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The oracle is a publication in Capital City. It's the first successful newspaper and as such has a reasonably strong hold on the market. This is not to say that it doesn't have competition, but rather, many people who read other papers, also read the Oracle.

Oracle Articles

  1. Winter Festival Blessings
  2. Swordman's Guild Destroyed
  3. More Rings than Weddings
  4. Church Pays Huge for Painting!
  5. Heretical Group Goes Open
  6. Merchants Block Mages
  7. Men of the cloth
  8. New Mage Guild Leader
  9. Murders and Riots and Trials
  10. What a Fine Month
  11. Neicardium Excites Sorcerers
  12. Magic Fizzle Catches Unaware
  13. Ambassador Slain


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 Winter Festival Blessings

 And not from god. Nay, this gift come from a much more earthly source. Veronath Del Ranessa, a noble whose past includes regency over the rebel city Drominham, has donated huge sums of food and clothing to the poor and those left without a home due to the recent calamity.

'It's nice to have the ice room filled with things again. We've re opened the kitchens to full capacity and all are welcome to come and receive a good meal.', repeats Peter Isle, a priest who works at one of many homeless shelters in and around the slum areas of the city.

Shiva 26, 1006.

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 Swordman's Guild Destroyed

In the early afternoon, the entire noble ring shook with the force of a tremendous explosion that blew the former swordsman's guild clear out of the city. The flaming wreckage was swiftly put out, but there was only a handful of survivors from those who were inside the building at the time.

The man who was on watch died in the place. Enforcer investigators say the unfortunate Mr. Kop was standing very close to the explosion at the time it occurred. With his death, the identity of who caused the explosion and how they managed remains largely a mystery.

One man reports to us, 'I saw an odd wagon not more than five minutes before, but I was heading out so I didn't pay it too much mind. Not every day we have a wagon sitting in the front yard without a chocobo attached to't.'

In other news, the Empire is enjoying a population boom. Females everywhere are sporting the signs of their fruitful engagements and the pope herself has announce a state of blessing. 'It is a thankful reprieve from the horrible loss of life in the time of darkness.'

Leviathan 8, 1007 AH

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 More Rings Than Weddings

It seems craftsmen all over the city have been creating wedding rings non stop for almost a year now. Experts are baffled as to why, but this constant flood of high quality rings has worn through the demand. There just aren't enough wealthy nobles in the city to purchase all these rings.

Local Merchants' Guild auditor has this to say, 'It's a complete mystery to me. It doesn't seem to be based on season, current events, or any other possible trigger. Maybe making wedding rings is some sort of challenge for them?'

We can't say, but we can say, the going price of wedding bands is definitely on the down. It might be a good time to get yourself one if you thought it was too expensive.

Leviathan 18, 1007 AH

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 Church Pays Huge for Painting!

 At approximately midnight this morning, several priests laid claim to the heretical painting done by a local artist. Sold for six hundred gil, our reporters have found that the painting will not be displayed anyway. In fact, it will be stored away in one of the many vaults within the halls of the great cathedral.

'We can't have such pictures roaming our good society. Such horrors are frightening enough when told around a camp-fire, to see one in the flesh is to invite madness.', the archbishop explains to us. 'We do not believe in destroying art. It will be kept safe in our walls, but it will not be available to those it could cause harm and discomfort.'

Leviathan 26, 1007 AH

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 Heretical Group goes Open

 Quite out of nowhere, a man called Baron Dufle has announced that he will be forming a lose affiliation of heretics to rally behind the banner of 'innovation'. Our investigations show that this man to be of noble birth to a minor house of New Junonsburg of no special history. He agreed to an interview with an Oracle reporter.

'I believe that the greatest weakness of the 'heretics' is the lack of cohesion. No one likes a loner. My associates will present a friendlier, safer, way of pioneering.', he promises.

One thing's for sure, things are going to heat up around here soon, and we don't plan on sending any reporters too close for the time being. We'll be keeping an eye on this 'Guild of Gears'.

Leviathan 28, 1007 AH

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 Merchants Block Mages

Early this morning, a report came in and was confirmed that the Merchants' Guild has denied any and all services to the internationally established guild of Mages. The reason for this sudden service discontinuation is unclear but it has already impacted on the Mages' activities. Components, books, and even the mages themselves are having to travel by foot, chocobo, and ship, slowing things down considerably.

One of the council members, located in Wutai, says this, 'It's an outrage! We have been faithful customers of the Merchants' for centuries. For this insult they will nto be forgiven!"

Could this be the start of a conflict? We here at the Oracle hope not, but only time will tell.

Kujata 16th, 1007 AH

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Tighten Those Belts, Too!

Just recently within the circle of those who once were but just aren't as noble as they used to be, the Capital City's Lady Rosalyn Blackburn, formerly Queen Rosalyn of Drominham - and Queen to Drominham's king! - has been making eyes and tripping the light fantastic with a certain expatriate priest of the Immaculate Order!

Following on the heels of the fair lady's ruptured agreements with the former king and escaped slave, Veronath, one has to wonder just who could be next in her line of husbands. From the humblest blacksmiths to the higher kings, the men of the City certainly have their chance at a wealthy - and certainly active, to have survived her three husbands and two prior engagements, who's names just might shock you! - young woman.

In other news, the Capital City's representatives of the Carnal Circle have stated that in addition to seeking more members for the more mundane needs of the spirit, they'd treat any recommendations from the Lady as an absolute shoe-in.

Kujata 21st, 1007 AH

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 New Mage Guild Leader


    Lord Enzeru Nagamisan, the Dark Sorceror from Wutai, has recently been appointed the new Guildmaster of the the Capital City Mage Guild. This announcement has come to the suprise of some within the guild and even to the young mage who has been placed in the position. "I had known I would perhaps be in the running for the position," said Enzeru, ".. but I really did not expect to receive it." Another mage within the guild who wished to remain anonymous said, "They made him guildmaster? Oy, he's such a grouch sometimes and he's so strict with his students."

    Enzeru's first action as guild leader is to call a meeting of all those within the mage guild and all other interested to discuss guild business, guild revitalization, and to appoint new heads for the various studies of magic. The Guildmaster asks that mages contact him with a time which would be convenient for the meeting so he may schedule it for a time when attendance will be high.

Moogle 21, 1007AH

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Murders and Riots and Trials

    Today a rather gruesome scene took place when Cecilia, reputed sister of the wife of our King, announced she would perform public executions on a few commoners she had arrested.

    Not surprisingly, a disgruntled crowd of relatives and friends progressed from the Suburbs into the city towards the executioners block that had been raised in front of the Under-Construction Swordsman Guild. Faced with this crowd, Cecilia began to graphically execute the first bound prisoner without trial, without charges and without any sign of giving the poor man a swift death. When the anguished crowd demanded charges, the answer was simply "Baby Raping and Adultery".

    The woman, claiming to be in her right as the Queen of this city, ushered her bodyguards to stop the advancing crowd, as she commenced to kill the second man, and toss his severed head at the now angry mob. The staff of this newspaper wishes their condolences to the family of the four brave, dutiful men who laid down their lives in their protecting of the would-be queen.

    The resulting near carnage was stopped in its tracks rather bloodlessly, Lady Commander Thirteen and her Crimson Guard dispersed the crowd even as they had turned the improvised blocks into a merry bonfire and then proceeded to arrest Cecilia. She did not come with until she had executed another commoner, who had been armed by a strange man (according to eye-witnesses) with a fiery grenade.

    'Lady' Cecilia is now incarcerated in the Noble Prisons, facing charges of Murder, Instigating a Riot and Masquerading as Royalty.
We of the Oracle will be there to bring you the latest developments.


    As an aside, the newspaper wishes to warn citizens for an apparent sniper who had been taking pot shots at the rioters and the self-styled 'Angel of Blood', Cecilia. This sniper seems to be using arrows with blue and white fletchery. Any information as to the whereabouts and identity of this sniper will be welcome, directed to your nearest City Guard.

Moogle 21st, 1007 AH

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What a Great Month

Though they have yet to restore their own protective barrier, the church has shown its ability to help the people. A great calling to the spirit Alexander has reaped huge benefits for the Capital City. "It's as if everything just went and doubled. The factories all doubled productivity, and there was twice as much in the fields. Even the mines are in on it."

The priests we interviewed stated that the blessing was a one month only event and that people should enjoy the fruits of it while they may. Already they are using a portion of their own increased profits to assist the needy and hungry within the walls.

Titan 2, 1007 AH

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Neicardium Excites Sorcerers

    Found but a few months ago in close proximity to Drominham, this strange new blue metal has been tested and experimented with zealously by the Mages' Guild. The guild reports that the metal can be used in the production of magical foci, making it easier for the owner to weave specific magics.

    Interestingly, the Merchant's Guild has expressed some interest in the metal, but has met with complete refusal from the council of Magi. "You take us for fools. Denying us our well deserved service, then to want to use -our- resources? I should think not.", states the red council member. The tension between the two factions only grows at the news.

    The Mages' Guild has secured the source of the metal, having bought up all the land it's said to exist in before they released their findings, monopolizing on its easy acquiring. For everyone else, sharp prices await them. What actual applications will come from this are as of yet uncertain, but we'll be keeping our eyes open.

Titan 2, 1007 AH

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Magic Fizzle Catches Unaware

    Geomancers world wide are caught with their pants down as all predictions fail. A magical failure, slated to happen ten years from now, has struck early. Even for the layman, this event hits hard. As a man on the street says, 'It's like breathing desert air. All dry, hard to relax. Excuse me, I need a drink.'

    The mages' guild claims the event should pass in a few months and urges the populace to remain calm and collected. Easier said then done, when artifacts of all variety are showing sluggish and diminished response when they decide they want to work at all. Even those who don't employ magic find their basic techniques more difficult to use.

    In related news, alcohol sales have doubled. With this, we must agree. It's a good time to take a deep drink and wait it out.

Titan 10, 1007 AH

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Ambassador Slain

    In recent news, the Ambassador Tohma was found murdered nearly a hundred yards from the mages guild. A rusted kitchen knife found at the scene is said to have been the murder weapon, and the multiple stab wounds only further this belief.

    The local law enforcement outside the city has taken up the matter of investigating this incident, while the Commander of the Crimson Guard, Lady Thirteen Del Ranessa, has taken interest in this crime as well. One of the Enforcers that would speak with us was quoted as saying: "This is by far one of the most bizarre murders I've seen. The suspect didn't even attempt to hide the body, or the weapon used to kill his prey. Though from the number of stab wounds, this is believed to be a crime of passion." The Enforcer was then quick to stay quiet when he was pulled aside by a fellow Enforcer and given the proper briefing.

There are no other details at this time.
Titan 15, 1007 AH

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