those are equally considered.

       Now, to start out with the stats.  As said above, they all have their own abilities but we don't know how to actually assign points to stats.   Well, following that you did +chargen earlier, we are given 36 total points to spread across all those stats.   Now, we can always spread it out evenly, making 12's in all our stats with one left over but that's not very wise.   First, we need to set his stats.  To do this, we do +set Stat=# (In Example: +set Stamina=14).  It'll take the number you inputted (Ie 14), subtract 8 from it (starting stat), and it will spend points for it (6).    Usually, it's a great idea to leave stats divisible by 5 (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30), as you get one dice for skill checks per 5 points in stats.

Alright, so we understand the stats now, and we have a decent idea for Bob the Galka. Time to get to work. Bob the Galka is wanting to be a Knight in service to a lord but the problem is, Bob doesn't know HOW to get into the job Knight. +rpinfo is one of the major commands of the game, it shows you all the information about an item anywhere from a weapon, to a skill to a job. Since we don't know how to get there, we will enter +rpinfo Knight and we see everything that the Knight job grants, but first comes the requirements. “Squire at level 2” Hmm. level 2? Should be simple right? Nay, the Job requirements for Squire must be met before you can get into it, which seems to be Fighter of level 2. Perfect! Now we know our STARTING JOB.

Before we get into our starting job, notice how I said level but never mentioned the JP we needed? Let's get to that now, shall we? Every fifty JP gives you one level into the job you're in. 0-49 JP in a job is level 1, 50-59 is level two and continues that way forever. Now, I mentioned we need level 2 in Fighter to get to Squire. Well, it so happens we need to pick the starting job of Fighter. During character generation, the first job you choose nets you fifty JP into the job, bringing it to level 2 and giving us access to the Squire job. To pick our starting job, we start by typing +job with no arguments after it, it'll bring up the six base jobs (Acolyte, Fighter, Mage, Monster, Mundane and Rogue). Type Fighter in and it will set you as a fighter. Giving you base skills as well as the fifty JP.

Alright, we have our stats set and we have our base job. Now we're missing one more thing before we can +finish, your birthday. Type +time to get the current time and use math to figure out what your year of birth is. +news ic time will tell you all the months both in name and number. Let's say we want to be born in the month of Leviathan and on the day 19, the year we'll figure out later since time does go fast here. We'll type +time Birthday and we can start entering data. First, it'll ask for the year, we'll put your birth year in here (ex 1000), then it'll ask for your birth month number.. Remember the +news ic time? We wanted Leviathan, which is the first month, so we put a 1 here and continue on where it asks what day you were born. This would be 19, and it'll give you a confirmation prompt showing your birthday and asking you if it's correct or not. Choosing no here will let you redo this as many times as you need, just keep pressing no if you're not happy with what you choose, otherwise, we go ahead and say yes. Note, it will not give you a response if you say yes. Now we have one final thing to do. +finish. It'll ask if you're human but since we're Galka (therefore not human), we'll type no here and it'll finish our generation, giving us 30 JP in Monster.

Now that we're finished, we can have our fun now. No doubt you've been listening to the Public channel, perhaps bouncing ideas off what Bob the Galka does for a living, it's time to head over to the OOC nexus by using +ooc then head into the Merits and Flaws Room (MF). Here is where we can flesh out your character with more personal properties. You're given 20 Merit and Flaw points, and you must spend an equal amount of Flaws to gain Merits. The major requirements are the Native Language Merit (So you can communicate with everyone), and the Pure Blood merit. Let's continue with Bob the Galka. Since Galka are uncommon in race (See why I said the Rarity was important?), we get to choose the 0 point Merit 'Pure Blood, Common' and add the note “Galka” to it. It covers all Common and Uncommon races. Also, since our Galka is in Valente at the time, we get to choose Native Language and add the Valente note to it. Staff looks at these +jnote's that are added to your character with each merit and flaw to adjust your sheet one final time during the interview session (Covered later) before letting you off to role play. Once again, if you need to know what a certain Merit and/or Flaw does, +rpinfo it! Also, do not be afraid to ask on the Public channel for some help. Most often, people will help if you're nice and ask politely. Once we're done with the Merits and Flaws, head out of the room and it'll set your resources to 10. Resources will be covered in another chapter.

Now, at this point, we have a pretty solid sheet, all your merits and flaws set and your resources set. Now we have just three more things to do before we are ready to get an interview. +race, +lifestyle and wi. We'll start with +race first.

We just got our pure blood merit, but the system doesn't know what we are still, so we have to tell it. This is where +race comes in handy. Since we are a Galka, we'll type +race Galka and it'll give a brief overview of what a Galka is with a prompt if you want this race. We'll go ahead and say yes and viola. Your +jnote listing will be updated to reflect your racial features and disadvantages. Wasn't that simple?

Next is another simple command called +lifestyle. This allows you to set your living conditions as it were from eight different choices: Bum, Professional Beggar, Lower Commoner, Commoner, Merchant, Noble, Lavish Nobility, Imperial Excess. With our Galka, depending on how you have done their background, would more than likely be a Commoner. So, when we run the +lifestyle program, we will choose '3 – Commoner' and we'll be set at the commoner level.

Last but not least, is wi. This allows you to set your role playing preferences. Wi is short for What Is, allowing you to see what everyone's role playing preferences are. If you do wi #whatisall you'll get a listing of what every category is that we have under the WhatIs section. Once you've decided on what you want, lets say Military, Combat, Politics and Tiny Plots, we can add them using wi #add mi co po tp and it will add those flags for you. Once that's done, we've got one final thing to take care of. Editplayer.

Editplayer is a powerful tool in this character generation. This allows you to set your description, your gender, your race and quite a huge number of things. Right now, we'll focus on the major points here. Description, Gender, Race, Handling Items, Smell Message, Short Description and Streetwise. The first four things should be obvious to any player. Anyone who does a look command upon you will see your description that you've made. Gender and Race are put into your +sheet and everyone wants to be handed items.

The last three is up to your imagination. Smell messages are important as some characters have the flaw 'Slave to Scent' and trust their nose more than their eyes. So set a smell message that you want people who are sniffing you (up close or down wind or what-have-you), so they know what you smell like. Your Short Description is just that, when people do +glance they're glancing around the room, taking in short notices of people. Are you that guy wearing the Red Mage's outfit, or are you that guy who has a great sword sheathed on their back? This is where you'd put just a short, one line description of your character. And that brings us to the last part of this, the Streetwise information. There's three areas of streetwise that get filled out, usually the Common Access Streetwise is always filled out, this represents what everyone would know about your character. An example would be the Viera Sunochi, who is a young Viera always on the watch of her sister who works for the Church. Anyone would know that if they turned their ears to the ground for a moment. Fair access streetwise information is good for the reasonably street aware would know. Did you do something famous but failed to cover your tracks good? Maybe slightly known for something? This would all go there. Lastly we have the Rare Access Streetwise Information. Only the elite of rumor mongering people will know this. That deep dark thing you don't want anyone to now.. the most secrets of secrets. Did you kill that Hume in the mine and kept it a secret but someone caught wind of it since they were there? A simple one liner can go here for that purpose. Remember, its all for the fun of RP.

Now that we have all that set, we should be good to go! Check everything twice over, make sure all your +jnote's are set correctly, make sure your race is what you are, your description looks good, and everything is set. Once everything is confirmed good, +register first, it'll ask you for your email and a password. If this is your first, it'll create a new account for you, then +request/new under the Chargen category and request an interview. Congratulations! We've just finished Character Generation. Sit back and relax, chat with people on the public channels or in the OOC Nexus and wait patiently for someone to get to your request, and you will be role playing in no time!

There is just one thing to remember, once you get approved and go in character (Also known as 'hitting the grid') that bad things do happen and take things in stride. As I quote from one of the Wizards on Southern Cross, now that we have gotten to this point...

~Game on!~


You thought you were done, didn't you? There's one last little thing to do. You get an interview from any of the staff online! Below are some of the questions they may ask.

    • 1. Where are you from?
    • 2. What were your parents like? What did they teach you? Are they still Alive? How are your feelings towards them?
    • 3. What was your childhood like?
    • 4. What are your long term goals?
    • 5. What are your short term goals?
    • 6. Why did you come to Santa Meringia, and how long have you been here?
    • 7. If you were born here, why did you stay?
    • 8. What do you think of Santa Meringia?
    • 9. What do you think of the Empire?
    • 10. What do you think of the church?
    • 11. What do you think of Monsters?
    • 12. What do you think of Mages?
    • 13. What do you think of Law & Order?
    • 14. What do you think of the Caste System?
    • 15. What do you think of magic? of mages? of the mages guild?

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