+Study is a command any aspiring mage will want to get very friendly with. In this page I will detail the various sections and technical explanations for each of its functions.


N - Make a new spell. In this section, you will be asked for a name of the spell you wish to create. This spell, unlike the spell chains you form on the fly with +cast, will stay with you forever, and can become much more powerful than those created by whimsy. Decide on the components you wish to put in and enter it as per standard for +cast, for example, Target-Short+Fire. Remember to Not enter in bonuses into this, your bonuses can change in the situation, enter them in manually later. When a spell is first formed, you may notice you're actually worse at it to start. Do not fear, this is just your character being overly careful and critical of their work, it will improve if you spend study points on the spell.

This action costs 5 study points.

S - Put study points into a spell. This is absolutely critical to making a spell worth having, besides as a handy macro. Every point used is 1% closer to spell mastery. Now, the secret... Since you were good enough to come to this page and seek your knowledge, here's the actual formula used for how much a spell with do better thanks to its study level. Every component in a spell is averaged with about 33% of the total study level. For example, you have Fire at 5 and Target-Short at 5, cast normally, your spell will not be very good at all, yielding a roll of 10+Magery. Your foes will laugh at you and your friends will stop talking to you after the fight. However, if you had mastered this as a spell (100%), then fire would become (5+33)/2=19, as would target-short, which brings it up to 38+Magery, that's a bit of an improvement, and you might not make a fool of yourself.

A - Autostudy. If you're sure you want to work on one specific spell, this is the way to go. Set a spell on autostudy, and every day you will pour all of your study points into it without prompting. Because of your dedication, you will see that the spell will raise a bit faster than if you were doing it manually. To turn this off, simple enter a space at the autostudy prompt instead of an actual spell.

L & F - Lores and Folk-Lores, studying isn't all about spells. People study various facts and myths of all sorts of things. Simply enter the subskill you want to learn and study points will be spent as per this chart.

  1.  Raising from 1-4
  2.  Raising from 5-9
  3.  Raising from 10-14
  4.  Raising from 15-19
  5. Getting a subskill from scratch. Raising from 20-25

G - Spend gil to gain study points! You have money, why not go out, buy a book, buy a tutor, buy a lab! So many ways to spend money to assist in whatever research you're involved in. Every 1 gil becomes 1 study point, with these modifiers

bullet+10%, Because I like you.
bulletMage level * 5 % +
bulletAcolyte level * 3 % +
bulletRogue level * 3 % +
bulletMonster level * 2 % +
bulletMundane level * 2 % +