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Argent Willowsby
After her ascension to spirit form, Keyz, or Argent Willowsby, visited with the Archbishop Ketanana several more times, and soon as promised, relinquished his own powers as Phoenix Avatar to Ketanana, as his successor in Avatar of the Phoenix Order. In doing so, however, Argent sacrificed a great deal of his own energy, becoming so weak that he had to withdraw his essence entirely into the spirit world to regenerate for a few years, not even able to be summoned during this time.

Disoriented even after this, the first time he chose to reemerge, his confusion caused him to more or less return to a random area of wilderness on the northern continent, drawn their by their previous experiences during their life as Keyz. From here, Argent traveled at random, until he came across a settlement and noted several people that were vaguely familiar.

Keyz' final form
Left with nothing else and unsure if he would have the strength to remanifest should he fade back into the spirit world, he made a decision to remain with the fledgling village, and watch it grow, while trying to find a part of himself among some of the people. In addition, he seems to have a very particular duty and reason that he has been placed on the Northern Continent, but this is only clear to a select few people. He seems to not interfere in most situations unless he has been asked to by a mortal.

Luckily for him, Argent Willowsby is left with a good name, and a very large number of people recognize him (modern-day legend merit), possibly even more than he recognizes himself, since most people have heard stories about Argent Willowsby, first and founder of the Phoenix Order. Despite the respect he gets from most Imperial citizen, his first experiences in the outpost put forth more of an image of a tired and possibly senile old man in his retirement, rather than a figure suited for further great things. Considering the annoyance that he displayed the first few times someone bowed to him or attempted to grovel otherwise, it became apparent that indeed he still wanted to be treated like a 'normal person'.

Shortly after his arrival, the husband from his previous life as Keyz, Celidar, as well as Keyz' first children Kildea and Keegan, showed up to help him regain memories of those lives, and he began to show marginally more interest in them than in other mortals, even showing hint of emotions and becoming periodically protective of them.

Once recalling a great deal about their natural lives, Argent proceeded to settle upon his place in the world. Being a new spirit, there was a great deal of confusion on his part about how exactly he should do things, what types of creatures constituted an enemy of his atwa, and which of these were most worth pursuing if at all.

Perhaps the confusion was a little too much. Perhaps he did something to displease his master. Or perhaps it was just bad luck. But for some reason Argent was reduced from his spirit form. He regressed into the esper of lifestream. He was sent back to live in Highwind Point until he proved himself worthy of his former position. He was also then she. Since the form they chose to take was the one of their former life. Coupled with humanity's grace this also made them a human.

At first they did jobs for the Whitehand House. She fixed mines that were overrun with lifestream and aided with work done to contain a menacing ancient bunker. After a while they gained control over their abilities and took on their true form. It was disturbing tho because they still had wings that were torn off and the wounds always looked fresh. It was a part of their curse of being 'demoted.'

Because of the impression some espers had that she was a 'servant' of Whitehand she got a lot of flak. Finally she parted on good terms with that family to live in the Ice Caves with the other espers. She informed them that they could still call on her but that she would be doing most of her work outside at that point. About this time she was finally reunited with her long time love Celidar tho he had aged a lot more than she had and this was difficult on her.

Eventually she earned enough favor to return to the spirit form. Among these things was risking her very existence to destroy the bunker and proving themselves to both Phoenix and Hades in a series of tests. They were required to give up caring for the children they had while an esper including their half esper son named Fenix and an unnamed female child that she was pregnant with during the change. The later was taken to an unnamed esper in the Esper Forest to be raised there. In addition the spirit was required to do duties for both Phoenix and Hades.

When the spirit pacts were severed Hades and Phoenix began to fight and Argent found himself without a master directly looking after him. He went back to the mortal realm and began to hang around Kefka who was the only Greater Spirit that paid him attention. This cost him the favor of the local esper Queen Bellatrix thro a complicated situation and he was denied entrance into the Ice Caves where the espers and his son Fenix resided.

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