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Albel is an aspiring crafter, hoping to one day be the best gun smith in Highwind point. Most people pass him off as a hume boy with far too big of dreams, be he's determined to achieve his goal no matter what the cost. ...well, within reason, of course.


One who wears many outfits would be an appropriate term for him. Whenever Albel switches jobs, his clothes just seem to switch as well. Whether it is the work of sorcery, or fast, fast movement, no one knows for sure. His facial and bodily features for consistent, however. He has long, golden hair that's been combed straight. A pair of amber colored eyes, lithe figure, and is usually known to be wearing a black thread around his forehead that has a few beads dangling from it.


He is quite kind. Although, he can be annoying when he brags about his advancements in gun making, he is generally a nice person to be around. When observed from distance alone, he is said to be quite lonesome. Also noted to have a high reverence for those skilled in the arts of making guns, or almost any other technology.

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